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Horror Crush: Ann Duscenberry

I've decided to do horror crushes a little more often and do it with girls that, may not have not necessarily have done as much horror, but are still memorable and gorgeous in the genre films that did do. One such hottie is Jaws 2's beautiful, young blonde Ann Duscenberry. 

Ann was born on September 13, 1953 in Tucson, Arizona. She starred in many movies but only two horror movies. 

Of those two, I have only seen the aforementioned Jaws 2. While, that movie is certainly not on the level of the first film, by any means, it is a solid sequel, nonetheless and easily the best sequel in the franchise. In the movie, Dusenberry plays Tina who wins a beauty pageant on Amity Island. While, the movie has it's share of pretty girls, she is my personal favorite. With her young, natural, and beautiful looks, she is a real scene stealer and undoubtedly the crush of many who saw the movie. It make you wish that your class had girls as pretty as her. Or at least it made me feel that way!

The only other horror movie that she starred in was one that actually came out a year before, a made for TV film called The Possessed. I have never seen it, much less heard about it two nights ago when I did some research on her. But, it is on YouTube, and you can see it below! Please let me know your thoughts after you see it.

The very definition of the all American girl next door, gorgeous Ann Descenberry is most definitely a long time horror crush of mine (and my guess many others). Her big, blue eyes, beautiful/ flawless face, and real blonde hair, she will continue to break genre fans hearts who think it's safe to go back into the water and watch Jaws 2!