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Judy Greer- Happy Birthday to her! Pics to Make You Happy!

Today is the lovely Judy Greer's birthday. She turns 40 years old. To celebrate, I am posting some hot pics of her, because I felt like making all of you happy on her birthday! You can thank me later.

Judy has appeared in countless of movies and TV shows like Jawbreaker, Californication, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, etc. 13 Going on 30 was probably one the first movies that she was in, that I actually really liked. I enjoyed her bitchy, spoiled character, and quite frankly I felt like it made her more hotter. I also secretly (OK well now it ain't a secret anymore!) wished that she and Jennifer Garner would have a lesbian tryst in the film. Now, of course, I knew wasn't gonna happen, nor would it necessarily have made sense, whatsoever. But, fuck that would've been hot! Just saying!

She has also done voice acting for Archer, perhaps one of her most popular roles. Recently she was in last year's excellent Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and this year's Fresno, Tomorrowland, Entourage, Jurassic World, and Ant-Man. Of those I have only seen JW, which I enjoyed quite a bit. She looked quite MILFy in that, and I do want to see Ant-Man sometime in the next few weeks.

She has been nude in a couple of movies. Those are as follows: Adaption, What Planet Are You From?, and Stricken. I haven't seen anyof those, but thank God for Google! And, now, you can thank me, as here are two topless pics of her from Adaption.

I think she has really beautiful breasts! They are a very nice sized and a little perky. I greatly approve of them. She is clearly a stunner, having a naturally beautiful face, truly gorgeous, blue eyes, beautiful, fair skin, a nice butt, and some truly great legs. I am quite a fan of her figure. It's hard to choose between blonde Judy and redhead Judy, but I think I'll give blonde the slight advantage. Either answer is correct, though! Anyways, enjoy a couple a more pics of her!
Happy birthday, Judy! I love you and wish you nothing but the best!