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TromaDance 2014

Yesterday, I got to attend, for a couple of hours, the 14th annual TromaDance film festival. And, for the first time ever it was held in Brooklyn!  I had a real good time and managed to catch a couple of really cool flicks, most short and one feature film. The feature film was Chimeres, I will be working on a full review of that one. We also saw the trailer to Sgt. Kabukiman LAPD, which looks awesome, wild, and ultra-violent!

Of the short films that I saw, my two favorites (though all the ones I saw were quite entertaining) were Rumblecon by Seager Dixon and Alfred Alfer by Emily Youcis. The former, as you might be able to guess by the title, deals with a wrestling convention. It has a tag-team that is signing autographs, but gets no love from the fans, as they all wanna meet an Ultimate Warrior type old wrestler. This is until a beautiful girl (Tabitha Ray) tells them to let fans beat them up, staple money to them, and shit like that. The Warrior type wrestler gets pissed and soon they fight in front of the fans. This is a fun and loving tribute to wrestling, that fans of 80s and ECW style wrestling will LOVE!!! Plus, it thanks Stone Cold Steve Austin and is dedicated to the Ultimate Warrior, so win and win!!

The other flick Alfred Alfer is an animated over the top tale of a porn star doggie who is into necrophilia. Yes, you read that right. The perverted pooch likes to pork dead bodies. Offensive (well not to me, but I am sure to others), violent, shocking, and filled with enough porn and horror imagery to please any fellow sick fuckers, Emily Youcis' work is just fucking awesome. That she adds some really cool punk music to is only sweetens the deal. Emily (pictured on the right with Troma head honcho and co-founder Lloyd Kaufman) did a Q&A with the fans. Emily is really cool in person. You would never imagine that such a pretty girl could make such a fucked up and awesome toon, but then you would be wrong! And, that dear readers is fucking kick ass!

Since this Troma, you know the Toxic Avenger would be on hand, as would Sgt. Kabukiman (well sexy Sgt, anyways), and, of course, hottie Tromettes/ actresses! Here are some pics I took of them:
 The brunette in the white shirt is Tabitha Ray of the aforementioned Rumblecon.
 I swear Toxie get THE hottest girls!
  The dude on the left is Zac Amico of Return to Class of Nuke Em High. He also plays one of the guys from the tag-team in Rumblecon.

Speaking of Return to Nuke Em High I got to meet the lovely Catherine Corcoran of the film. I talked to her about it, after introducing myself, as someone who loved the movie and gave it a very positive review. I told her that I can't wait for Volume 2! I really can't!

Well hopefully this will become an yearly tradition and remain in Brooklyn. If so, I will be back next year for sure!


Exxxotica AC 2014: The Final Chapter

All photography by BAS Photography & Design

Sorry it took so long to post the final  write up on Exxxotica AC, but here it is. I had quite a good time, of course, and already can't wait for Exxxotica NJ in Nov!!

 Man, see-saws were never this fun, when I was a kid!

The super-busty and lovely Sheridan Love.

The always beautiful and awesome Jacky Joy! She was so fun to interview last year, seeing her and talking to her again this year was great. She's always a pleasure to be around.

Rita Daniels and friend work the pole!

And, that dear readers, ends my coverage of Exxxoitca AC 2014. I would love to know if there was anything you really liked, or didn't like, that I covered or didn't cover at this show. Your interaction is always appreciated! Thank you!


The 175 Greatest Heavy Metal Album Covers of all Time Pt. 9: 90-81

90. Job For a Cowboy- Demonocracy- The third album by this American death metal act is not only their best work, too date, but their coolest cover, too. The lady justice with a Danzig like skull over the top of her head and has her scales being tipped over by some fucked up shit. Symbolism at it's best and most awesome!

89. Judas Priest- Screaming for Vengeance- The eight studio album by these masters of metal was their commercial breakout, and one of their finest works. It's robotic eagle cover is just as iconic as it is.

88. The Black Dahlia Murder- Nocturnal- The third album by one of my favorite death metal is their best, I think. It's cover of a creepy, gothic castle in some dark, seemingly desolate place, may also be their best cover.

87. Doro & Warlock- Rare Diamonds- This compilation album of songs from both Doro and Warlock has a beautiful cover were the metal goddess is surrounded by images from both of her bands. It's both magical and stunning.

86. Body Count- Body Count- The debut album from Ice-T's thrash/ crossover metal band may have caused a ton of controversy (thanks to the infamous "Cop Killer" track, of course), but it should be remembered for being such a truly, pun not intended, KILLER album!! It's reason for being on this list, though, is its' cool and badass cover of a gangbanger with a gun and chain. Tatted on his chest is the words COP KILLER, which when the track was taken off of it in subsequent releases, was changed to simply BODY COUNT. But, as always, I post the uncensored/ original, so fuck those offended.

85. Testament- Practice What You Preach- The third studio album by these thrashers is one of their best work. And, the cover to it, featuring a group of statues that have endured time and are still standing tall, is really beautiful and a distinct opposite to a lot of other thrash metal album covers.

84. Ozzy Osbourne- The Ultimate Sin- The third studio by the Ozz-man has one of my favorite tracks by him (the title one), as well as one of my favorite album covers, of his. The fantasy like image of a rocker hottie in leather pants raising some demon, with Ozzy's face, from a hellish world (that even has a nuclear mushroom cloud in it!) is totally metal!

83. Iced Earth- Horror Show-The sixth studio release from this band is a love letter to classic horror movie monsters. As such their mascot is seen over a creepy castle and grave.

82. Atryeu- The Curse- The second studio from this metalcore act has gorgeous model, Natalia Delano, as vampire. It's a sexy and cool picture, which inspires many a naughty and dark fantasy in me.

81. Warlock- Triumph and Agony- The forth and final studio album by this German metal band has a warlock in the background as as well as the actual picture, holding on to, and seemingly copying a feel on, the gorgeous Doro Pesch, herself. Beautiful and awesome art!

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