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A Sexy Interview with the Beautiful Akira Lane

The following pics are all mine or taken by me at this year's and last year's Adult Entertainment Expo.

I've been a long time fan of the gorgeous Akira Lane for a very long, and I have actually had the pleasure of knowing her on line for a couple of years now. But, it was only last year that we finally met in person, at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. I saw her again this year, but it's only now that we got to do this interview. Akira is not only beautiful, but a total sweetheart and a lot of fun in person, thanks to her lively and sexy personality, which, I think totally shines through these pics and her awesome answers to my questions.

How did you get into the biz?
I got into the business on a dare by couple of friends/colleagues to post a picture on a photography forum.  The next day, I had 20 emails from photographers wanting to shoot me and pay me.  I thought to myself, that was easy and I can make extra income.  Then I answered a casting call for Playboy, the rest is history…

What do you like the most and least about it?

What I like the most was how lucrative it was to have an internet business posting a picture of yourself.  Now the least I like about it is how the adult business has become so saturated and the social media affecting our line of business.  You can get free content anywhere and these people who go to torrent, file sharing sites etc. have no idea that it is slowly putting someone like me out of the business.

How did AEE treat you this year?
It’s always fantastic to come to AEE/AVN and to meet your fans.  I made a quite a few new couple fans, and they were all amazing people.

What's the best story from AEE you have?

The best story, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… lol

How has the expo changed over the years?
It’s has gotten smaller over the years.  I missed the days when it used to be held at the convention center by Venetian.  The traditional porn is slowly coming to its death and  the new breed of “selfies”, “camming” , “clips for sale” are the new way of porn.

What made you decide to take the dive into hardcore?
I have been in the adult entertainment business for 15 years.  I figure if I am going to retire, I might as well make the best effort and go out with a bang.

Tell me a little No Boys Allowed.
It’s my very first hardcore girl/girl and girl/girl/girl.  It’s sexy and sensual, baby steps first.

What type of girl do you like?
A well groomed and clean pussy.  Oh you said girls, lol.  I love all women as long as they don’t have “stinky pussy”.  Excuse me for being vulgar and blunt.

Is there anyone you would like to shoot a scene with?
For boy/girl, it would be Keiran Lee (which I will be working with him next month) and for girl/girl would be Asa Akira.  That would be awesome right? Two Akiras lol 

What advice do you have for girls trying to get into the biz?

First I would talk them out of it and tell them to get an education.  However if they persist, I would tell them to be professional, be on time, be personable and be grounded.  A great personality towards your fans, producers and fellow talents is very important to last in this business.  Also not to worry about becoming famous.  Focus and hone in on your business; make the money.  When you are making the money, fame will come with it.

What do you like to do on your time off?
 I like to call my friend over, hang out and cook.  Have a few drinks, eat and laugh our asses off.

What would surprise people about you?
I’ll be shooting for Brazzer next month.

Any final words?
Life is too short to be a bitch.  Enjoy and laugh.  Keep a positive thought.

UPDATE: Akira will be shooting with Keiran Lee next month!

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