Whatever Happened to Lucy Lee?

So, as I sit here, right now, I must say I am pretty fucking bored. And, I figured at least some of you, if not more of you, are bored, too. To keep you busy, and myself, I wrote this blog. I been on a Lucy Lee fix (the Asian one, NOT the Czech one, of course), as of late.

Lucy was born on May 20, 1980. This Korean beauty was adopted by white parents and grew up in Torrence, CA. She entered the biz back in 2003.

Lucy is a perennial bad girl, having done a stint at least one or two stints in jail, including one for disorderly conduct. When, she was released had a boob job done taking her from a 32B to a 32D! In 2008 she did another stint for a misdemeanor.

I have not heard much from her in a while, but I will say this, when she shot (shoots?) scenes is fucking hot as hell. It is inarguable, to me, that she is one of the sexiest performers I ever seen, a Lucy scene is always a winner, in my book. She's hot, and she's nasty as hell. Anal, swallowing, DPs, lesbian, threesomes, interracial, etc are all things she excels/ed at. At one point she had signed a contract with fellow Asian goddess Tera Patrick, but I believe that is up, now.

Want proof that Lucy rules? Check out this fan tribute. And, sorry for the Creed music! I have NOTHING to do with that crap!

There is not much current info on her. She has a myspace, but her blog ain't been updated since 2007. She has no official twitter or facebook. If any of you have any current info on her please be sure to share with me.
Here talks about her myspace, in fact:

In all Lucy is one of my personal favorite babes in the biz. Beautiful face, hot body, sexy legs, amazing ass, and nasty, slutty sex scenes, she is THE ultimate Asian bad girl. I LOVE Lucy Lee!----------------
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Anonymous said...

I totally agree, she is super sexy.
Asian women like here are my weakness, they make me drool.
Asian pornstar Soolin Kelter is also a incredible beauty.
And then the hot stuff that Lucy Lee always does.
The dream of every man!
I don't know what Lucy is doing now.
Hope to see more of her soon.
Such beauty must be shared with the world!

Greetings from Martin Wolters, from Holland!

Giovanni Deldio said...

Indeed, Asian women are amazing. And, they are my weakness, as well, as this blog can attest to.
I will have to do some research on Soolin Kelter. Thanx for pointing her out!
Good to hear from you, Martin. And, enjoy the rest of my blog. LOTS of beautiful Asian women in it! :)

Josh said...

I miss her very much. Any latest news of her? Or is she coming back ever?

Giovanni Deldio said...

No new news and as of now she remains out of the biz.

Anonymous said...

she has an escorting website


Anonymous said...

the escort website is NOT Lucy Lee

Anonymous said...

Just saw her on an episode of Judge Faith. Sounds like she's stripping as of the episode's air date (2015)
Link to episode (Season 2:EP20):


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Anyone know where she’s stripping?

Anonymous said...

Her name is Laura Thompson. Not sure what she’s doing now.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what year it was, but she was on location at a typical beautiful house with her production company and production crew for set filming. One of the camera guys was goofing off and starting filming the actresses paying close attention to Lucy Lee. Lucy got pissed off and told h(im) to get the camera out of her face and she became narcissistic about it. But, just about everyone in the room including the other actresses and the director turned the tides on her and told her to get the fuck out, pushing her out the house door and slamming the door in her face. Apparently, according to the director, before the fact, she was being wild, arrogant, doing drugs and drinking (their) beer and so they had enough. This video recording became an iconic one of the "behind the scenes with porn stars" and occasionally pops up as a "what not to do as a porn star" making Lee look bad. Myself not liking behind the scene clips found it kind of disturbing because Lucy Lee is very beautiful, but I think it closed her chapter in the industry because we never saw any current works from her around the time that clip came out, and as the years passed.

Anonymous said...

Lucy Lee looked great in that Judge Faith episode. Looked much younger than her 35yrs of age at the time of that episode. Hopefully, she's still taking care of herself and will find a way back to the biz for all her fans including yours truly.