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The Hottest NY1 Babes

As a native New Yorker who has Time Warner I have said that not having NY1 would suck balls. I pretty much always turn it on, when I wake up, when I get dressed, when I have to get ready to go out, etc. Aside, from giving me my much needed local news; they provide with hot babes to look at. The following four hotties are my absolute fav NY1 babes.

Let's begin with my personal favorite of them all, the beautiful Vivian Lee. Lee has a beautiful, classy look that is absolutley breathtaking. She is usually the weekend reporter, giving me yet another reason to look forward to the weekend to come along!

Once in a while, she is on the weekdays, as well, making for a pleasant surprise, when she is! Cause, there are few visions more stunning or captivating the truly amazing Ms. Lee! That smile along could break a million hearts!

Amanda Farinacci is NY1's Staten Island reporter. Although, she was born in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. You know, I rarely give Staten Island much thought (no offense to any of my readers from SI, please!). In fact, I have never even been there, aside from passing by in a friend's car. But, when a report comes from SI, you can bet your ass that Amanda will probably cover it! Which is a great thing! I mean with her impressive bust, hot Brooklyn accent, and beautiful face, this babe is a keeper. Plus, she is a freaking pisan! You gotta love Italian girls!

One of my longest time favorites is the beautiful Annika Pergament. She usually covers the business reports. Quite frankly, I really don't care all that much for business news, but when she does it, I find myself paying attention! Note, to schools, businesses, etc. if you want people to pay attention to potentially boring shit, have a hottie like Ms. Pergament talk about it! People will pay attention, trust me!

Annika always looks very sexy in her short hair. She has gorgeous large, dark, brown eyes and a very hot smile. Once, in a while, she does doe the regular news, but not often enough, in my humble opinion.

And, now it's time for my second fav hottie gorgeous Korean babe, Michelle Park. Honestly, she is as close to being my favorite as you can get without actually being it. In fact, there are days when I debate if like her or Vivian Lee, more. Choices, choices! Life can be so fucking hard sometimes! Park covers my hometown of Queens, baby! So, that makes her extra awesome in my world. Now, there are others who cover Queens, too, but when she does it's that much better.

Park has beautiful, long black hair and a gorgeous face. In enough, so that I think that she could have been/ could be a model. This babelicious reporter has a Twitter account at http://twitter.com/parkermeridien

And, so with babes like these four, NY1 will always be number 1, baby!

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