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The Top 20 Actresses Who Should Have Been Nude in Horror Movies, Pt.1: 20-11

We all love seeing beautiful actresses getting nude in movies. We horror fans know that our beloved genre many times does give us the skin we need. Sadly, for whatever reason, there are always babes that we look at in a film and are like, "Damn! Why did she not show the goods?" This is the list of the babes we all wanted to see naked the most.

20. Ashley Laurence in Hellraiser I, II, and Hallraiser: Hellseeker- One of the most beautiful heroines in the history of the genre, Ashley, in the role of Kristy Cotton, has encountered Pinhead and the Cenobites three times, and yet she never let us see her nude. Terrible! A travesty, I say!

19. Sienna Guillory in Resident Evil: Apocalypse- She played Jill Valentine, an actual character from the video games. And, she looked damn fucking good doing it. She is just as hot, if not, in fact, hotter than series lead, Milla Jovovich, who has been fully nude in the series. But, yet Ms. Guillory is not. She returns for this year's installment. Will she show us some skin? I would love if she did, but my guess is no.

18. Tracy Griffith in The First Power and Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland- Melanie's infinitely hotter half-sister has been in two horror flicks. And, yet she did not get nude in either or. In The First Power she, along with Lou Diamond Phillips, battled a Satan worshiper bestowed with the ability to possesses anybody by the Prince of Darkness, himself. You know with her bare and skin and Diamond's ass kicking abilities Satan would have not stood a chance! As, for the third Sleepaway Camp movie, I realize that slasher final babes do not bare skin. But, they should! And, she should have here!

17. Ona Grauer in House of the Dead- Yes, HOTD is pretty fucking stupid, but I do find that in it's stupidness it does have that it's so bad so good kind of charm. But, even if you hate it, you most admit that it has plenty of gore and babes. Some of them nude! But, one of the hottest ones, Ms. Grauer, ain't. We do get to see her run in slow motion and jiggle a lot. But, we want more! We demand more! She does, after all, have a great rack, that needs to be exposed! Shit, look. Even the film's villain wants to see them, in this pic. Clearly evil members of the living dead have great taste in women!

16. Lindsay Lohan in I Know Who Killed Me- You know out of all the entries this one was one of the ones that pisses me off the most. Why? Well, cause this film is fucking godawful, that I can't believe that I somehow made it through it all! Ms. Lohan played a stripper in this one. Which you would think hey, she is gonna get nude. Nope. She don't. Which makes seeing this even more pointless. I am not fan of hers. In fact, I can't even stand her, but I, up and until this point, thought that she looked great. She don't looks as hot, now. So, I think I she totally lost the chance for us to see the goods she has in her prime. Epic fail on every fucking level.

15. Shawnee Smith in The Blob and the Saw Franchise- The Blob is the movie where I developed my Shawnee Smith crush. She is easily one of the hottest cheerleaders in the history of cinema. On top of being beautiful, she kicks some major fucking ass in it. Come on, she would have been a nude cheerleader! Her return to big screen terror was the Saw franchise. And, she still looked amazing! But, she didn't get nude in those either! Come on, Shawnee, you are breaking the hearts, of us, your fans!

14. Fairuza Balk in The Craft- OK, I totally enjoyed this movie and its' beautiful female cast. But, as hot as the other three girls were, Balk is my fav. That hot body and those gorgeous eyes! I freaking love goth girls, and, in this movie, she was one of the hottest, ever! And, while she cast a spell on me and many other dudes, had she taken off her clothes our heads might have exploded, Scanners style! Though, the other head would prob have made an explosion of its' own!

13. Rose McGowan in Scream- I fucking love this babe, in particular in this movie. She looked amazing in that tight sweater. Yet, she did not get naked. Worst part? She dies anyway. So, in following slasher tradition, she should have. But, wait this is the 90s, and this is the film that started a terrible trend in slasher flicks of chicks not getting nude. Fuck that! Truly makes you wanna kick Kevin Williamson in his nutsack.

12. Katie Featherston in Paranormal Activity- Paranormal Activity had little in the way of special FX. But, the best FX were the lovely Ms. Featherston's God-given boobies and big ass. Sadly, we never got to see them. This curvalious babe could have used her T&A to distract the evil demon haunting her. Distracted the Ghostbusters could have come in and trapped it! See, I just came up with an awesome idea for a cross-over film!

11. Chiaki Kuriyama in Hair Extensions- The Battle Royale and Kill Bill Vol. 1 babe is always yummy, but she looks her hottest in the J-horror flick, Hair Extensions. It's a good, original scare flick, with lots of hotties. Kuriyama looks absolutely breathtaking, in it. But, sadly she remains clothed. Why? No seriously, why?! Had she been nude surely that scene would have gone down in horror nudie history!!

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