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An Interview with Adult Film Legend Briana Banks

All pics come courtesy of Star Factory PR.

I recently had the honor of interviewing one of my all time favorite performers in the adult world: the gorgeous Briana Banks! One of the greatest and most popular porn stars of all time, this sexy, blonde bombshell has won this year's XCRO Awards 2017: Best Comeback, has graced countless of magazines, appeared in a ton of adult titles (including being the longest reigning Vivid contract star and starring in some of their all time biggest titles), is in the AVN and XCRO Hall of Fame, and so much more.

You can read my talk with her below:

MASTER GIO: How did you feel about being inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2009 & the XRCO Hall of Fame in 2016?

BANKS: Words cannot describe how proud and thrilled that I am. Of course, I owe it all to my fans and of course my agents and PR. Without their help and guidance this would've been a very strange transition considering the adult world has changed so much since I stepped back five years ago. I am in one word honored that I managed to win such huge awards including Best Comeback this year on top of being a two-time Hall of Fame inductee.

MASTER GIO:  What made you decide to make your comeback in 2015, after a five-year hiatus?

BANKS: I realized I was not happy and I truly missed being Briana Banks; having my fans, getting up every day, and doing something that I loved, and took much pride in. So, I made the decision to lose the weight I had put on and go back full throttle and see where it would lead me :)

MASTER GIO: Tell me a little about the Destruction of Briana Banks? It sounds so nasty and HOT!

BANKS: It is definitely very nasty and hot! I decided to do it because I did the original version by Jim Powers The Violation of Briana Banks and then I was in the Destruction of Romi, so naturally I decided I should do a follow up. I chose all my girls who you might consider top girls to destroy me. We have the beautiful Savanna Styles on a one-on-one at the beginning, Lily Lane, Kenzie Taylor, Aria Faye and Zoey Monroe. The scene is very high-energy and pretty much Destruction. It very well is as an hour-long complete Destruction of me by these lovely ladies - who were definitely not acting like ladies in this. It was very fun, and I think turned out very naughty, dirty. 

MASTER GIO: Could you tell me a little a bit about your website, Brianabanks.xxx?

BANKS: My website was built around what I think my fans like to see. At first, it was really strange making the decision since I have not really directed, but once I got the hang of it it became empowering. And, I just envisioned what would get people off, what I haven't done before, and what I like to do. The site is really amazing and my fans seem to really like it. And, it's got more and more content as the days and months go by. Definitely something I'm very proud of.

MASTER GIO: Having been the business for so long, what do you think is the major difference from when you started and now?

BANKS: The major difference between when I started and now is social media. Back when I started people waited in line with their own stuff to have signed and now you basically have to buy your own product and sell it. It's a lot more work, I believe. Social media is a great platform for advertising your brand but can also become frustrating because everyone can get a hold of you that level of privacy is gone. I do love my fans and I'm glad I can speak to them more freely, but I do miss that more intimate relationship I felt before everything went online. 

MASTER GIO: What projects are you working on/ and or have lined up between now and summer?

BANKS: Well since this interview was written I've done a lot of projects one of the most exciting I should say to The Riders directed by Savannah Styles. It’s going to be one of the biggest hits I of the summer as well as as a double anal and a DP for Pat Myne in MILF Performers of the Year 2017. I have a few other projects lined up, but this summer has only begun so I just keep starring in amazing A+ movies and working on my site.

MASTER GIO: What do you like to do on your free time?

BANKS: In my free time I enjoy going to the gym and hanging out with friends and just being ‘Bree’. It's just nice to be yourself sometimes, but I do love the title Briana Banks.

MASTER GIO: Any final words?

BANKS: I would just like to thank you for this interview and to thank all my amazing fans for making this the best comeback I could've ever imagined! And, I will continue to do my best and you to keep giving me your input. I would like to know what you guys want to see. It is important to me that I fulfill fantasies especially with the content on my site. 



(Video) Interview with GWAR's The Sexecutioner & GWAR comic writer Matt Miner at Five Points Festival 2017

I have been a huge GWAR fan since I was in high school. So, you can imagine my joy when at Five Points Festival on May 20, 2017, I got to interview the Sexecutioner from the band, and Matt Miner, writer of the upcoming GWAR comic from Dynamite Comics. We talked the comic, the band, and more. And, at the end, a lifelong dream came through, as I got killed by somebody from fucking GWAR!! That is also the first time any of my interviews have included my onscreen murder!
Check it out in the video, below:

The sexy as hell GWAR Slave Girl was also there. However, she left before I conducted the interview, so I wasn't able to get her in the video. I did however, shoot one pic of her which you can see below.

So fellow GWAR fans, are you looking forward to the comic? Any fond memories of seeing them live or meeting anyone from the band? Tell me in the comments section, below.

All photography by myself. 
Video shot by Ken Pierce of PiercingMetal.com
Video edited by Negative Pop.


Five Points Festival 2017, Part 3

Part one: http://themastergio.blogspot.com/2017/05/five-points-festival-2017-part-1.html
Part two: http://themastergio.blogspot.com/2017/05/five-points-festival-2017-part-2.html 

The lovely and cool as fucking hell comic-book artist Ashley St. Lawrence (below) had a booth at artist alley at Five Points Festival. There, she had a bunch of her work on-hand, including the indie comic Comare, which she was awesome enough to hand out free copies of its first issue.

Legendary artist Joe Staton was also handing out and autographing comics. In this case, it was Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome. You can see him signing the copy that I got from him in the pic to the left.

I absolutely love Chrissie Zullo's art! She had some really cool pieces at the con.

One of my absolute favorite booth's was the one belonging to the lovely Kasey Tararuu, AKA One-Eyed Girl. She is such an AMAZING artist and had some of the coolest work on display at the con. Her figurines are so freaking awesome, funny, and cute. Not only is she uber talented and pretty, but she is also super friendly in person. She was all smiles and laughs with us and was a pleasure to visit and see her art.
Be sure to check out her site, https://oneeyedgirl.com/ for all of her awesome work!

Over at the Quiver Cosplay booth, I met the gorgeous Cassandra Lynn. She was cosplaying as Harley Quinn and showing off the cool cosplay props that the company makes and sells. I also got to pose with her for some cosplay pics. I just wish that there had been more cosplayers at this con!
Anyway, be sure to check out their cool props at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheQuiverCosplay

Let us end with some random coolness from Five Points Festival:

And, that is the last part of my coverage from Five Points. I have one more interview from this con, which should be up super soon. But, overall, I loved this con, and I cannot wait till next year's edition.

That being said did any of you go? And, if so what did you think about it? Also, if you are a cosplayer and went why did you not cosplay, or do you have any clue why so few cosplay was on hand? Let me know your thoughts and answers in the comments section below.


(Video) An Interview with Amy Chu at Five Points Festival 2017

At Five Points Festival, I got to interview comic-book writer Amy Chu. She was very friendly and talkative. We got chat about her work on the Red Sonja and Kiss comics (both of which are put out by Dynamite Comics) and lots more.
Check out in the video below:

All photography by myself.
Video shot by Ken Pierce of PiercingMetal.com
Video edited by Negative Pop.


Five Points Festival 2017, Part 2

I got to see and meet John Holmstrom, a legendary artist who has worked with The Ramones. His work within the punk world is classic and iconic! I absolutely loved the pieces that were on display/ sale. He, himself, was very friendly and amicable.

Miaw Comic had some very cool and cute figurines and plushies. Their company is French Canadian and if you're a cat person, you will absolutely LOVE what they do! They even have poop kitties! 

 How can you not love poop, with cat ears and pentagram eyes?!

I absolutely LOVED the art of Mike Capprotti! He had some really cool pieces for sale, like the Deadpool Corps one that he is holding up in the pic, below. As a dog lover and Deadpool fan, for me it is everything!

Some of the most fun and funny art, at the con, came courtesy of Alex Solis. His parodies of various pop culture stuff is fucking awesome! And, is just so damn talented! I bought his Baby Terrors book which has kawaii versions of popular horror characters like Freddy, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Jason, the Alien xenomorph, Dracula, etc. He signed it for me, of course.
 Trump is actually Mr. Burns! That explains everything! This fucking rules, by the way!
 Pokeball stickers! And, yes that is Jigglyuff''s testicles! 
You can see the coloring book I bought above. It is the brown colored book with big eyes that is to the right of the pic.

And, now for some random coolness:
 Quicksliver from ''The X-Men''' movies! One of the few cosplays that I saw at the con.

Last, but most certainly not, below is the lovely Emily Ree and her Anarchy Dreamers comic. I really liked her cute and cool style of comic-book art! For more on her comic, be sure to go here: http://anarchydreamers.com/

To be concluded...