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Horror Crush: Angela Featherstone

Today's Horror Crush induction is a stunning and many times overlooked beauty: Angel Featherstone! She has at least two memorable horror roles and hopefully, this will contribute to her getting more recognition, from you, my loyal readers and friends!
Featherstone was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on April 3, 1965, making her 52 years old. She has done a lot of movies and is probably best known from her TV roles on shows like Friends and Girls, stuff I would not be caught dead watching.
On the other hand, it is her second movie role that might be her most famous in the genre. That being the girl that Ash (Bruce Campbell) plants a kiss on at the end of Sam Raimi's Army of Darkness (1992). I remember seeing this in the movies and thinking, ''Damn. That chick is hot!'' One look at Featherstone and you can see that she has such stunning and beautiful eyes!
As cool as that bit role was, it's her next one that is her most memorable to me, as well as her best film. And, sorry to any AoD fans, I like that movie, but do not love it... Anyways, it is the Full Moon horror romantic horror flick Dark Angel: The Ascent (1995)
In it, she plays a demon named Veronica. She dreams of leaving hell, even if doing so is considered blasphemy. But, she does, along with her faithful dog Hellraiser. She finds love with a handsome doctor, and at the same time discovers the evils of this world. When she does she decides to go vigilante and slaughter their asses.
Dark Angel: The Ascent is one of Full Moon's best films. I love how well it mixes romance, splatter, and the vigilante film alongside of talks of theology and religion. It's a solid, funny, sexy, and, at times, shockingly gory flick

Featherstone is really good in her role. She perfectly mixes humor, sexiness, sympathy, innocence, and menace. It is a complex role, and she is more than up to it. Of course, she looks fucking gorgeous, throughout! It would be easy to fall in love with a demon that looks like her! And, as you can tell from some of these pics, she also get nude in the film. Featherstone shows off her perky boobs and glorious ass, when she escapes hell and later, in a tender love scene with her boyfriend in the movie.
Her third and, thus far, final horror role was in the godawful Soul Survivors (2001). This cinematic turd is boring, wimpy, and mostly forgettable. I truthfully don't remember jackshit about it, other than I hated it, and that it features a beautiful female cast, including Featherstone, of course. She played a lesbian in the movie and plays tonsil-hockey with the beautiful Eliza Dushku in one scene. I know there is an unrated version, which, I think, has a longer version of this or something like that (as opposed to the PG-13 version, which I suffered through). However, I cannot bring myself to watch this movie ever again. That being said, I can post pics, gifs for all of you guys, cause that's the type of kindhearted and thoughtful writer that I am!

A talented, sexy, and naturally beautiful actress, Angela Featherstone has long been a personal favorite of mine. With her amazing body, stunning eyes, and gorgeous face, she is a sight to behold. As said before, she is underrated, but I have always using this section to bring attention and love to lovely actresses who deserve it and might not get it. And, with that I welcome and induct Angela Featherstone into this site's Horror Crushes!