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Sacrificial Slaughter- Generation of Terror (Album Review)

Musicians: Sacrificial Slaughter
Album Title: Generation of Terror
Genre/ Subgenre: Death/ Thrash Metal
Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Release date: May 12, 2017

Sacrificial Slaughter is a band from Anaheim, California, that mixes a classic death metal sound with thrash metal undertones. Their latest release,Generation of Terror, is a fast furious six-song EP that serves as a sonic bombardment on the senses.

From the moment the very first song, ''Systematic Genocide'', on the EP starts its clear that this will be a speed filled and unrelenting example of kick ass extreme metal. That song even has a crunching breakdown where the signer, Steve ''Crusty'' Worley, screams ''Let's go!'', right before it starts. The next track is the lightning fast ''Bodies in the Basement'' which might be the best song on the album. The drumming by Fred Tucker is merciless and unrelenting. Crunching and pounding it's way into neck-breaking existence is the next tune, the vicious ''Meticulous Abomination''.  A warning siren and marching serve as the opening for the blistering title track. It's anger filled and will whoop the ass of anyone who hears it. It is also highlighted by a wailing and ripping guitar solo. The anger continues on the piss and vinegar filled ''Bare Knuckle Beat Down'' which will beat you down with it's pounding music, blast beats, and soaring guitars. The album ends with a catchy and pissed off cover of the Carnivore thrash classic ''Race War''.

The musician is strong throughout , making for the type of music that will get you headbanging and wanting to kick a whole shit load of ass. It's the perfect soundtrack to utter destruction and mayhem. The influence of such old school death masters as Death, Vader, Suffocation, and Massacre, makes this a must for fellows fans of that era of extreme music.

4 out of 5