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The Hottest NY1 Babes

As a native New Yorker who has Time Warner I have said that not having NY1 would suck balls. I pretty much always turn it on, when I wake up, when I get dressed, when I have to get ready to go out, etc. Aside, from giving me my much needed local news; they provide with hot babes to look at. The following four hotties are my absolute fav NY1 babes.

Let's begin with my personal favorite of them all, the beautiful Vivian Lee. Lee has a beautiful, classy look that is absolutley breathtaking. She is usually the weekend reporter, giving me yet another reason to look forward to the weekend to come along!

Once in a while, she is on the weekdays, as well, making for a pleasant surprise, when she is! Cause, there are few visions more stunning or captivating the truly amazing Ms. Lee! That smile along could break a million hearts!

Amanda Farinacci is NY1's Staten Island reporter. Although, she was born in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. You know, I rarely give Staten Island much thought (no offense to any of my readers from SI, please!). In fact, I have never even been there, aside from passing by in a friend's car. But, when a report comes from SI, you can bet your ass that Amanda will probably cover it! Which is a great thing! I mean with her impressive bust, hot Brooklyn accent, and beautiful face, this babe is a keeper. Plus, she is a freaking pisan! You gotta love Italian girls!

One of my longest time favorites is the beautiful Annika Pergament. She usually covers the business reports. Quite frankly, I really don't care all that much for business news, but when she does it, I find myself paying attention! Note, to schools, businesses, etc. if you want people to pay attention to potentially boring shit, have a hottie like Ms. Pergament talk about it! People will pay attention, trust me!

Annika always looks very sexy in her short hair. She has gorgeous large, dark, brown eyes and a very hot smile. Once, in a while, she does doe the regular news, but not often enough, in my humble opinion.

And, now it's time for my second fav hottie gorgeous Korean babe, Michelle Park. Honestly, she is as close to being my favorite as you can get without actually being it. In fact, there are days when I debate if like her or Vivian Lee, more. Choices, choices! Life can be so fucking hard sometimes! Park covers my hometown of Queens, baby! So, that makes her extra awesome in my world. Now, there are others who cover Queens, too, but when she does it's that much better.

Park has beautiful, long black hair and a gorgeous face. In enough, so that I think that she could have been/ could be a model. This babelicious reporter has a Twitter account at http://twitter.com/parkermeridien

And, so with babes like these four, NY1 will always be number 1, baby!

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"Suck It, Wonder Woman!" by Olivia Munn

Title: Suck It, Wonder Woman!
Author: Olivia Munn with Mac Montandon
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
$23.99/ $28.99 Can.

G4's geek goddess recently released her long awaited book. And, it's a fun little read.

The book focuses on he career, various random memories, thoughts, and her life. There is no chronological order to it. So, these tales and thoughts just come in randomly chapter to chapter or even within the same chapter. Most of the stories are rather funny, and some cases they are totally uproarious. The random story about a boyfriend and his revelation involving his dick sucking fantasy is priceless to say the least! Most of the book is very lighthearted, save for the chapter involving her grandma, which made me tear up.

When, she talks about other people who she encountered in her life, she mentions no names. So, while we see she encounters Hollywood scum; we never know who they are. Clearly, she is not interested in the controversy that other bio books, have. But, I wanna know goddamn it!

It's a quick and simple read. It took me two weeks to be done with it. And, one of those weeks was my vacation in Vegas, so I actually got to read little of it, during that week. There is some fan art and some candid pics included, too.

In all, this is a thoroughly enjoyable read for my fellow Olivia Munn fans. One, that will bring a smile to your face and brighten your day!

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Whatever Happened to Lucy Lee?

So, as I sit here, right now, I must say I am pretty fucking bored. And, I figured at least some of you, if not more of you, are bored, too. To keep you busy, and myself, I wrote this blog. I been on a Lucy Lee fix (the Asian one, NOT the Czech one, of course), as of late.

Lucy was born on May 20, 1980. This Korean beauty was adopted by white parents and grew up in Torrence, CA. She entered the biz back in 2003.

Lucy is a perennial bad girl, having done a stint at least one or two stints in jail, including one for disorderly conduct. When, she was released had a boob job done taking her from a 32B to a 32D! In 2008 she did another stint for a misdemeanor.

I have not heard much from her in a while, but I will say this, when she shot (shoots?) scenes is fucking hot as hell. It is inarguable, to me, that she is one of the sexiest performers I ever seen, a Lucy scene is always a winner, in my book. She's hot, and she's nasty as hell. Anal, swallowing, DPs, lesbian, threesomes, interracial, etc are all things she excels/ed at. At one point she had signed a contract with fellow Asian goddess Tera Patrick, but I believe that is up, now.

Want proof that Lucy rules? Check out this fan tribute. And, sorry for the Creed music! I have NOTHING to do with that crap!

There is not much current info on her. She has a myspace, but her blog ain't been updated since 2007. She has no official twitter or facebook. If any of you have any current info on her please be sure to share with me.
Here talks about her myspace, in fact:

In all Lucy is one of my personal favorite babes in the biz. Beautiful face, hot body, sexy legs, amazing ass, and nasty, slutty sex scenes, she is THE ultimate Asian bad girl. I LOVE Lucy Lee!----------------
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The Top 20 Actresses Who Should Have Been Nude in Horror Movies, Pt.2: 10-1

10. Katherine Heigel in Bride of Chucky- Ms. Heigel has been in some truly godawful movies after this one. And, while her star has risen my interest in her has dropped. That said, she looked fucking gorgeous in this one and should have dropped her top. Chucky might have have dumped his main squeeze if he, and us, had seen seen Heigel's chest!

9. Elizabeth Banks in Slither- Banks is one of my fav actresses out there. Aside, from being beautiful, she really can act. I also happen to think she has quite a nice behind. She looked quite delicious in this sci-fi/ horror flick. As good as this movie is; imagine the classic it would have been if Banks had bared her goods! I mean even clothed she is drool worthy!

8. Jennifer Rubin A Nightmare on Elm Street pt. 3: Dream Warriors- I've liked metal/ punk/ goth girls since my earliest memories. And, of the earliest crushes of girls like that, for me, had to be the beautiful Jennifer Rubin as Taryn in the classic Nightmare sequel Dream Warriors. In her dreams, she is "beautiful and bad!" Sadly, she is also clothed! That said, the skin tight leather outfit she has on is HOT as fuck!

7. Ali Larter in Final Destination 1 & 2- I've been a fan of the beautiful Ms. Larter since the first Final Destination movie. Why it took so long for the rest of the world to catch up, I don't fucking know. Wait, maybe I do. It's cause she kept her clothing on! Had she been naked; she would have been a huge star without the help of that shitty Heroes TV show. Trust me! I know these things!

6. Eihi Shiina in Tokyo Gore Police- The former model and stunning actress of Takashi Miike's classic Audition looked absolutely stunning in this fun and over the top splatter flick. But, she kept her clothing on! I mean there is no better way to battle mutants than being in the nude. Even moreso if you are a hot chick! So, let this be a lesson to all you beautiful women out there reading this, THE best way to battle mutants is for you to be naked!

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt in I Know what You Did Last Summer- In keeping with the terrible trend of women not showing their naughty bits in the 90s in slasher films, IKWYDLS had the beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt, and her boobs, but yet no skin! I mean clearly her chest is a weapon of mass destruction, or at least the cause of mass tissues being destroyed by those using them! Sure she wears tight clothing and even gets wet, but it ain't the same! The culprit here is, once again, screenwriter Kevin Williamson! Damn you, for this horrible fucking trend! This blog is not your friend, Mr. Williamson!

4. Jessica Alba in Idle Hands- Honest to God this fucking movie is atrocious! It is neither funny nor gory. It is just plain fucking stupid. But, there are two good things. The first is Seth Green as a pothead zombie. The other thing this is the movie that introduced me, and most of the world, to the beautiful Jessica Alba. I remember looking at the Fangoria issue with this movie in it and seeing her pic, and being like, "Damn!". She looked unquestionably hot and there are some nice panty shots of her ass. But, alas Ms. Alba did not bare, herself. Worst of all, she has a no nudity clause, so that even when the role calls for it (Sin City, where she played the stripper Nancy), she won't do it! Damn it! Ms. Alba, you need to stop torturing us! Bare your skin! I think it might even solve world hunger if you did! So, do it for the well being of the world!

3. Elisha Cuthbert in Captivity- While, I think House of Wax is a better movie, I think this is the movie where the nudity fit best (not that should ever stop any of you aspiring filmmakers from adding skin to your movie!). I actually like this controversial little torture porn flick. But, think about it, as she is held captive by our mysterious antagonist, he gets to see a lot of her. That includes a sex scene. But, even then we don't see shit. Come on! That's a rip-off right there!

2. Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body- OK, this is the one that I am most disappointed with. Back when we first heard of this film, there were nude pics that got leaked out of the beautiful Ms. Fox, even if it was in a see-through body suit. Sadly, those scenes got cut out or were never used or whatever the case maybe. It was lame move. She does look hot as hell in the movie and makes out with Amanda Seyfried, but that is not enough, dear readers! Perhaps, the filmmakers thought that by having Fox nude there would be nuclear explosion of hotness that would have been dangerous for humanity. I say, dear filmmakers, I understand your concern, but we people are willing take that risk in hopes of seeing Megan's body in all of its' glory!

1. Jamie Chung in Sorority Row- This one should be no shock to those of you who are long and loyal readers here. I actually enjoy this movie, quite a bit. And, while there is skin; it ain't from the girls that the movie's plot actually revolves around. The cast is beautiful, including Audrina Patridge (but we seen her nude already!), but the hottest, to me, is this beautiful Korean goddess. The still of her that I used here is from her in the hot tube, but the camera cuts away, right as she takes her top off. So, we don't see shit! Damn you camera! Damn you straight to hell! That scene alone would have made this movie get renamed Hot Tub Nude Machine in Sorority Row! If, Ms. Chung ever gets nude it will help achieve world peace. I promise you everything will be better and happier on this plant, if not in the whole entire universe! So, Jamie the fate of the Earth hands on your shoulders, er I mean your bra. Make the right choice!

Hope you guys liked this list. If there is any girl you think is missing from here, please do tell! I would love to hear your thoughts! Oh, and don't be shy. We all think and talk about the same stuff, here!

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The Top 20 Actresses Who Should Have Been Nude in Horror Movies, Pt.1: 20-11

We all love seeing beautiful actresses getting nude in movies. We horror fans know that our beloved genre many times does give us the skin we need. Sadly, for whatever reason, there are always babes that we look at in a film and are like, "Damn! Why did she not show the goods?" This is the list of the babes we all wanted to see naked the most.

20. Ashley Laurence in Hellraiser I, II, and Hallraiser: Hellseeker- One of the most beautiful heroines in the history of the genre, Ashley, in the role of Kristy Cotton, has encountered Pinhead and the Cenobites three times, and yet she never let us see her nude. Terrible! A travesty, I say!

19. Sienna Guillory in Resident Evil: Apocalypse- She played Jill Valentine, an actual character from the video games. And, she looked damn fucking good doing it. She is just as hot, if not, in fact, hotter than series lead, Milla Jovovich, who has been fully nude in the series. But, yet Ms. Guillory is not. She returns for this year's installment. Will she show us some skin? I would love if she did, but my guess is no.

18. Tracy Griffith in The First Power and Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland- Melanie's infinitely hotter half-sister has been in two horror flicks. And, yet she did not get nude in either or. In The First Power she, along with Lou Diamond Phillips, battled a Satan worshiper bestowed with the ability to possesses anybody by the Prince of Darkness, himself. You know with her bare and skin and Diamond's ass kicking abilities Satan would have not stood a chance! As, for the third Sleepaway Camp movie, I realize that slasher final babes do not bare skin. But, they should! And, she should have here!

17. Ona Grauer in House of the Dead- Yes, HOTD is pretty fucking stupid, but I do find that in it's stupidness it does have that it's so bad so good kind of charm. But, even if you hate it, you most admit that it has plenty of gore and babes. Some of them nude! But, one of the hottest ones, Ms. Grauer, ain't. We do get to see her run in slow motion and jiggle a lot. But, we want more! We demand more! She does, after all, have a great rack, that needs to be exposed! Shit, look. Even the film's villain wants to see them, in this pic. Clearly evil members of the living dead have great taste in women!

16. Lindsay Lohan in I Know Who Killed Me- You know out of all the entries this one was one of the ones that pisses me off the most. Why? Well, cause this film is fucking godawful, that I can't believe that I somehow made it through it all! Ms. Lohan played a stripper in this one. Which you would think hey, she is gonna get nude. Nope. She don't. Which makes seeing this even more pointless. I am not fan of hers. In fact, I can't even stand her, but I, up and until this point, thought that she looked great. She don't looks as hot, now. So, I think I she totally lost the chance for us to see the goods she has in her prime. Epic fail on every fucking level.

15. Shawnee Smith in The Blob and the Saw Franchise- The Blob is the movie where I developed my Shawnee Smith crush. She is easily one of the hottest cheerleaders in the history of cinema. On top of being beautiful, she kicks some major fucking ass in it. Come on, she would have been a nude cheerleader! Her return to big screen terror was the Saw franchise. And, she still looked amazing! But, she didn't get nude in those either! Come on, Shawnee, you are breaking the hearts, of us, your fans!

14. Fairuza Balk in The Craft- OK, I totally enjoyed this movie and its' beautiful female cast. But, as hot as the other three girls were, Balk is my fav. That hot body and those gorgeous eyes! I freaking love goth girls, and, in this movie, she was one of the hottest, ever! And, while she cast a spell on me and many other dudes, had she taken off her clothes our heads might have exploded, Scanners style! Though, the other head would prob have made an explosion of its' own!

13. Rose McGowan in Scream- I fucking love this babe, in particular in this movie. She looked amazing in that tight sweater. Yet, she did not get naked. Worst part? She dies anyway. So, in following slasher tradition, she should have. But, wait this is the 90s, and this is the film that started a terrible trend in slasher flicks of chicks not getting nude. Fuck that! Truly makes you wanna kick Kevin Williamson in his nutsack.

12. Katie Featherston in Paranormal Activity- Paranormal Activity had little in the way of special FX. But, the best FX were the lovely Ms. Featherston's God-given boobies and big ass. Sadly, we never got to see them. This curvalious babe could have used her T&A to distract the evil demon haunting her. Distracted the Ghostbusters could have come in and trapped it! See, I just came up with an awesome idea for a cross-over film!

11. Chiaki Kuriyama in Hair Extensions- The Battle Royale and Kill Bill Vol. 1 babe is always yummy, but she looks her hottest in the J-horror flick, Hair Extensions. It's a good, original scare flick, with lots of hotties. Kuriyama looks absolutely breathtaking, in it. But, sadly she remains clothed. Why? No seriously, why?! Had she been nude surely that scene would have gone down in horror nudie history!!

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