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Iron Man

This Friday Iron Man opens up. Now, I have never been a fan of Iron Man, but I am really excited about this movie. I mean who better to play an alcoholic superhero, than Robert Downy Jr.?

I never read the comics (although I have read stuff he has been in like The Avengers), but the character does look cool. I like the fact that he has different suits for different dangers that he may face.

His 90s cartoon was pretty crappy, though. And, man, he was a total tool in the Civil War cross-over.

Anyways, back to the movie, it does look awesome. Nick Fury (the Ultimate Marvel version) makes an appearance, and there is some little cross-over with the new Hulk film (which I am NOT excited about). And, yesterday on Attack of the Show G4's resident hottie, Olivia Munn , said that the film is "mother-fucking awesome" on both TV and her myspace. I am going to Chiller this Saturday, but next weekend, I am so totally there to see this fucker!

Yeah! Iron Man!


My Thoughts on Episode 1 of Season 2 of "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila"

So, as you know by now, I was very pumped about the return of my absolute favorite real TV show (this coming form someone who HATES reality TV): A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila. And guess what? The season premiere more than delivered!

WARNING SPOILERS (so if you ain't seen it yet and don't want ruined, skip this):

Is it me or has Tila got even hotter since the last season? i don't know. Maybe it was the time away from her being on TV...

Anyways, speaking of hot, that brunette chick, Brittany is a total babe. Amazing. I also like this really cute, bubbly blonde, named Samantha , so adorably hot!

I also really liked Lili, but alas she had to stick her tongue down that other chicks mouth, Tila caught them and it was "adios" to both of them. Still, Lili was hot! And, she had a good shot at lasting longer, but....

The guys, well i could really care less for them. I want more girl-on-girl, you know, what I mean? Anyways, I knew they were gonna lose, the first competition; they acted like jackasses in the cage and all. that dude who whipped his dick out (twice!) Of course, he was gonna get sent home. There is clearly tension between two of the guys already. I just wanna see more fist fights this season!

Ah, Tila you truly do rock!


The Top 5 Assholes in Metal/ Hard Rock

Recent comments about downloading music by one Evan (Biohazard/ The Syderz) Seinfeld (porn name Syder Jones) made me pissed off enough to write this blog. Please, enjoy and tell me what other metal jackass, you think belongs on this list:

1. Lars Ulrich- there is no bigger offender on this list than this fucker, who looks like a fucking treasure troll. First there was the whole Napster thing. Yeah, you see he needs your fucking cash. He ain't rich enough, kiddies! Asshole. Anywho, then there is the whole sell-out thing. Gotta love the way the band jumps on metal trends. While some would argue that their last good album was And Justice for All, I did enjoy The Black Album. That said we can all agree that Load and Reload were horrid pieces of shit that jumped on the alternative band wagon. While, St. Anger tried to be nu-metal answering a question no one needed answer, "What would Metallica meets Slipknot sound like?". In Revolver magazine they said they loved bands like Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, and Bullet for My Valentine. So expect them to be all metalcore for the next one. Yay! What a load of shit! Plus, he always comes off as so full of himself in interviews. He has even denied that he toured with Venom during their first tour (Cronos, himself, has said this), stating that their first tour was with Motorhead, instead. This band that once stood against the corporate metal of hair-bands and stood for the anti-establishment of thrash metal has become what they stood against. I mean we could go and on, so let's end it here, shall we?

2. Axel Rose - Perhaps the most mean-spirited of this group of dickheads, Axel thinks he so tough it is sad and pathetic. Remember when he challenged Vince Niel? Whatever came of that? Nothing. Cause he is a pussy. That's why. I mean Tommy Hilfinger beat him up! He has started riots, been mean to his fans, and even been a woman beater (a HUGE offense in my eyes). Axel is a scumbag, and there is no argument there. Cause of him one of the greatest hard rock bands ever, Guns N' Roses, broke up. he reformed it, with none of the original members, he announces US dates and cancels most of them. The album Chinese Democracy has been in production for what seems like decades. And, worst of all Geffen still gives him money? Why? This shit will never come out. Fuck Axel!

3. Gene Simmons - Kiss' frontman would sell his mother if he could put a Kiss logo on her. Truly, there are few greedier than him, or more self-centered. there was even a vid a year or so ago showing what a douche-bag he is! And, when was the last time we heard new, original Kiss music? Huh?! And, did they not do a million retirement tours? And, how many best of and live albums can one band put out? Plus, their last original album, Psycho Circus sucked ass. This guy may have slept with countless of women, but good God is he ugly. he looks better with make-up. Never take it off, bro.

4. Glen Benton- While Deicide, the band, is one of the finest death metal machines out there, their signer says the stupidest things in interviews, ever. So, we know he is scary cause he has an upside down cross burned on his fore-head, but to remind us further, he has: told us that he would die at 33 like Jesus Christ. Well, he is still alive. he said he was drunk when he said this. whatever. And, remember when he killed that squirrel during an interview? He regrets, now he says. Ditto for the cross, which he has to cover up when he picks up his kid. I think he even killed some rats, according to Metal Maniacs, to honor Satan. This lead to him getting banned from the rag for a few years. Recently, he told Decibal that he cannot tour (another dude from another death metal band sings for him live) because he cannot deal with the bullshit from the road, and because he cannot take the pain of the world, in places like Brazil. Again, I am sure I could on, but I will restate this: Deicide the band fucking rule! Benton, the person, not so much.

5. Evan Sienfeld- I was gonna mention Sab Bach, but Evan has pissed me off more recently, and out of this group of human beings, is the biggest disappointment. I even kind of thought Evan was cool. You see, to me a tried and true metal-head from NY, Biohazard was the most badass band ever. Recently, he said that downloading music is the same as stealing music, expect you don't have the balls to steal a CD from a store. Plus, he said the same goes with free porn, as you are taking money out of his pocket. What the fuck does the goddess known as Tera Patrick doing married to this douche bag? She could do so much better... And, shut the fuck up! At least Biohazard are reunited...



A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila Returns!

Ahh, come April 22nd my fav reailty show returns to TV! Yes, kiddies, A Shot of Love Tila Tequila is coming back! Now, I hate most reality TV, but how in th hell can you not love this show? I mean last season people were killing each other for her !

Now, I have to say after watching the show, i really fell for Tila . I mean, come on. She has tats, is hot, Asian, and above all, is fucking BISEXUAL! IF that don't sell you, then I don't know what will!

Now, I hated the guy who won, Bobbi, but i knew a guy was gonna win. Personally, I think the absolutely gorgeous Brandi should have won:

Anywho, season 2 promises to be even more wild: Look at this:

Fuck man! that looks great! I cannot fucking wait! Oh, and I am so lame that i think I may get this on DVD when season 1 comes to DVD on April 15th! It says uncensored, so...


The lovely offspring of the Italian master of horror Dario Argento and, his then girlfriend, Daria Nicolodi, Asia Argento is an actress, writer, director, and all around goddess. She was born on Sept. 20, 1975.

I have long found her to be one of the hottest babes from European Cinema (a world chockful of gorgeous babes). Though, she made her debut in Soavi's kick-ass gorefest The Church, it was not until her own father's Trauma, that I immediately fell in love with her. She also got nude in that film, which made it all the more interesting. Even if the film itself is a flawed work, it does have it's moments.

Her best acting job, up until this point, would occur in The Stendhal Syndrome. Said film is, by far, the best of Argento's post-Opera work. Still, like any film after Opera, it is not on the level of his earlier work. But, her acting is good. Although, it is disturbing to see her brutal rape scene, as let us not forget, it was directed by daddy dearest!

Their next collaboration Phantom of the Opera is one of the worst films he ever did, but it is not THAT bad, is it? Still, she does get nude, again! And, is not worth seeing just for that?

She is staring in The Mother of Tears,
the conclusion to Argento's trilogy (the other two are Suspiria and Inferno). Reviews have been mixed, we shall see, how it all goes. Of course, she has been in other films including the mediocre Bond rip-off xXx and Romero's enjoyable Land of the Dead.

In Italy, the lovely Ms. Argento is a very respected actress having won the Italian equivalent of the Oscar. She is also a very talented director. Well, OK, I only saw one film of hers, the semi-autobiographical Scarlet Diva. She is said to have real sex in the film, expect with the guy who plays her asshole boyfriend. She has a RED-HOT scene with a beautiful, busty blonde played by Italian porn goddess, Selen. It's a good film, allbeit, a bit pretentious, at times. Still, the film is shocking and moving. The DVD is great, because her commentary and interview are so honest. By the way, she says that she kept her bush in the film for her Japanese fans. It appears that in Japan pubic hair is very taboo. Why? Who the fuck knows. But fans of bush (the good bush, not the shitty one in Washington) will be very pleased!

She is a MILF, having a nine year old daughter. Asia is stunningly beautiful with her very Italian good looks, gorgeous body, and amazingly hot tattoos.



Without a shadow of a doubt Vicky Vette might be one of the most beautiful MILFs out there. She was born June 12, 1965 in Stavanger, Norway. And, at 42 years of age she is a stunning vision of beauty. This gorgeous porn star broke into the biz when she sent pics to Hustler magazine for Beaver Hunt at the age of 38 for the May 2003 issue. After doing two layouts for the mag, in December 2003 and July 2004, it did not take long for to continue to do nude model and go into hardcore porn films.

Vicky stands out from many a porn star because she comes off as cool and fan friendly, as well as being a truly amazing looking woman. i love the way she runs her myspace. She calls her fans Vette Nation Army, and frequently blogs.

She has done over 101, not surprising many of them are of the MILF fetish variety. Some of her movies include MILF POV 3, MILF Seeker 1, and Sex Therapist.

With her amazing cruvy body, beautiful blue eyes, hot ass, sexy legs, gorgeous face, and all around Scandinavian good looks , this woman is a dream come true for lovers of ravishing older woman.


Hot Asian Girl of the Month: KEEANI LEI

Ok, time for the Hot Asian girl of the Month!

This time it is gorgeous Asian pron babe Keeani Lei! I first found out about this goddess via her myspace I fell in love almost instantly. She has an amazing body and is absolutely beautiful.

She was born on March 16, 1981. She has been in over one hundred films since 2004. Some of her titles include: Cum Swapping Sluts 9, So You Think You Can Squirt?, and Asian Extreme. Sadly, i have not seen any of her work, but I promise to change that!

According to her my myspace and her bio on her website she likes reggae and rock music, including System of a Down, Iron Maiden, Alice in Chains, etc. And, she says Asian girls are a weakness of hers. Damn! I think she is definitely wife material! :D

Recently, her vid of her playing Guitar Hero (which she admits to LOVING) was shown on G4, but pulled out of youtube. Assholes! but fear not here it is:

Keeani Lei Guitar Hero
by hodiho_com

She is also into surfing and skating. She was hurt in a car accident and his suffered pneumonia,l but thank God she is fine and still perseveres. She has pics of this on her myspace, by the way.

In all this bisexual goddess is a multi-talened beauty all the way!

A Farewell to "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair

Now, i missed Wrestle Mania XXIV cause, well quite frankly the WWE blows, nowadays, but I hear it was a good show. i think I will get the DVD when it hits stores.

Anywho, the major thing people have been talking about is the Flair-HBK match. It is said to be Flair's last match.

Now, as a kid, my only exposure to wrestling was WWF, but I knew of Ric Flair. Anywys, i loved it when he came to the WWF. His feud with Savage was classic and ahead of it's time, with it's storyline of pics of Miss. Elizabeth. It made Ric Flair a true scumbag heel.

While, Flair could play face, well, he was best as heel. The man could not only wrestle amazing matches and carry under-talented wrestlers, but he cut some of the greatest promos ever. When he called Bishoff a son of a bitch, it was one of the greatest moments in WCW Nitro history.

Flair had great memorable feuds with guys like Sting, Steamboat, Hogan, Race, the aforementioned Savage, Rhodes, etc. I would eventually see many of old NWA/ WCW matches on the excellent DVD: The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection. If you you can find it (it is pretty old after all) you should totally get it!

He was a part of the Horsemen. Sure some incarnations sucked ass (Paul Roma? Mongo McMichaels?), but without them we would have had had no nWo, D-X, or Evolution (OK, no Evolution would not have been a bad thing, as they were a Horsemen rip-off all the way, IMHO).

I had the pleasure of meeting the Nature Boy a few years ago, when his excellent auto-biography came out. He signed that for me and his DVD.

Last night's Raw was forgettable crap, except for the classy good-bye to Flair that had classic wrestlers like Steamboat, Valentine, Rhodes, etc., all of the WWE roster, and his family come out. He cried, and it made me tear up.

Flair will be missed in the ring. God bless him. Long live the Nature Boy! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!