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Doro Pesch, The Queen of Metal!

Doro Pesch was born on June 3, 1965 in Germany. She would go to front Warlock , an awesome band from the 80s,

and then her own band, Doro , which is basically the same band. The band's earlier work was heavier,

but Doro could still rock pretty damn hard.

She was a metal sex-pot , but she still looks amazing . Having seen concert footage of her, she still rocks hard as fuck.

She has a great stage presence about her and comes off as one of those that truly carry the torch for metal. While, many a metalbabe has come since her, Doro is THE definition of hot metal babe. Blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, hot bod. Added bonus! Shes is totally MILFy!

It is a shame that in the states she never got as big as she should have. He rmusic was heavier and better than Lita's, even her ballads were better than Lita.

And, unlike Lita she still looks amazing!


Unknown said...

She's truly the forgotten goddess of Metal. Why couldn't some of the other women keep up their looks like her?

Giovanni Deldio said...

idk. It's a shame she don't get more respect. She really knows how to take care of herself, which others clearly don't.