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The lovely offspring of the Italian master of horror Dario Argento and, his then girlfriend, Daria Nicolodi, Asia Argento is an actress, writer, director, and all around goddess. She was born on Sept. 20, 1975.

I have long found her to be one of the hottest babes from European Cinema (a world chockful of gorgeous babes). Though, she made her debut in Soavi's kick-ass gorefest The Church, it was not until her own father's Trauma, that I immediately fell in love with her. She also got nude in that film, which made it all the more interesting. Even if the film itself is a flawed work, it does have it's moments.

Her best acting job, up until this point, would occur in The Stendhal Syndrome. Said film is, by far, the best of Argento's post-Opera work. Still, like any film after Opera, it is not on the level of his earlier work. But, her acting is good. Although, it is disturbing to see her brutal rape scene, as let us not forget, it was directed by daddy dearest!

Their next collaboration Phantom of the Opera is one of the worst films he ever did, but it is not THAT bad, is it? Still, she does get nude, again! And, is not worth seeing just for that?

She is staring in The Mother of Tears,
the conclusion to Argento's trilogy (the other two are Suspiria and Inferno). Reviews have been mixed, we shall see, how it all goes. Of course, she has been in other films including the mediocre Bond rip-off xXx and Romero's enjoyable Land of the Dead.

In Italy, the lovely Ms. Argento is a very respected actress having won the Italian equivalent of the Oscar. She is also a very talented director. Well, OK, I only saw one film of hers, the semi-autobiographical Scarlet Diva. She is said to have real sex in the film, expect with the guy who plays her asshole boyfriend. She has a RED-HOT scene with a beautiful, busty blonde played by Italian porn goddess, Selen. It's a good film, allbeit, a bit pretentious, at times. Still, the film is shocking and moving. The DVD is great, because her commentary and interview are so honest. By the way, she says that she kept her bush in the film for her Japanese fans. It appears that in Japan pubic hair is very taboo. Why? Who the fuck knows. But fans of bush (the good bush, not the shitty one in Washington) will be very pleased!

She is a MILF, having a nine year old daughter. Asia is stunningly beautiful with her very Italian good looks, gorgeous body, and amazingly hot tattoos.