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Interview with the Cougarlicious Karen Kougar at Exxxotica NJ 2011

All photos courtesy of Negative Pop.

One of the hottest and sexiest MILFs to ever grace the world has to be the beautiful Karen Kougar. Not only she is stunning (hard to believe this gorgeous woman is 49!), but she is also very friendly and has a wonderful down to earth, bubbly, flirty, and sexy personality. And, I had the utmost pleasure of learning this first hand when I interviewed this natural beauty at Exxxotica earlier this month. Check it out as she talks about why she started doing porn, what she likes sexually, and lots more!

She also posed for some very sexy pics.

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A Talk with Porn's Geek Goddess Misti Dawn at Exxxotica NJ 2011

All photos courtesy of Negative Pop and myself.

Exxxotica was a perfect time and place to catch up with the lovely and awesome cutie Misti Dawn. She was at the Dirty Diablos booth, a porn company with whom she is currently shooting with. They had one of the most fun booths at the show, with their lovely girls selling and signing DVDs for a mere 5 bucks each! They even gave some out to the fans!
A true geek goddess and fellow nerd, the lovely and sweet Misti is always a pleasure to catch up with. In what is now my third interview with the red-haired, tattooed babe, she discusses what she's up to and talks video games, too.

Misti also posed for some truly amazing and cute pics taken by my kick ass photographer Negative Pop. You just gotta love her!
Misti signs the DVD that I bought off of her.


Jada Cheng, Sassy Assy, TITS, and Lisa Ann: Exxxotica NJ 2011

All photos courtesy of Negative Pop and myself.

Sassy Assy Jeans never fails to set up a both at Exxxotica, and to be honest with you, I wouldn't have it any other way! They always have the most sexy women, including some truly stunning Asians. A fixture at their booth is the gorgeous and awesome goddess known as Jada Cheng!

Jada looked as beautiful as ever, dressed in a sexy and short white dress, that Saturday. She graciously posed for many pics, and, as always, she truly enjoyed meeting her adoring fans.
But, truth is the lovely Ms. Cheng had to pull double duty! As she was also signing at Two in the Shirt (TITS) booth. You see they were debuting the awesome, new Jada Cheng "Do It Yourself" Tee, at the show. This was actually the first time that they were at Exxxotica NJ. When I last saw them at the AEEs, in Vegas, in January, I felt they had one of the best booths, there. I am happy to say, theirs was one of the best booths at this show, too! Anyway, back to the Jada shirt. I decided I was gonna get it (pretty much from the moment I heard they were debuting). I wore it in the next pic with us, and the result is one of my fav pics of the day!

Also, at the TITS booth was Alexis Ford (who I missed) and the always pleasant and beautiful MILF Lisa Ann. As a matter of fact, I also picked up the MILF shirt of hers. They had a deal that if you bought two of their tees, it was 30 bucks (a single tee cost 20). It's one of my favorite, if not in fact my favorite, from the awesome line of tees TITS has of hers.

Of course, Sassy Assy Jeans had their share of even more hotness, as evident by one of the last things I saw that Saturday night: a gorgeous Asian women on a leash, who was being walked another babe. I will leave you with that image, in hopes of making your day, as it surely added to my happiness that night!
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Hot Charmaine Glock and Hot Cars at Exxxotica NJ 2011

All photos courtesy of Negative Pop and myself.

The Exotic Car and Bike show made a triumphant return to Exxxotica this year for the second straight year. Gorgeous women and hot cars were on display. Few things in this world go hand in hand better than these two, so it made sense for it to be back.
As a huge Spider-Man, this was probably my favorite car on display there.

One of the sexiest and most beautiful models at the car show was the stunning Charmaine Glock. Hailing from Seattle, Washington the gorgeous Ms. Glock has been modeling for a more than a year, now. I first knew about her last year and had the pleasure of meeting her at that Exxxoitca NJ show.

I went up to her in the afternoon, as she and Layla Lu (more on her in an upcoming post!) were busy with many fans meeting and greeting them and having lots of pics being snapped at them all day. She reconized me and I went up and said hi. It was good to see her. She is very easy sweet and is all smiles. As I have said she is also stunningly beautiful. I happen to think she has some of the sexiest and coolest tats, I have ever seen! Something, I finally got around to telling her this time. She thanked me and told me that she had some new work added to her sleeve. Awesome! She just keeps getting hotter all the time!

I think that it goes without saying that beautiful Asian girl + tattoos + glasses = perfection! She's honestly one of my personal favorite models out there right now, and I look forward to see what she will be doing in the coming year!
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Exxxotica NJ 2011: Porn Babes Galore! Pt. 2

All photos courtesy of Negative Pop and myself.

To my friends and I, it simply ain't Exxxotica without the gorgeous and sexy Courtney Cummz. Easily one of the hottest women at any convention, Courtney is always friendly and in a great mood. She clearly loves her fans and is always ready to let fans grab her ass or boobs or , sometimes, even grab her fans! Aside from being flirty, she is one of the nicest and coolest people you will ever meet. She definitely brightens any room that she is in or any day of the week!

Naughty housewife and all around cutie Paige Little is an amauter porn star who runs her own site. She was very easy to talk to, friendly, and was there to promote her site. She got a kick out my Master Gio pseudonym.

At one of the booths, three beautiful women sat next to each other, and they were all sweeties.

First up was the exceptionally cute Lexi Belle. I loved the outfit she had on (very sexy!), and she was all smiles in person.
At her right sat the lovely Kirsten Price. As, I learned from my friend Pat, she really likes gummies. He gave her a bag of them, and she was very pleased!
And next to her sat the very pretty Breanne Benson. She was also friendly and nice to meet. She also happens to have gorgeous eyes!
One of the sexiest and naughtiest girls doing girl-girl stuff right now has to be the beautiful Prinzzess. She also provided me with one of the sexiest pics of me and a girl in the whole con! She has great legs and really nice ass!
Speaking of sexy, one girl I was dying to meet was the gorgeous beauty, Bridgette B.! I've mentioned in the past just how much I like her and her amazing boobs. She got there a little later, but as soon as I noticed she got there, I had the to go up to her. The lovely Ms. B., known as the Spanish Doll (and rightfully so), was taken by all the stickers I had on me, at this point in the day, thanks to other booths who placed them on me. I said I was sorry (referring to how distracting the stickers were), and we both laughed. She is one of my current favorites and looks incredibly impressive in person!

Penthouse has a booth with two of their most beautiful Pets signing posters for free. Jenna Rose and Adrienne Manning were both friendly and all smiles as they met fans. They were also absolutely beautiful!

Needless, to say my friends and I went home very happy. Now, three of us have been going to this show since the very first one, but this one was the very best one and one of the best shows/ cons, of any kind, ever. The starlets were very fan friendly, in fact the whole show was extremely fan friendly, with some really great prices and lots of free autographs. I already cannot wait for next year!

But, if you think this is all I have for you, you're wrong! I have much more to come, so stay tuned!

Exxxotica NJ 2011: Porn Babes Galore! Pt. 1

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Exxxotica NJ 2011: Porn Babes Galore! Pt. 1

All photos courtesy of Negative Pop and myself.

If there is one convention/ show that I most look forward to every year that would have to be Exxxotica NJ. The show is always awesome, but this one went beyond my expectations.In fact, the word awesome might be too small and simple to describe it. Accompanied by three of my friends, one of them was also my photographer, we went on Saturday, November 5, 2011 and were blown away by it!

The first person I saw at the show was the beautiful Dana DeArmond, who was signing at the Evil Angel booth. Known as "The Internet's Girlfriend", I have been an admirer of Ms. DeArmond's beauty and hot performances for a very long time. I was first introduced to her via her old myspace. Since then I have loved following and reading her posts all over the net. She is just as likable in person. I only caught the tail-end of what she was telling my friends, but it involved food and sex, I think. It peeked my interest, though, and decided to pick up the movie where this act occurs, The Spit And Speculum. Speaking of tail-ends, Dana has quite an amazing backside!
Digital Playground's beautiful Stoya got there early, and we were lucky enough to catch her before her line got long. As always, she is a very personable and fan friendly babe. And, of course, she's utterly stunning.

Later another DP beauty joined her, Riley Steele. Again, we were lucky enough to get on the line early enough to avoid the surely long and crazy ones that she inspires. After all, I still recall the first time I saw her in Vegas in January and the amount of people that wanted to meet her. Despite her fame, Riley is very down-to-earth and has not let fame get to her pretty head.
Since Riley had just signed my Piranha 3D (not in 3D) blu-ray, I wanted to get the naturally voluptuous Gianna Michaels, to do the same. I asked her about the scene where she surf glides and gets chomped in half by the vicarious, killer fish. She said it was, "hot as fuck" to shoot there. She is always very friendly and sweet to her fans, who deservedly love her greatly.

Eros.com had a booth set up, of mostly, free autographs. I say mostly because there was Kelly Staxxx, who was charging $40 for her autograph picture, DVD, and a condom. Regardless of that, it was a fun table. I met the lovely Sapphire there.
Over at the Xtreme magazine booth, busty Shay Lynn signed copies of her issue for free. She took some time to talk to us and came off as very cool. This beauty from Delaware has a very interesting interview inside of the publication. And, while I have not seen any of her work, I think I need to change. Moreso, cause she works exclusively with woman. That's HOT in my book!

Sarah Vandella is someone I have long wanted to meet, having seen her work and being a fan of hers. She is extremely sweet and cute in person. I am very happy to have finally met her, as I missed her at last year's show and this year's AEE. Her voice was going, though, and I felt bad for her. I certainly hope she is feeling better now!

If there was one person I was most excited to meet, that I had never met before, it had to be the gorgeous Charmane Star. She has long been one of the girls I been requesting to come to this show. You see, I have been a long time fan of hers and think she is simply stunning. We talked for a little while, as she recognized me from my Twitter. I happily bought a Polaroid pic if us from her. She is sweet and down-to-earth. It's just so nice to see that someone you are a fan of is cool as hell in person!

In keeping with a tradition of mine at porn cons, I got a picture with the beautiful and sexy Sara Jay. How could I not?
There are tons more porn stars I met, but I'll save those for the next part. I also have a shit load more pics and lots of interviews, to post. So, stay tuned as the Master brings you more, than ever (!), of the kind of reporting like I only I know how to do!

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