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NYCC 2011: Saturday- Babes, Celebs, and More!

As, I may have said before, I kept paying visits to the VampireFreaks booth. I kept coming back cause the babes were gorgeous. And, thus I felt it was (and is) my duty, as your faithful and intrepid reporter, to get you guys some hot pics. Why? Cause I love you guys and don't want you to feel bad for not being there.
Can Batman deal with Poison Ivy's WMDs?

At the Digital Art Zone booth a beautiful dancer showed us an interactive game as she shimmied her sexy and toned body. I could, quite honestly, have shot pictures of her all day. She's a stunning woman and a great dancer!
I also met the beautiful cosplayer and costume designer (she does some amazing work!) Yaya Han. She looked amazing and posed for some pics.

But to me THE highlight of THE enitre show came from running into the beautiful and hilarious Grace Helbig! I am a HUGE fan of hers, and when I saw her at a booth at artist alley I almost died! And, she is sooo sweet, friendly, and humble in person. She talked to us for a good 20-30 minutes! If you are not subscribed to her youtube channel I ask WTF are you waiting for?

One of the coolest things about Comic Con is the exclusive toys. And, on Saturday Cartoon Network gave out a Finn figurine from Adventure Time for freaking free!!! I ran my ass to get my figure as I am a HUGE fan of the show. It is about a kid named Finn and his dog/ friend Jake that have adventures (duh) in a fantasy world. While, it does appeal to kids there are a lot of jokes aimed at adults. I like animation done in that manner and mentality, a lot. And, going to their cool booth, where fans could chill and watch Cartoon Network toons, to get the figurine was a very awesome thing that they did for their fans. That and the both looked so kick ass! I mean the giant Jake freaking rules!!! By the way, I was sooo pumped to get this that I hit the booth on the two preivious days, but only found out on Friday that they would only be giving it out at two specified times on Saturday.

Another show, I love is Nikita. In fact, when I was told by one of my friends that the ravishing Maggie Q, long with Shane West and Lyndsey Fonesca, were gonna do a panel and sign autographs, I flipped! Then, I saw that they were only gonna sign for a half hour at the DC booth, at 6PM. But, I was still gung-ho about it. That was until I saw the horrible line.
This is NOT just a mob of people THIS the line to get into the panel...
And, this is the tail end of said line, that wraps down the hall and keeps on going!

But, wait, you say, the Master is media, surely, he has preference to get in. And, you would be WRONG! NYCC don't give a shit about media when comes to a big panel like this, unless you are from a channel and have a big ass camera. I wasn't about to wait on that line. So, I said, "Fuck it" and left.

This brings me to another problem with NYCC, the crowds. They are poorly controlled and worst of all people bring strollers and rolling suitcases. That shit needs to be banned from the show. I am serious. Sadly, it won't happen. I bitched about it, but there is another issue I had. But, I'll save that one for the next post.

Anyway, after that bit of annoyance, I went to the celebrity autograph section. I got some pics of some of the lovely celebs that were there. Enjoy.
Rose McGowan spent a whopping 15 minutes on Saturday signing autographs...
The lovely Eliza Dushku, whom I wanted to meet, but I had a bad feeling she was charging something ridiculous.
The very beautiful Felecia Day, who I also wanted to meet, but didn't know how much she was charging.


Jim said...

The prices they charge for signings is ridiculous... like they don't get paid enough money by the networks for the work they do acting, they need to charge the fans, who are the reason they are as successful as they are, more money just for a signature?

Giovanni Deldio said...

Amen, like Mark Hamill. But, I'll get to him in the next post.