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NYCC 2011: Sunday- The Final Chapter

By this point I was tired, but still ready to get on with the fun. In no small part thanks to Starbucks!

As with the other days, there was a ton of coplay. Some of my favorites were the following:
I wonder how many times I paid this babe a visit?

Yaya Han's Sunday look.

Chris is ready to defend us from Umbrella Corporation's zombies!

One of my fav Vertigo characters: Death!!!!

Badass Scorpion!!!!

My friends Kad and Cathy

Hotties from Private Island Entertainment

Adventure Time's Ice King!!! One of the very best of the whole con!!!

As far as celebs go, I saw Mark Hamill. Dude was charging 100 bucks? What the fuck?! Why?! I don't think any celeb has the right to do this. Still, he had LOTS of people going up to him everyday he was there. I guess he made a killing.

Here is the kicker, the lovely Carrie Preston of True Blood, appeared out of nowhere and signed for free!!! She was at the same table as Grace Helbig had been it at the day before. She was very sweet, but more on her in the upcoming Gorezone post.

I also hit artist alley and met two artists.
The Punisher rules!!!!

By the way, though Chris Hardwick by now, had left this is where his Nerdist booth was suppose to be at. I say suppose, cause we never saw it. And, no one at the con could help us!!! Fail! How could you work at Comic Con and not know? And, how can Comic Con not be able to point you in right direction on ANYTHING of theirs things, be it map, app, or otherwise?!

Finally, I had a good time, but this con had it's issues, all of which I have discussed in full detail. Regardless, I loved it and will be back. I hope you enjoyed my coverage and see you there next year, if you decided to go!

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