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NYCC 2011: Saturday- Cosplay Galore!!!

Saturday is said to be THE biggest day at NYCC, it certainly was. But, despite it being packed to the brim, it turned out to be one of the most fun and kick ass days at comic con.

Due to the huge amount of coplay on this day I decided to make this post dedicated to only pics of the very best that I saw that day.

The next part will be about celebs, booth babes, and I'll dish some dirt on the con, as well. For now, just enjoy these pics!
Lenore from Roman Dirge's graohic novel. Amazing! More to come on him in an upcoming Gorzone post.
DC's hottest!When I talk about good cosplayer I always say its someone who plays the role right, these two did!
I love bunnies and coffee!!!Truly amazing costume!As a nWo/ wrestling fan, I flipped out for this! Brother!
Another hottie doing this character at Comic Con.
This Voltron was just AMAZING!!!!
Scoob-Doo's Velma is a cutie!
nWo 4 life!!! Too sweet!!!
Spidey gets his ass kicked!!!

My friend Nelson, who is THE most badass Deadpool out there!
An excellent and beautiful Kitana!
This V cosplay was one of my utmost favs.
The Scarecrow is just chilling!
Without a shadow of a doubt this beauty had one of the best bodies at the con, and could def pull off Red Sonja.
A lovely Ms. Marvel
My pick for the hottest cosplayer was this babe doing X-23
Chun-Li is one of my fav video game characters, and this beauty did a nice job of cosplaying as her.
LOTS of guys do Superman, most of them don't look the part, this guy did. His beautiful Lois Lane sealed the deal for me.


Jim said...

That Voltron is the coolest thing I've seen since the Optimus Prime that actually transformed a few years ago.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Oh yeah! I remember that! Very cool, indeed!