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Hot Charmaine Glock and Hot Cars at Exxxotica NJ 2011

All photos courtesy of Negative Pop and myself.

The Exotic Car and Bike show made a triumphant return to Exxxotica this year for the second straight year. Gorgeous women and hot cars were on display. Few things in this world go hand in hand better than these two, so it made sense for it to be back.
As a huge Spider-Man, this was probably my favorite car on display there.

One of the sexiest and most beautiful models at the car show was the stunning Charmaine Glock. Hailing from Seattle, Washington the gorgeous Ms. Glock has been modeling for a more than a year, now. I first knew about her last year and had the pleasure of meeting her at that Exxxoitca NJ show.

I went up to her in the afternoon, as she and Layla Lu (more on her in an upcoming post!) were busy with many fans meeting and greeting them and having lots of pics being snapped at them all day. She reconized me and I went up and said hi. It was good to see her. She is very easy sweet and is all smiles. As I have said she is also stunningly beautiful. I happen to think she has some of the sexiest and coolest tats, I have ever seen! Something, I finally got around to telling her this time. She thanked me and told me that she had some new work added to her sleeve. Awesome! She just keeps getting hotter all the time!

I think that it goes without saying that beautiful Asian girl + tattoos + glasses = perfection! She's honestly one of my personal favorite models out there right now, and I look forward to see what she will be doing in the coming year!
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