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(Video) My Blu-ray & DVD Collection Part 2: The Letters B-E

This is the second part of my series featuring my Blu-ray and DVD collection. But first in the video, I show you guys one of my signed titles, Alfred Alfer, from the letter "A" that I missed (this happens when you have so many...).  From there, I go right into letters B-E. Like last time, I show and talk about some favorites/ noteworthy titles of mine, as well as autographed discs. This is one of the rare sections, in my collection, with an adult film (in this case Dark Chambers signed by the gorgeous and legendary, late, great Marilyn Chambers), as most of those are kept completely separate from my main collection.

You can see the video below:

As with last time please share, your collections with me in the comments section below. 

To be continued


(Video) My Blu-ray & DVD Collection Part 1: Some Sets, TV Shows, & the Letter A

This is something I have been thinking about doing, forever, and that is showing my Blu-ray and DVD collection on a series of videos. My collection is massive and ever growing. Movies, especially horror films, are my life. I love to buy physical media (SORRY, I do not do digital downloads).

In this first of a multiple part series, I will show you some box sets, TV shows, and all of the letter "A". Within these sections, I also show which ones are signed, as well as, talk a little about some discs and my thoughts, here and there.

Be sure to show me any links to pics and/ or vids of your collection in the comments section. I LOVE seeing other people's collections, which is why I wanted to share mine.

The video is below. Enjoy!


Fangoria Returns to Forbidden Planet NY!

On January 17, 2019, the second issue of the reborn Fangoria  was being signed at New York City's Forbidden Planet by a variety of people who worked on the issue, much like had been done for the premiere issue back in October of last year. And, like last time, I was on-hand to pick up the issue and get it autographed. I should mention that the cover is super fucking cool and features one of my heroes, Joe Bob Briggs on it!

On hand this time around to sign the issue were:
Phil Nobile Jr.- Editor in Chief
Michael Gingold- Former EIC
Tony Timpone- Former EIC
Ben Kissel- Last Podcast on the Left
Marcus Parks- Last Podcast on the Left
Rich Russell- Cover Effects Artist, Gotham FX
Meredith Graves- MTV, Lead Signer of Punk Band Perfect Pussy
Roman Chimienti- Director of Scream, Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street
Tyler Jensen- Director of Scream, Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street
Daniel Robbins- Director of Pledge
Zack Weiner- Screenwriter/ Actor, Pledge
Zachery Byrd- Actor Pledge

I was really happy to see just how long the line was, as many horror fans showed up to support Fango. It was also great to catch up with people I already knew and introduce myself to others. I hope Forbidden Planet keep doing this for every issue of Fango, cause I will keep coming out for all of them! I should also mention that this issue maybe even better than the first one, which is saying a lot!

Below you can see my autographed issue:


(Video) A Fun and Sexy Interview with Lily Adams at Exxxotica NJ 2018

At the 2018 edition of Exxxotica NJ, I got to interview the gorgeous and hot as fucking hell, Lily Adams. She gave us a really fun and super sexy interview, where she talked about anal sex, asses, social media, more. Lily is so sweet and awesome, that this might have been the hottest and thoroughly fun interview I conducted that day.
One of my favorites currently in the adult biz, I love and greatly support this lovely, young lady, thus making this interview even more of a pleasure to have gotten to conduct.

You can see it in the video below:


Video shot by Pat Keenan
Video edited by Negative Pop 
All photography by myself 


Horror Crush: Amy Hargreaves

We got two inductions for Horror Crushes in one month! That has to be cause for celebration, right? Today, that lovely inductee is the gorgeous Amy Hargreaves!
Hargreaves was born in Rockville, NY on January 27, 1970. She has a recurring role on Homeland, but I best know her from film debut, Brainscan (1994).
Braincan is a sci-fi/ horror flick about Michael Brower (Edward Furlong) a latchkey teen who lost his mom in an accident, as a kid, and whose dad is always away. He is a fan of horror movies and games and metal music. He also spends his free time ogling, photographing, and videotaping his hottie teen neighbor Kimberly (Hargreaves).  His best friend tells him about a new, realistic horror game advertised in Fangoria (the one with Total Recall on the cover, no less!) called Brainscan. He orders it and gets the first disc. It is a first person augmented reality game where you become a killer. Turns out, though, that you kill people for really (bummer!), something Michael is, obviously not cool with. A charismatic entity known as the Trickster (T. Ryder Smith) tries to continuously convince to kill more.
I guess she is a HUGE Aerosmith fan! Well, at least "Get a Grip" was a decent album, more than I can say for what would follow it...

I recently picked up the excellent Blu-ray put out by Scream Factory put out for this movie last year, and this flick is even better than I remember it being! Aside, from the awesome metal and hard alternative music, it also has a great score George S. Clinton. The acting is good, well expect for Furlong who is uneven. But, as an someone who grew up an outcast who loved horror movies, Fango, metal music, and cute girls, it is easy to connect to him (well, OK, not the whole videotaping his hottie neighbor, but I digress). It loses some points at the end, but the final shot is fun. Still, this is not enough to ruin the film by any stretch of the word.
Hargreaves is really good in her role, coming off sweet and likable, as well as being a total babe! I had a big crush on her. In fact, along with the use of Fangoria and the metal music, she was one of the most endearing memories of I have of this movie. She has a blink it and miss it topless scene, which will be easier to spot on the aforementioned Blu-ray, of course!

She would not return to the horror genre until 2009's Offspring. She plays the wife and mom in a family, whose baby is wanted by a cannibal family. Jack Ketchum wrote the script based on his book of the same name. While, there is no denying that he is a great writer, this movie is dumb and largely forgettable. I caught it on Chiller ages ago, and don't remember shit about it, other than it was gory and sucked hard. But, Hargreaves certainly looked great!

Her last film to have a horror connection is Super Dark Times (2017), a movie that until this article had never heard about. She apparently plays the mom of some kid named Zach. I am curious to see this one. Any of you have seen it and can you tell me about it? Please, do so in the comments section!

Amy Hargreaves is still gorgeous, and, even more awesome, she clearly has a love for dogs! Seriously, she finished winning my heart after seeing the video in the following link: https://people.com/pets/amy-hargreaves-rescue-dog-fred/ Gorgeous, sweet, and a damn good actress, I have had a crush on her since high school. And so, she very deservedly gets added to Horror Crushes!


Horror Crush: Maria Thayer

It is time to induct a new entry into Horror Crushes. this one being the first inductee of 2019! It is the beautiful Maria Thayer! This redheaded hottie is also significant because she is the first comedian to be inducted. Wait, a comedian you ask in Horror Crushes? Why yes, indeed, it is all thanks to her performance in the very enjoyable Night of the Living Deb!
Thayer was born in Portland, Oregon on October 30, 1975. She is an actress and comedian, who first gained recognition on Stranger with Candy. I am not a fan of comedy, so honest to God, I had never heard of her until I saw her in her one and, thus far, only genre film.
That would be the aforementioned Night of the Living Deb (2015). In it she plays the title character of Debbie Clarington, an awkward girl who spots a good looking dude Ryan Waverly (Michael Cassidy) at a bar. They drunkingly hook up. But, the next day he is desperate to get rid of her. That turns out to no be possible, as they discover that the zombie apocalypse has seemingly occurred. They head to his rich dad's house (Ray Wise), where his brother and finance (the gorgeous Syd Wilder) are also holed up, in hopes of escaping the flesh eating horrors outside. All the while, the silly and weird Deb has fallen in love with the way too pretty and spoiled Ryan, who mostly acts like he is annoyed by her. But, you can figure out the rest if you have ever seen even one rom-com.
NOTLDeb does a fun job of mixing the zombie horror movie with a romantic comedy. While, it doesn't work 100% of the time, it actually mostly does. Funny and entertaining, it is very easy to like. The acting is great, especially from the two leads, who have great chemistry. The horror aspect is well done with some surprising moments of gore including bloody bullet hits, an exploding head, dismemberment, and gut munching. Some of it is CGI gore, but these days this is the norm, sadly.
A big part of why it works so fucking well is thanks to Thayer. She is hilarious, likable, ass kicking, and super cute. I crushed hard on her the instant she came on-screen and began to talk. I found her weird character of Deb to be the kind of girl I could easily fall for. Which leads me to this: where the fuck is the bar where weird and hot readheads (or non-redheads, for that matter) hang out and talk to dudes first? Please, let me know in the comments section if you know, where such a place exists!

She hasn't done a horror flick since, but she is perfect for horror comedies! As such, I would love to see her do another one, With her beauty and comedic timing, she is the perfect Deb for the highly enjoyable Night of the Living Deb. Said film is now streaming on Shudder, so get to watching and crushing on Deb (and our latest Horror Crush inductee, Maria Thayer) in turn, already!


Porn Flashback: Vega

All pictures are from their respective owners.

Former fetish porn performer Vega is absolutely gorgeous and her hotness is nuclear level. I absolutely adore her. However, she is terribly underrated and info on her is mostly nonexistent. But, as I have already shown you guys, I don't ever let that stop me from showing love and paying tribute to past favorite porn stars, of mine, especially one as unmedigatedly sexy as Vega.
Vega only shot for Rodney Moore's Seattle Hairy Girls series. She appeared in a total of 6 entries in the stroke-a-rific fetish DVDs. All of her scenes smolder with unbelievable hotness. And, it's cause Vega dripped sex. She also  came off as always enjoying herself, which added a real level of playfulness in the scenes. These aspects are what made me an instant fan of the dark haired beauty, as soon as I her. 

And, good God, is she ever gorgeous!! She has a great body, with an amazing ass, cute boobs, and a beautiful face. Her large brown eyes are extremely seductive. and I love her black hair (which sometimes had blonde streaks). She also has some tattoos, which is always sexy. And, of course, there is her body hair. Her think and heavy bush is HOT as fuck, her legs are absolutely gorgeous and hairy, and her armpit hair is also sexy and beautiful.

Like I said all of her scenes are hot, but like I mentioned in the top 10 of my list of The 40 Hottest Hairy Girls from Rodneyvision Ever, my two favorite scenes from her (which is saying A LOT) are her solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 59&60 and her girl-girl scene with Sandy in Seattle Hairy Girls 69&70. The former has her talk on the phone with her partner (talking on the phone seems to be a favorite trope in her solo scenes) and touches herself. The leg shots alone drive me bonkers in this one!

Her solo stuff is volcanic, but she excels at girl-girl scenes. It is very clear that she loves women. As such her scenes come off as as playful, sexy, dirty, and (duh) hairy! Which is just the way I like them! The prime example of this comes off in the aforementioned pairing with blonde cutie Sandy (which also happens to be the last scene Vega ever shot). Sandy wants to go on a double date with her and two dudes. Vega doesn't want that and seduces Sandy to just stay get banged by her. The set-up and exchange is great and both girls really seem to be into each other, with Vega being a great seducer and sexy talker. 

 The other four Vega scenes include:

Two with lovely, redhead Vera. The first is the hotter of the two, as she and Vera take a shower together. This one really smolders and makes my eyes pop out of their sockets from the moment that it starts!

The second scene has them wanting to munch on sandwiches... and each other! Both of these ladies are sexy and all, but it's my least favorite scene of hers. Mostly, cause of sandwiches. That kinda takes me out of it. Still. I love seeing Vega, especially with another girl, so...

The other girl-girl scene of hers, ranks among her best. It is a great mix of the dirty, fun, and playfulness. But, then she shares the scene with the equally gorgeous and sexy Stacy Stax, so it would impossible to notbe hot!! In it, they are having a sleepover, play spin the bottle, and have hot (and hairy) lesbian sex. As, undoubtedly happens whenever hot girls get together for sleepovers!

Her other solo scene also has her talking on the phone and then, well, enjoys herself. My conclusion is that Vega is the most fun person to ever talk to on the phone! Vega looks gorgeous in lingerie!! But, that is given, I suppose.

And, that is it. Her scenes were all released between 2011 to 2014, and then, she quietly disappeared. For all intents and purposes, it seems fair to say that she is long done with the skin biz. I honestly wish she was still shooting or that, at the very least, there were more scenes available with her. But, those that exist are high quality fetish smut. Vega is gorgeous, sexy, and a natural performer. Whatever she doing now, I hope she is doing well and is happy. We fans will always have her work to enjoy!