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(Video) My Blu-ray & DVD Collection Part 2: The Letters B-E

This is the second part of my series featuring my Blu-ray and DVD collection. But first in the video, I show you guys one of my signed titles, Alfred Alfer, from the letter "A" that I missed (this happens when you have so many...).  From there, I go right into letters B-E. Like last time, I show and talk about some favorites/ noteworthy titles of mine, as well as autographed discs. This is one of the rare sections, in my collection, with an adult film (in this case Dark Chambers signed by the gorgeous and legendary, late, great Marilyn Chambers), as most of those are kept completely separate from my main collection.

You can see the video below:

As with last time please share, your collections with me in the comments section below. 

To be continued