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Horror Crush: Amy Hargreaves

We got two inductions for Horror Crushes in one month! That has to be cause for celebration, right? Today, that lovely inductee is the gorgeous Amy Hargreaves!
Hargreaves was born in Rockville, NY on January 27, 1970. She has a recurring role on Homeland, but I best know her from film debut, Brainscan (1994).
Braincan is a sci-fi/ horror flick about Michael Brower (Edward Furlong) a latchkey teen who lost his mom in an accident, as a kid, and whose dad is always away. He is a fan of horror movies and games and metal music. He also spends his free time ogling, photographing, and videotaping his hottie teen neighbor Kimberly (Hargreaves).  His best friend tells him about a new, realistic horror game advertised in Fangoria (the one with Total Recall on the cover, no less!) called Brainscan. He orders it and gets the first disc. It is a first person augmented reality game where you become a killer. Turns out, though, that you kill people for really (bummer!), something Michael is, obviously not cool with. A charismatic entity known as the Trickster (T. Ryder Smith) tries to continuously convince to kill more.
I guess she is a HUGE Aerosmith fan! Well, at least "Get a Grip" was a decent album, more than I can say for what would follow it...

I recently picked up the excellent Blu-ray put out by Scream Factory put out for this movie last year, and this flick is even better than I remember it being! Aside, from the awesome metal and hard alternative music, it also has a great score George S. Clinton. The acting is good, well expect for Furlong who is uneven. But, as an someone who grew up an outcast who loved horror movies, Fango, metal music, and cute girls, it is easy to connect to him (well, OK, not the whole videotaping his hottie neighbor, but I digress). It loses some points at the end, but the final shot is fun. Still, this is not enough to ruin the film by any stretch of the word.
Hargreaves is really good in her role, coming off sweet and likable, as well as being a total babe! I had a big crush on her. In fact, along with the use of Fangoria and the metal music, she was one of the most endearing memories of I have of this movie. She has a blink it and miss it topless scene, which will be easier to spot on the aforementioned Blu-ray, of course!

She would not return to the horror genre until 2009's Offspring. She plays the wife and mom in a family, whose baby is wanted by a cannibal family. Jack Ketchum wrote the script based on his book of the same name. While, there is no denying that he is a great writer, this movie is dumb and largely forgettable. I caught it on Chiller ages ago, and don't remember shit about it, other than it was gory and sucked hard. But, Hargreaves certainly looked great!

Her last film to have a horror connection is Super Dark Times (2017), a movie that until this article had never heard about. She apparently plays the mom of some kid named Zach. I am curious to see this one. Any of you have seen it and can you tell me about it? Please, do so in the comments section!

Amy Hargreaves is still gorgeous, and, even more awesome, she clearly has a love for dogs! Seriously, she finished winning my heart after seeing the video in the following link: https://people.com/pets/amy-hargreaves-rescue-dog-fred/ Gorgeous, sweet, and a damn good actress, I have had a crush on her since high school. And so, she very deservedly gets added to Horror Crushes!