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(Video) My Blu-ray & DVD Collection Part 1: Some Sets, TV Shows, & the Letter A

This is something I have been thinking about doing, forever, and that is showing my Blu-ray and DVD collection on a series of videos. My collection is massive and ever growing. Movies, especially horror films, are my life. I love to buy physical media (SORRY, I do not do digital downloads).

In this first of a multiple part series, I will show you some box sets, TV shows, and all of the letter "A". Within these sections, I also show which ones are signed, as well as, talk a little about some discs and my thoughts, here and there.

Be sure to show me any links to pics and/ or vids of your collection in the comments section. I LOVE seeing other people's collections, which is why I wanted to share mine.

The video is below. Enjoy!