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The Master's Minions- The Complete and Official List of this Site's Contributors

The following is a list of all those who have contributed to making my site as great as it is. They include interviewers, web-designers, photographers, and cameramen/ women who have helped me out with various aspects of my site, including it's look and coverage. I am very grateful for their assistance, as this site wouldn't even be half as good or as in-depth as it is without them. Please, take the time to get to know each of them.

BAS Photography and Design is Baldwin Saintilus, a graphic designer and photographer from Brooklyn, NY. He's been in the design field for over 10 years and has worked in several departments including designing logos, digital illustration, and photo retouching. Photography started out as a class for him, but it developed into a real passion. In turn, this has lead him to shoot with live models and as well as photographing at various events, that have included, conventions and fashion shows. It is on some of these shoots were he has also been able to take advantage of his love of cosplay. On this site, he has contributed photography, as well as been on screen interviewer, of the likes of Skin Diamond and Asphyxia and Rita Daniels. On top of all that, he is also my PR guy and adviser.

Contributed from: 2012 - present
Official Site: http://baldwinsaintilus.carbonmade.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/baldwinsaint
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/basphotographydesign?fref=ts
Blog: http://coveredbysaintilus.blogspot.com/

El Tiburon is a man of mystery who serves as producer, executive assistant, and technical advisor to this site and shoots some of the interviews that the Master conducts beginning with the 2014 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. He is a life long sports and wrestling fan and lover of Latin women. Little more is known of this enigmatic, business minded, and talented dweller of the deep! 

Contributed from: 2014 - present

Freddie- He is a man a does not exist, one that has a life long loveof horror movies, wrestling, hard rock, and sports. Keeping away from Twitter and Facebook, he lives in a world of people who operate in social media. He can be found going to wrestling shows and conventions, signings, and horror conventions like Chiller and MonsterMania His first cotribution is shooting an interview that I conducted with the owner and founder of horror T-shirt company, Fright-Rags. 
Contributed from: 2016-present
No Links- Maybe you can catch him at a horror or wrestling event and tell him you know him from his contribution(s) to the Master's site. 

Kristin Debenedictis resides on the Eastcoast and has been an actress and model. She was born in South Korea and came to the US at ten months old. As a child she did commercial work and was also trained in dancing and pageants. A life long horror fan, she worked she in the independent horror film industry from 2004-2006 and was featured in such online publications as Screams of Terror and Asiance Online Magazine. When she lived in Las Vegas, she worked on music and theater shows. Here, on this site, she is a camerawoman shooting interviews that I, the Master, conduct beginning with Exxxotica AC 2013. She has also contributed photography to this site, as well as being a sometimes fashion consultant to the Master, beginning with the 2014 Adult Entertainment Expo.

Contributed from: 2013 - January 2014
Her IMDB Page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2075926/

Negative Pop is a graphic and web designer and photographer living in New York City. He draws his inspiration from where design, pop-culture, and reality intersect. He is an occasional supplier of web graphics and photography for the "Words from the Master" blog. Among his various contributions to this site, he is known for having created all the masthead banners on this site's front page. He is help me choose and redoing the site's new and improved look, as well as being the editor of most of the videos shot for this site. With said redesigning of the site, he also embraced the role of producer to this site. Negative Pop can usually be found photographing events in the tri-state area. His design and photography works have been published in magazines around the world. His interests also include street and cosplay photography.

Contributed from: 2008 - present
Official Site: http://www.negativepop.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NegativePop
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/NegativePop

Pat Keenan is from Long Island, NY. He is a life long horror fan and metalhead. he loves attending conventions, where he sometimes cosplays at. Another love of his are adult actresses which has led him to help both me and Baldwin in shooting video for this site at Exxxotica, as well as even contributing some pictures. He is also the man who came with the name the Master's Minions for those who have worked/ helped/ contributed to my site. 

Contributed from: 2012 - present
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pkeenan4881