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Who Invited Them (Review)

Writer/ Director: Duncan Birmingham
Cast: Perry Mattfeld, Timothy Granaderos, Ryan Hansen, Melissa Tang, Matthew Kimbrough
Year: 2022
Min: 81

Adam (Ryan Hansen) and his wife Margo (Melissa Tang) are having a house warming for their fancy new home. After everyone else leaves one couple consisting of Tom (Timothy Granaderos) and Sasha (Perry Mattfeld), which no one invited or bought with them, stick around. They say that they are their wealthy neighbors and admit to crashing the party. The two couple have drinks, do coke, and basically have a fun, wild night. But, it's a long night, and as the proceedings escalate, things begin to get worse and worse.

Who Invited Them is a horror/ thriller that looks to try something new with the home invasion trope. And, while the way the couple do the home invading is a slight bit different than the usual offerings, the end result isn't all it's cracked up to be. It certainly starts off feeling like it'll be a fun movie. And, while it is a slow burn it doesn't feel boring, at first. But, note I said, at first, as the movie drags its ass to get where we know it was going from the get go. There is a moment where it feels like it is getting intense, and then it slows down again. 

There is also a pointless subplot where a friend couple of Adam and Margo are babysitting their little son. Said kid is suffering from nightmares, and he doesn't have his plushie. The wife of this couple spends her time driving around looking for our protagonists' house. She's lost and can't find it. Any and every time it cuts back to this, it made me feel irritated. As it quite frankly doesn't add tension or suspense, it's simply fucking annoying.

The twist/ revelation about the party crashers, which we all fucking know what it'll be, takes forever to happen. And, needless to say, it isn't shocking or intense or memorable. As a matter of fact, once it comes; it all but kills this flick. For fuck's sake, it's in the title and the goddamn trailer! Although, then the climax happens, and it looks like everything is coming alive and getting exciting. Only to get get one final nail in its coffin, as we end on an open ending. This finale isn't creepy, disturbing, deep, or thought provoking. It is simply frustrating.

To the flick's advantage, it is well acted. But, the two male leads, played by Ryan Hansen and Timothy Granaderos, come off as douchebags, and note one of these, Hansen, is the supposed good guy. This would be OK, if Melissa Tang's character of Margo was likable, but she comes off as not particularly interesting. The absolutely gorgeous Perry (In the Dark) Mattfeld is great as Sasha, though. She comes off as sexy, seductive, dangerous, and interesting, and is the best thing about this movie. But, that's not enough to save it. Still, the four leads do have good chemistry together, but if you don't like anyone why would you care about what happens?

Who Invited Them has some great acting and a fairly interesting setup. Unfortunately it takes too long for the secret or twist or whatever you want to call it to reveal itself. Even though we all fucking know what it is from the very beginning. The characters aren't particularly likeable, this is especially true of both males who are total douchebags. Mattfeld is great and easily the best thing in the movie, but she's definitely not enough to save it. The open ending kills whatever little hope the climax had given me. This film is a total missed opportunity as it could have been at least good fun and an intense horror/ thriller. But, in all honesty it ends up being tiresome and infuriating, making you feel like you wasted your time watching it. That all being said you can check it out for yourself when it starts streaming on Shudder on September 1, 2022.


Mischa Montana Receives Brutal Attack by Two Legends at XPW "Night of Reckoning"!

(Los Angeles, CA / August 29, 2022) -- Misha Montana got into a WILD altercation with adult film stars Veronica Caine and Jasmin St. Claire as part of Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW)’s ‘Night of Reckoning’ live event, available exclusively at FITE.TV PPV Replay.
Montana is the valet/manager for XPW’s ‘King of the Deathmatch’ Champion Shlak, who is being aggressively recruited by Caine and St. Claire in order to create their own stable of wrestlers. This has led to physical confrontations the last two shows, with this second one resulting in heated slapping between Montana and Caine.
The attack intensifies as St. Claire gets in her shots with a Kendo Stick, leaving bloody welts and bruises all over Montana’s back and shoulder. She was eventually helped to the back by XPW officials, but now vows on revenge coming up at the next XPW show. Montana will be looking for bloody revenge at the upcoming event, “Halloween in Hell #3”.

“I can’t believe Veronica and Jasmine took it that far in attacking me at the XPW show; I knew we would have a physical altercation eventually but Jasmine took it too far with the Kendo stick,” said Montana.

“I had bruises, welts and cuts for a week. She blindsided me this time but next time they won’t be so lucky! I want blood in October so get your tickets it’s going to be the most insane show yet and I promise I’ll be getting my revenge.”
Montana and her partner-in-crime Ivan will be posting the attack on their official YouTube channel www.2Russians1America.com.

To find out more about Xtreme Pro Wrestling and its live events, visit TheXPWWrestling.com and XPWonline.com.

Get to know Misha Montana at:
@TheMishaMontana (Instagram)

Raven-haired (but blonde for now!), pale-skinned and covered in tattoos, Misha Montana (aka Xeno Kitty) represents the ideal model of the Millennium. The Nevada native of Russian descent is not only one of the adult industry’s fastest-rising performers, she is also the Chief Brand Officer, Production Manager and in-house director for Alt Erotic, an award-winning alternative lifestyle adult film brand.
From her Xenomorph face-hugger alien tattoo on her pussy that was documented in an AltErotic scene to making adult and mainstream headlines in 2021 for her stroke and getting engaged to her partner in crime, Ivan, on the red carpet during the AltPorn Awards, Misha consistently makes history as a creative artist on the rise.
The exotic beauty started adult modeling ten years ago, but launched her adult film career full-time in 2020, with spirited performances for AltErotic.com and other high-profile studios. She also co-hosts YouTube videos with Ivan on the Slivan TV channel, as well as their “2 Russians, 1 America” podcast.


Monster-Mania August 2022

 August 13, 2022 marked my return to Monster-Mania after not having been there since 2019. I went there with my friend and Master's Minion, Freddie. It was a packed show, both in terms of guests and attendees. A lot came for the Scream reunion, especially for David Arquette and Matthew Lillard, both who had insane lines (Arquette's line looked like absolute nightmare!). But, since I like but am not the biggest fan of that franchise and figured the horrors the Arquette line would be, it really wasn't any loss to me. 

To me, as a ridiculously HUGE Aliens fan, the person I was most pumped to meet was Carrie Henn. She was a little girl when she played Newt in James Cameron's superior, classic sci-fi/ action/ horror sequel. She is rare to cons, in fact, this might only be her second one. Anywho, she is a teacher, nowadays and was so sweet and friendly in person. It was a great way for our day to start. 

Up next for me was Lynn Eastman- Rossi, who played Sally in Don Coscarelli's classic Phantasm. That's one of my favorite movies, and she really doesn't do a lot of cons, if any, either. As such, she was another actress I was excited to meet. The wife of Leo (Halloween II, Maniac Cop 2) Rossi (who was signing autographs right next to her), she's appeared in many other movies, like Night of the Demon (1983) and the underrated Unlawful Entry. She was incredibly amicable and down to earth, in person. We talked about how nice the Tall Man, himself, Angus Scrimm was. I told that he was the first celeb that I ever met, when I was about 13 or so. She also told me that she and her hubby were gonna take a vacation after the weekend of the con was over. Like, I said incredibly sweet and humble in person.

The next celeb I met was dying to do so was Debra S. Hayes, AKA Claudette, the girl of the couple to get killed first in the classic opening to slasher masterpiece Friday the 13th (1980). The fact that she is one of the first two victims in one of horror's most prolific franchise made her a must meet! And, as I have said before, to me the first remains, easily the best in the series and one of the greatest slashers ever made. Anywho, she was very sweet and all smiles in person.  

This cosplay of Spikey from Killer Klowns from Outer Space was probably my favorite cosplay that I saw at the con!

After getting some lunch (which we had to walk to Dunkin Donuts for cause there was a half hour wait for food on top of the half hour we had already waited to get to the front of the line...), we went back to meeting celebs. And, we met the absolutely gorgeous Julie (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dexter) Benz. She has long been one of my favorite actresses and my actual favorite on Buffy/ Angel, where she played vampire hottie and Angel's sire, Darla. I actually met her years ago at a Chiller, where I only got her autograph and not a pic with her. This time, I did the opposite and finally got a pic with her! 

She is absolutely AMAZING in person, as she talked to us for a good amount of time. We even talked about doggies, including hers and the loss of mine. She was so sweet and friendly. Not only does she look amazing, and clearly doesn't age (maybe she is really a vampire!), but also one of the nicest celebs I've ever met at a con. I did mention that I had met her at a Chiller ages ago. She thought about it for a bit and then was like she was in her 20s when she did that con!

The last person that I went up to was Zach (Gremlins 1&2, Waxwork 1&2) Galligan. Despite the fact that the two Gremlins movies are two of my favorite movies of all time, I had never gone up to him. I finally did and got a great pic with him!

These are the autographs that I got on that day. All are my discs from my collection:
Aliens: Carrie Henn
Friday the 13th: Debra S. Hayes
Phantasm: Lynn Eastman-Rossi

This is all the swag that I bought:
Phummy plush by Kid Robot of King Ghidorah
Thundarr the Barbarian: The Complete Series on Blu-Ray (which I bought of Diabolik DVD's booth)
Universal Monsters Creature from the Black Lagoon Gill-Man from Jada Toys
The Evil Dead and Maniac T-shirts from Fright-Rags.

I had a great time, and all of the celebs that we met were so nice. That being said, we were exhausted by the end of the day. 

Before I go I felt it would be wrong of me to not bring up that Gary Busey was kicked out of Monster-Mania on Sunday for alleged sexual offense charges. These is obviously disgusting and abhorrent behavior. You can read more about it here.


The 10 Greatest Good Doggies in Horror Movies


WARNING: Possible spoilers throughout article!

Horror movies and doggies are two of my favorite things in the entire world. Unfortunately, I get severe anxiety every time a dog dies in a movie, this coming from someone who doesn't bat an eye when say, John Morghen (nee Giovanni Radice) gets his dick chopped off and then munched on in Umberto Lenzi's Cannibal Ferox (AKA Make Them Die Slowly) or other forms of extreme splatter committed on humans. But, make it an animal (don't even get me started on real violence against animals...), especially a dog, and I look away. Which is why I always visit Does the Dog Die whenever I see a pupper in a horror flick. It's the kind of spoiler yours truly doesn't mind seeing.

I recently did just that while watching the awesome Predator prequel Prey (the best entry in the franchise, outside of the first two), after seeing the adorable Sarii. This got me to thinking: who are horror's best good doggies? An, this list idea was thus born.

I put certain requirements for the doggy to be able to make it on this list: 

1. The dog must belong to the protagonist or a good character.
2. He or she must be good, obviously.
3. And, the doggy must survive the movie, so as to not bum out viewers.

Anywho, let's get this furry and fun list started!

10. Barney from Gremlins- Let's kick off the list with a doggy cute enough to hold his own against freaking Gizmo, himself, Barney! Originally, he was suppose to die in the movie, thank God they opted out of that decision with the worst thing happening to him, being tangled up with Christmas lights.

9. E. Buzz from 
Poltergeist- Like the Joe Dante directed movie above, this Tobe Hooper classic is also produced by Steven Spielberg. Cute doggies who survive horror movies is the kind of Spielberg touch, I honestly appreciate (and, I don't always appreciate a lot of his touch...)

8. Pippin from The Meg- The Meg isn't a good movie, in fact, it is, by far, the worst fucking movie here. A huge and wimpy disappointment, it is actually worse the more you think about it. However, one of the few good things in it, is the adorable and tiny Pippin. This super cute Yorkie ends up falling in the water and swimming back to its owners escaping the hungry, giant shark of the title.

7. Sugar from Crawl- This cutie also survives big killer animals, in this case gators. Crawl from Alexandre (High TensionPiranha 3D) Aja is intense and kick ass and made even more enjoyable by the fact that this little furball makes all the way to the end. 
6. Pete from The Monster Squad- Pete isn't just adorable. He hangs out with the Monster Squad in their horror fandom treehouse. And, most importantly, he actually helps out in taking out the Mummy! 

5. Harry from The Amityville HorrorHarry is very obviously aware before the rest of the Lutz family, that weird and bad shit is going on in their new house. In the end, George comes back to the house to save the doggy. Though, it actually ends up being Harry who pulls George out of the black slime-pit. Minus, points for the remake which actually has the doggy die bloodily. Who the fuck thought that was a good plot choice?!

4. Nanook from The Lost Boys- Aside from being a beautiful boy, he's also a legit hero that helps in taking down one of the pretty boy vampires in this fan favorite flick. 

3. Sarii from Prey- The most modern addition on this list is one of the best doggies in a horror movies in years. There is a bit of a rough scene where he gets caught in a trap, but he's OK after his mommy and badass final girl Naru (Amber Midhunter) frees and helps him. He's a good and brave boy who has no fear in helping her battle the Predator, in the movie's killer climax.

2. Beast from The Hills Have Eyes-
Honestly, the top two were a hard choice, and I kept going back and forth. But, ultimately the German Shepard from Wes Craven's masterful and brutal classic (and, by extension it's entertaining but inferior remake from Alexander Aja) gets the runner up. He gets revenge for his doggy companion Beauty getting killed, in an admit ably uncomfortable scene and aftermath, and for his family. His battle with Pluto (Michael Berryman) is one of the movie's true highlights, which is saying a lot considering how great this movie is. 

1. Thor from Bad Moon- Thor is a beautiful German Shepard, who is loyal to his family and brave. He also knows what's up from the get-go and battles the movie's evil werewolf. For all intents and purposes he is the movie's final dog. It's one of the endearing aspects of Bad Moon that has made it one of my persona favorite movies. He is the flick's true hero and the definitive greatest good doggy in a horror movie!

This article is dedicated to my two furbabies, Topacio (or Topi for short) and Zoey, who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2016 and 2021, respectively. They were amazing little girls, my everything, and both saved me in ways they will never know. I miss them and love them so much. They are always in my heart and thoughts. 

Topacio (Topi)