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10 More Must See Nadia Nyce Scenes

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Ahh, Nadia Nyce, there is no woman I have written about on this site, that inspires more rabid fandom than this goddess. And, it is easy to see why. She is without a shadow of a doubt, my favorite porn star, and the greatest to ever grace the biz. To be honest the older I get, the more evident this becomes to me. My two posts on her get so many hits and comments, still to this very moment! On top of this, I've been buying more of her scenes and movies in the last few months. So, it felt like it was time to FINALLY write another piece on her. This, then is the third overall on her, and second (the first to list her top 10 is one of my favorite pieces I ever wrote on an adult performer) to rank her scenes. 

As with the last list, this no definitive list, I haven't seen every scene she's ever shot. But, it is still ranked as a list of increasing sexieness. As always, I will provide links where you can legally view/ buy the scenes. Now, that we got all of that out of the way, let's get to the Nadia hotness!

10. Nadia Nyce and Rodney Moore, "Girls Just Wanna Have Cum"- This nasty and hot scene is found on Nadia Nyce: Indian Sex Goddess. It's short and proves that you don't need super long scenes to be nuclear levels of hot. The title of the scene is a parody on the classic Cyndi Lauper song, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" (duh!). Our goddess looks gorgeous with her her hair down and wearing a sexy, white outfit. She is sitting at a bar waiting for her coffee. But, she soon name drops the title and lets Rodney Moore (who is serving her beverage) know that "Girls just wanna have cum". We then get a hot blow job, after which he blows his load into her cup of coffee. She drinks it all, of course. Between the way she looks (these beautiful, big, brown eyes of hers!), her accent, and the overall hotness on the display here, I totally swoon and, uhm, well much more than that, while watching this scene!

9. Nadia Nyce, dancing, and Rodney Moore- I think I may have first seen this scene on some compilation. But, it appeared originally on Teacher's Pet 4.
Anyway, it starts with Nadia dancing, to no music, as Rodney points out. She is wearing a super hot one piece that really shows off her amazing body, in particular her killer legs and ass. I love that it uses PIP (picture in picture) to show Nadia's beautiful face while she dances. She them blows and fucks Rodney. He blows his wad on her face, which she takes it happily. She then sucks her fingers and licks her lips. With some splooge still remaining on her face, as she puts on her jacket and goes to the terrace. She again licks her lips while still looking, well sprayed. This is just so fucking sexy! Seriously no one fucking compares to her!

8. Nadia Nyce, in pigtails(!), and Rodney Moore- This scene, from Teacher's Pet 3, follows a red-hot girl-girl scene between Nadia and gorgeous, French blonde Candace, who had taught her how to give good hand-jobs. That scene is one of the best lesbian scenes you'll ever see and, as such got ranked last time. Anyway, Nadia now with pigtails (holy shit do they look sexy and gorgeous on her!), uses her new found knowledge on Rodney who is bathing. After adding in some sucking and fucking, they leave the bathroom for some more screwing. This leads to a cum shot after she blows him, wherein she then laps up the goo off him, and her own fingers. Combined with those beautiful eyes of hers, its all utterly mesmerizing.

7. Nadia Nyce, showering, and Rodney Moore- Closing out Nadia Nyce: Indian Sex Goddess (truly one of the greatest compilations in the whole fucking universe), this scene is fire from the moment that it starts off. Nadia is showering and soon playing with herself, using a dildo. She even suggestively drinks the water from the showerhead. 

As if this wasn't nuclear hot, Rodney enters the shower, and she blows him. He then fucks her out of the shower. With her long hair wet, she looks especially sexy. She goes back to the shower, and Rodney splooges on the glass shower door. She licks it clean. And, whatever is left drips to a plate, which she also licks clean. This scene will make you wanna invest in Kleenex thanks to all the tissues you'll go through!

6. Nadia Nyce, Paisley Hunter, and Rodney Moore- Found in Nadia Nyce: Indian Sex Goddess, Volume 2, this one starts with Nadia playing with herself in bed, She then is in the park with Rodney. There they spot the gorgeous Paisley Hunter sitting on a bench. Nadia convinces her to come and shoot a scene with her and Rodney.

They both take on Rodney and one point Nadia even takes control of the camera for some hot POV of hers! Paisley, who up until this point had never been with a woman, really seems to be enjoying herself. There is a lot, and I do mean a lot(!), of kissing between her and Nadia, who of course, loves it. I LOVE seeing these two beauties lock lips with each other. Paisley's beautiful, pale skin plays a nice contrast to Nadia's sexy, brown skin.
The money shot is the very definition of nasty and hot! Rodney unloads on Paisley's crotch and Nadia's face, who is lying below. She then begins licking it off of Paisley's naughty bits. After that, Nadia cleans her face with her fingers, which she licks clean, as well. Paisley rubs whatever is left on Nadia's face. To be honest this description probably doesn't do justice to just how HOT this is!! Rodney, himself, calls this one of the greatest cum shots he's ever shot, and you'll get no argument from on that (BTW, if you care to know, to me THE greatest one has Nadia and Kimberly Cummings and I talked about here). On a side note, I am not sure I had seen anything of Paisley's before, but this scene made me an absolute fan of hers! 

5. Nadia Nyce, Rodney Moore, and shoes- Nope. Shoes is not the name of somer sex performer, well not that I know of. One of them though, is the catalyst for this scorcher (which is also from the above mentioned Nadia Nyce: Indian Sex Goddess, Vol. 2). If this isn't Nadia's best boy/ girl scene it certainly comes damn fucking close to being just that! In it, Rodney comes across Nadia, at the park. One of the heels of her black shoes has broken. Rodney is a shoe doctor and purposes for her to come to his house, where he can use his glue gun to fix it. For now, he gives her some white pumps. At his place, they gotta wait for the glue gun to warm up and be able to shoot its sticky goo (innuendo!). They gotta keep busy till then. The teasing from Nadia, in this part of the scene, is sexy as hell! Nadia is so good at being slutty and flirty, and she looks breathing in or out, of her sexy purple one piece mini-dress. 
It's pretty hard to make it past all this sexieness. and get to the actual fucking, which is hot, too, of course! The money shot has Rodney blowing his load on a plate. She uses a little as the glue for the heel and licks up all of the rest for herself. Can't let that go to waste! I actually just rewatched this scene fairly recently, and honestly every fucking time I do watch, I am like this is even hotter than the last time I watched it?! A true personal favorite of mine. 

4. Nadia "Lydia" Nyce, Dusty, and Rodney Moore- This scorching threesome comes to us from The Doctor Is in Vol. 2. It starts with the gorgeous Dusty who comes in suffering from pain in her feet. She looks amazing with long two toned, very long, blonde hair, nice big ass, and thick and sexy legs. She also has a gorgeous smile, beautiful blue eyes, and a soft and sexy voice that will make you melt! He gives her a check-up which naturally leads to a blow-job! Cause, this is how things work in real life, right?

A knock is heard, and it's Nadia! Well no actually it's her "more quiet sister" Lydia (wink, wink!)! Her feet hurt too and "Nadia" told her that Rodney, the foot doctor, could help her. As he checks her out, thoroughly (if you get my drift), she protests cause she's a good girl, of course. 
He goes back and forth between them, and it's fun and sexy to see Nadia, err Lydia, play the good girl. The Nadia/ Lydia half involves her feet, and his dick. Both of the ladies blow him separately (for now). Nadia, I mean Lydia, stops being a good girl and eventually, leading to them screwing. He does the same with Dusty, who then and finally(!), meets Nadia/ Lydia. Then we get to what I was waiting for, for both of these gorgeous babes to get it on!
The lesbian sex is blisteringly hot and is my favorite part of this scene, which is saying A LOT! Of course, Rodney has a threesome with these beautiful ladies, which ends with Rodney sprays his seed into Nadia/ Lydia's shoe. He then drips it on each of the girl's lips. The two ladies then kiss. Nadia/ Lydia is utterly mesmerizing, and Dusty is so cute> As such, I am in love with both of them and surely done, myself! 

3. Nadia Nyce, Bailey, and Rodney Moore- Holy fuck! The red, dress that Nadia wears in this scene, from Cum TV, looks so delicious on her! It is so short and tight! Which Rodney points out, as she heads out to buy some milk. Returning with the milk, she also brings blonde and beautiful Bailey Nicole with her. Bailey has never been with a girl, so Nadia is gonna break her in! Maybe, Rodney can join, but she is Nadia's first!

Starting off with a lot of hot kissing(!) between the two of them, the lesbian sex they have will have your pants bursting. Of course, Rodney does join in, to add to the fun. It ends with Nadia getting a goo on her lips. Which, in turn, leads to her playing with it with her fingers and lips. Then Bailey kisses those spunk covered lips, Nadia goes back to playing with the goo. And, then we get even more kissing between the two beauties! Goddamn it is this fucking hot or what?!! Nadia looks absolutely gorgeous and is so nasty! Bailey is a total cutie! It even ends on a kiss between them, which is great parting image. As such this one will be giving your right (or I suppose left) arm a total workout! The fact that we have two more scenes to talk abou that are even hotter says A LOT!

2. Nadia Nyce and Catherine Kelly- Up and until watching this screen melter from Teacher's Pet 2, I thought that Nadia Nyce and Candace, from Teacher's Pet 3, was her best girl-girl scene. Once I saw this one, I knew I stood corrected (and in attention!). I did have to watch it multiple times cause I kept finishing before the scene ever finished! Not only is this Nadia's finest lesbian scene, but it's one of Nadia's top tier scenes ever!! It's also one of the best girl-girl scenes on God's green earth. That is, dear friends, the honest to God truth!

I should mention that I first saw Catherine Kelly in a couple of Rodney Moore's Monsterfacials.com the Movie Volumes, and fell in love with her almost immediately. With her short, blonde hair, fair skin, beautiful face, natural body, and mix of nasty and sweet, it was impossible to not do so! So the fact that this coupled her with Ms. Nyce made me know that I was about to have a new  scene to add to my favorites!
The scene starts off with Nadia dancing around with her riding crop, while Catherine, her maid, is cleaning. Can I just say that while compiling this list, I learned that Nadia is a great dancer! Anyways, she spanks Catherine's cute butt. This leads to some rubbing, grinding, and licking, and they soon begin kissing. Both of them look so delicious, I swear! 
There is this sneer that Nadia does immediately afterwards that is the perfect combo of sexy, snotty, and cute. This soon leads to Nadia bring in a dildo and a strap-on. I LOVE that Nadia remains the dominant one throughout the scene. She excels at it, and as always, it is so obvious that she loves girls. Oral dilddo sharing between the two, Catherine sucking Nadia's strap-on, Nadia drooling on herself, both of them licking each other, more(!) kissing, strap-on screwing, Cathering crawling to Nadia, double the bush(!!!), I mean this has everything that I want in a scene like this!! Nadia even kicks Catherine off the bed, when they're done. She then spanks her, a great pay-off to that earlier sneer!
Look, my words CANNOT do this scene justice, Every single second of it is too hot, like way too fucking hot. They are an awesome, awesome pairing! One that my pants give their full and undivided attention to.
After writing this, I feel like I need to give Catherine Kelly her own write-up. Would you guys like that? Let me know in the comments section below! Anyway, overall I would say that this is Nadia's fourth greatest scene that I have ever seen. The top two remain the two at the top of this list,. Up next, her third greatest and number one on this list!

1. Nadia Nyce, Stacy King, and Rodney Moore- This scene from Throbbing Threesomes starts off with Nadia, who looks glamorous with her hair the way she's wearing it, getting said hair made up by the ravishing Stacy King. Before, we continue, we need to talk about Stacy King. I first caught her in Monsterfacials.com the Movie: Volume 2. She wore these daisy dukes (which might be the same ones she has on here) that looks amazing on her ass! Her big booty, itself, is beyond amazing! Gorgeous eyes, thick and incredible legs, a gorgeous face, and fair skinned, she is the perfect PAWG (phat assed white girl)! I was in love with her, and her behind, immediately. I had no clue that there was a scene with her Nadia! I mean that was a dream come true! This scene not only lived up to my expectations but surpassed them!
Anyways, let's get back to this scene. Nadia, it turns out, needs something to relax so delicious Stacy it is! Nadia seduces her and their chemistry is electric! They kiss (a lot!!), lick, and suck, until Rodney appears, of course!
Nadia and Stacy make for a killer tag team, as they both take him on. These two stunners are both breathtaking in their exquisite beauty and erotically senousus. Rodney once again, reminds us, that he is, indeed, a very lucky man. 
The sucking, the fucking, everything that happens is perfect and extraordinarily HOT! The two blowing him together and all the kissing the girls (and there is A LOT of that!!) have amongst each other, while be screwed, are special highlights for my pants. They both longingly wait for Rodney's splooge, then share it via a HOT kiss!!! Then, they both savior his seed some more. By this time, I have spent my own a billion times over! A fucking total scorcher with two mega-goddesses and, like I just said Nadia's third best overall, and numero uno here!

And, there you have it another loving tribute to our goddess Nadia Nyce!! Any, of these favorites of yours? I am already having ideas for at least two more Nadia articles, but those would come much further down the line. Also, like I mentioned with Catherine Kelly I would love to do a write-up on Stacy King. Though I realize that I said the same things about the gorgeous Kimberly Cummings, in the last Nadia post. Don't worry though, I hope to get to that too. In the meantime, my fellow Nadia lovers, and I know there are many, let's show her all the love!


Leave (Review)

Director: Alex Herron
Writer: Thomas Moldestad
Cast: Alicia von Rittberg, Herman Tømmeraas, Stig R. Amdam, Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Morten Holst
Min: 106

A baby, wrapped in a blanket with satanic symbols (I'm sure some of you will probably be wondering where to get one of your own!) and wearing an inverted cross necklace, is found by a cop. Cut to the present, where she is now a young woman named Cecilia (Ellen Dorrit Petersen). She wants to discover who are parents are, and why she was abandoned as a newborn. This is somehow connected to a black metal band, and, so, she heads to Norway (cause of course, it would be Norway!) to find out the truth. But, she lies to her adopted father telling him that she is headed to the college campus and dorm that she will be attending. In Norway, she meets a friend and, soon afterwards, the family of her mother Anna (Maria Alm Norell) and discovers that her dad had killed her mother. And, that he then set a church on fire with her body in it. But, the deeper she delves into what happened the more terrifying and dangerous the truth becomes, from evil that maybe supernatural or, perhaps, very much human.

Leave is a dramatic, horror/ mystery with an American and Norwegian cast. It is director Alex Herron's first feature film, though he has directed for TV. This allowed him to work on specials on hard rock and metal acts like the Deftones, BabyMetal, and Architects and festivals like Bloodstock, making him a solid choice to direct a movie that deals with this genre of music.  Shot in Norway this slow burn takes the heavy metal horror movie in a more serious and dramatic take than some of its more campy brethren. And, while it doesn't do this as wonderfully as say The Devil's Candy, I still quite quite like the way it deals with the subject matter. But, in reality, while metal serves as a start-off point there is actually oh so much more to this movie. 

I also need to mention that I absolutely loved the opening credits. With their newspaper headlines mentioning fire and black metal, they do a great job of grabbing your attention. The framing of shots within the flick help to give it a great look. Then, there is the excellent score by Jamie Christopherson, which is actually one of my favorite aspects of the flick. It is both haunting and beautiful.

While it deals with metal, or more specifically Norwegian black metal, it does so in non-condescending manner. This isn't something I wasn't expecting at first, but as a fan of this music, I ended up being pleasantly surprised. It also deals with women's roles in patriarchal societies, family connections, and religion. Though to go into any of these themes further is to spoil the movie, so I will just say that they are dealt with well and add depth to the proceedings. Another plus to the flick is that it has quite a bit of heart to it. 

The plot definitely takes its time to unfold. Some may even be a bit bored with it, at some points. But, I actually found myself invested in the mystery and like our heroine, I wanted to learnt the truth. This pays off, because at about the 1:07 mark, shit really starts to pick up. Once the truth begins to unravel, you will find yourself fully sucked into what is occuring. And, thankfully I found the revelations to be satisfying and well executed. The tense and suspenseful climax is great and had my heart pumping blood and my fists tightly clenched. It also had me absoluting hating the villain(s) and cheering for his/ their demise. 

The flick is also aided by some strong acting and good characterizations. This is especially true of our protagonist Cecilia. Played by the talented and lovely Ellen Dorrit Petersen, she comes off as super likable and believable. She is introduced in a that we immediately see how sweet and down to earth she is. Within only a few moments you know enough to be and, ultimately stay, on her side all the way to the ending. The characters of those she meets from her biological mom's side seemingly come off as sweet, but you can tell something is off adding to the intrigue. Among them is her cousin who is quite the dick, and you'll wish you could punch the fuck out.

As a slow-burn, Leave definitely takes its time to get going. But, the mystery is involving and has a satisfactory resolution and revelation to it. I found the climax to be nail-biting and very well done. It's a mature and serious heavy metal/ horror flick that deals with black metal in an excellent manner. Though, to be fair metal only plays one part in the story. Beyond that, it has deeper themes, such as religion, than you might expect. Also unexpected, but ultimately welcomed, is the amount of heart that it has. It's also further helped by good directing and a beautiful score. Finally, the acting is solid, with Petersen playing a very likable lead. It begins to streaming on Shudder on March 17, 2023, so be sure to catch it then!



New Jersey Horror Sideshow Market 2023

This past Saturday, February 25, 2023, was the latest edition of the New Jersey Horror Sideshow Market. It was a my first time attending this con which is made by the same people behind New Jersey Horror Con. Held at the New Jersey convention (the same place where Exxxotica NJ is held at), this was a smaller and more stripped down event. And, while my friend Freddie and I were done pretty fast, we had a good time.

We only went up to two celebs, the first of which was Rochelle Davis who played the little girl Sarah in the gothic, supernatural superhero masterpiece The Crow. She was super fun and energetic to talk. Davis did a selfie and then a regular pic with each of us. These, of course, are my pics.

Next we met the gorgeous Jennifer (A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Bad Dreams) Rubin. I had the biggest crush on her as a kid, which I let her know. I mean she's an official Horror Crush inductee, after all. Anyway, she asked about how old I was when I saw it, as she says most of her fans were about eight. I was ten, if you must know. Anyway, she was so incredibly sweet in person! I got a pic with her as well as her autograph. The later of which was on my A Nightmare on Elm Street Blu-ray set and has to be one of the coolest looking autographs, I have ever gotten!

And, that's about it. I didn't buy any merch. And, like I said, earlier, we were done early. But, it was still a fun time, and I would totally come back for a future edition of this con.