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The 20 Hottest Women of GLOW Wrestling, Part 1, 20-11

I, like many of you, am loving the Netflix GLOW series. Loosely based/ inspired by the classic 80s all female wrestling show, of the same name, the series is excellent. But, what of the its' inspiration? The actual GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) ran from on TV from 1986-1990. I watched it religiously as a kid. It played a big part of my life, not just as a wrestling, but even more as a boy reaching puberty. Here was a wrestling show that was filled with beautiful women. What 12 year old boy wouldn't be flipping out over that? Sure it was silly, campy, possibly sexist, and full of stereotypes, but it was so much fun! I missed it once it was gone.

Anyway, with everyone talking about the show, I figured I would give the lovely, make that the gorgeous, ladies of the show some much deserved love. Here is the first part of my two part of the 20 hottest ladies of GLOW!

20. Debbie Debutante- Beginning the countdown is one of half of the Cheerleaders. Debbie was blonde, hot, and, well, a cheerleader! Also, apparently, she had a tasty foot cause as will see in the match below, Spike of the Heavy Metal Sisters kept Debbie's toe in her mouth!

19. Amy the Farmer's Daughter- This farmer dude had lots of daughters. Amy is the first of them to make our list. 

18. Tara the Southern Belle- This beautiful blonde was southern and classy. Sadly, she passed away from cancer. Fuck cancer!

17. California Doll- Tall, blonde, and beautiful, she truly embodied the all California girl!

16. Daisy- Daisy's gimmick is that was tall and had a flower drawn on her cheek. She also happened to be honest to god beautiful, with one of the prettiest faces in the company. She is one of the few girls in the company to make a turn, in this case from heel to face.

15. Tiffany Mellon- Tiffany Mellon was a rich, blonde, beauty from NYC. After GLOW, she would go on to become sexy porn star Tiffany Million! She is the only GLOW girl to become a hardcore, and renowned one at that, porn performer!

14. Americana- More than likely the inspiration for the wrestling gimmick of Liberty Bell in the aforementioned GLOW Netflix series, this all-American raven haired beauty defended the American way in GLOW. She also probably made Captain America, and everyone else, pay close attention to her!

13. Susie Spirit- I love cheerleaders. I love brunettes. So, it would be impossible for me, or most I would imagine, to not love this dark haired and perky cheeerleading good girl.

12. Major Tanya- She came into GLOW in season 3, as Colonel Ninotchka's tag team partner. And, remained so, until Ninotchka turned face. Then they feuded. Either way, she was blonde, beautiful, and had the mean, tough Russian babe gimmick down to the bone. She definitely contributed to my thing for Russian girls as a kid!

11. Jungle Woman- It sucks that Jungle Woman only lasted the first season cause she was one of the most beautiful women to ever be in the company. Had she stayed longer and had more of an impact on the company she may have ranked higher. Anyways, one of the most memorable things about her gimmick was that she came out with a male valet/ slave the Nature Boy! And, no I don't mean Ric Flair, or Buddy Rogers. I can honestly say that as a kid, I kinda wished I was her Nature Boy!

To be concluded!


Goatwhore- Vengeful Ascension (Album Review)

Musicians: Goatwhore
Album Title: Vengeful Ascension
Genre/ Subgenre: Blackened Death/ Thrash Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release date: June 23, 2017
The latest release, Vengeful Ascension, from New Orleans demonic extreme metal masters Goatwhore is here, and it is crushing, modern masterpiece. One that is filled with unbridled ferocity, as they blast out Satanic music in what is a true crowning achievement.

The album masterfully takes what the band does best, IE full blown speed and blistering heaviness with just enough bits of hooks and catchy riffs to make for a wholly satisfying listening experience. And, this is one that actually gets better and better with each time you listen to it again.

The first track, ''Forsaken'', is a perfect example of the level of quality and style of sound that this release holds. It's a fast and heavy song accompanied by extreme and evil lyrics that seethe with anger and menace. ''Under the Flesh, Into the Soul'' mixes a driving and razor fast thrash metal sound with a little bit of an almost punk swagger. The title track opens with battering drums and goes into a slow crunch and pound which, in turn, leads into a headbangingly good and galloping attack, yet still catchy sound. It successfully alternates between speed, doom, and crunching riffs, and makes for the album's finest song, which here is saying a fuck load! The dark and haunting ''Where the Sun Is Silent'' slows things down and sounds even more evil for it. The awesome ''Mankind Will Have no Mercy'' reminds one of Slayer or early Metallica but with the heaviness pushed even further and by way of the Devil, himself. Truth be told, every song is a winner here, so I honestly could go on and on praising each track. But, instead I will say that the album ends on an extra high note with ''Those Who Denied God's Will''. With it's cold, evil sound, and unrelenting blast beats, it has the most outright and clear black metal influence of all the tracks.

With Vengeful Ascension, Goatwhore have made their undeniable masterpiece. While, they have been putting out solid work their whole career, especially from A Haunting Curse and beyond, this is their finest moment thus far. It does everything perfectly being a thoroughly listenable and driving musical force and one that welcomes and repays you in multiple listens. Without a shadow of a doubt this will rank high among the year's finest releases. It is out now, so do not waste time in getting it!

5 out of 5


Horror Crush: Tara Spencer-Nairn

This must be your lucky week, dear readers, fans, and followers! Why, you might ask? Cause, you're getting a third Horror Crushes inductee in the course of three days! That is a record for this site! And, the inductee, today, you ask? Well, it is Tara Spencer-Nairn, who is truly one of the most beautiful women to have ever graced our beloved genre.
Spencer-Nairn was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on January 6, 1978 (age 39) but was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has appeared in lots of TV and movies and began her acting career in 1996.
One of her first forays into horror was in Poltergeist: The Legacy (1998). I probably watched this episode, but I barely remember anything about that show, much less her appearance. Her next horror work were two episodes of The Outer Limits reboot. One episode was from 1997, the other was from 1998. In both, she played a character named Heather. I never watched this show, so I can't say anything about these episodes. But, if you guys saw them tell me about them in the comments section, below.
In 2002, she appeared in the role, that I know her best for, that of the female lead, Lisa Burnley, in Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled. Lisa accidentally awakens the Djinn (played by John Novak, who took over the role with the third film). He possess as her invalid boyfriend's lawyer, who also happens to be in love with her, Steven Verdel (Michael Trucco). She actually makes a third wish, but it is one where she wishes to love him (him being unbeknownst to her, the Djinn) for who he is. If our resident wish granting demon can win her heart it will come true and will free his demon brothers spelling the end for humanity!
This final, at the time of this writing, entry in the series is so fucking good that is honestly hard to believe. This is even more shocking when you take into account just how godawful the preceding movie, Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell was and that they are both directed by the same dude, Chris Angel (no not THAT Chris Angel, thank God!).
The sequel tells a good story, builds characters nicely, and has solid acting from everyone. For a good part of the film it plays somewhat like a drama, with liberal amounts of gore and horror thrown in. The fact that the cast all work well off of each other really makes it the movie way better than it has any right to be. Spencer-Nairn is a big contributor to the movie's appeal. Her character is believable and instantly likable. She has such natural acting ability, all of which adds up to one of the best, and honestly underrated, final girls, ever.
And, of course, there is her breathtaking beauty. Every time, I watch this movie, which has been a lot of times, admit ably, I am completely taken by how gorgeous she is. She is truly a vision of perfection, having one of the most naturally beautiful bodies, the genre has ever seen. And, remember how I said, she is a final girl? Well, one of the most surprising aspects (other than how good it actually is, I mean) about this film is that she appears nude! I think we can all count on one hand how many female protagonists appear naked in a horror movie.
Said nudity is nice, but it also really works within the context of the two scenes (yes, TWO scenes!) that she bares her skin actually are important to plot and characterization and not just mindless exploitation! Imagine that, nudity that titillates and serves a story purpose, shocking, I know!

Spencer-Nairn is amazing no matter what stage of dressing or undressing, shes in!

She wouldn't do another horror flick till 2007's The Third Eye. She plays the female lead, Nika Printz, but I never saw or heard of this one. What about you guys?
Her last, to date, horror role was when she played a character named Dr. Evanston on the TV series The Strain. Now, I have never watched a single episode of this show, but I am sure I have some fans and readers, who have.
I would love to see Tara Spencer-Nairn in more horror movies and just in more work (that I actually watch), in general. She is a severely underrated actress, one whose own beauty matches her immense acting prowess. She has a truly beautiful face with blue eyes that just break hearts with one merely a glancing at them. And, we already discussed, and by now, you have seen for yourself, what a killer body she has. With all this being said, I happily, and officially, induct Tara Spencer-Nairn into the official Horror Crushes section!


Horror Crush: Courtney Taylor

Today, I induct the second stunner to play Mary Lou Maloney into Horror Crushes, the beautiful: Courtney Taylor!
Mary Lou was, in fact, Taylor's first role. She played the sexy and evil spirit in the direct-to-video Prom Night III: The Last Kiss (1990). A direct sequel to the awesome and preceding entry Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II, she takes over the role for the gorgeous Lisa Schrage. Yesterday, I inducted Schrage, so it is only fair that today I do the same with Taylor.
In this sequel, Mary Lou escapes hell and falls in love with regular high school dude Alexander Grey (Tim Conlon). She seduces him, kills those that hurt or fuck with him, and turns him slowly into a bad boy. But, he eventually spurns her, and she gets pissed. Soon, he and his pretty girlfriend Sarah Monroe (Cynthia Preston) are in deep shit with her.

This third entry is no-where near near as good as the last film but is still infinitely better than the first movie. It is much more of a comedy than any of the other entries, playing the graphic gore for laughs not scares or shocks. That being said, the male lead is a bore, and, honestly, most of the time you just cheer Mary Lou on. Thankfully, Taylor is great for this film. She has good comedic timing and has a natural beauty to her giving Mary Lou a playful sexiness. She also has a smoking hot body with curves to die for.
Sadly, she never appears nude in the movie, even as she tries to seduce our hero. We only get her in her nicely filled out bra and panties. Regardless, these scenes still managed to REALLY turn me on as a very young teen. I also thought, that if I was Alex, I would have totally stuck with Mary Lou. This is no diss to the beautiful Cynthia Preston playing his girl, as I liked her a lot, too. It's just I preferred Mary Lou, cause you gotta love bad girls! One thing that sucks, is that for whatever godforsaken reason when this and the fourth entry (which has little to do with the preceding 3 movies) were packaged into a DVD double featured, this got ported over in its TV edit, lacking any splatter and cursing! Epic fail! Maybe, someday they will come to the Vestron Blu-ray collection (and the case of this one its uncut version), at least I hope so.
Anyway, I was totally in love with Taylor, but I never again saw her in a single movie. I thought she was gone and done. Well, I now learn that that wasn't the case. She did some more TV and movies, most of which I either never saw or just didn't notice she was in. Her final movie was her return to horror, 2000's Camp Blood. I had never even heard of this one, up and until today, but it looks pretty bad. If any of you ever saw let me know if I am wrong in thinking so, in the comments section. And, most of all, let me know how Taylor was in it!
I wish Taylor had stayed longer in the movie biz and starred in more horror flicks. She had only a fleeting moment in the genre. But, to those who fell under her spell, like I, it was a memorable one! She had amazing and sexy curves with an ass and cleavage that could melt your TV screen. They combined with her beautiful face, stunning, blue eyes, and hot legs, for maximum perfection. And, so it is with great pleasure and adoration that I induct Courtney Taylor into Horror Crushes!


Horror Crush: Lisa Schrage

Today, I officially declare Lisa Schrage as one of this site's official Horror Crushes. She has been one of my personal biggest crushes since I was a kid, so it is with great honor that I do so! 
Schrage was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on December 27, 1956 (60 years old). She began acting in 1981. Her first foray into horror is also her most famous role, that of the sexy and evil Mary Lou Maloney in the superior sequel Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987).
The first Prom Night, I find to be an overrated and largely generic heap of crap. Thankfully, this sequel has nothing do with that shit. Instead, we get the tale of prom queen and all around 50s bad girl Mary Lou Maloney (Schrage), who dies in a horrible fire. This stems from a revenge prank gone horribly wrong committed by her fiance who catches her cheating on him. Thirty years later her spirit gets unleashed. She is pissed off, of course, and possess all around good girl and stunning beauty Vicki Carpenter (Wendy Lyon).
The sequel is fun, ultra-gory, and wild. There is a wonderful tongue cheek feel to it and nice little bit of sleaze, including full frontal nudity from its' lead good girl Lyon. The later is, of course, a usually slasher no-no, but this movie could give two fucks about that! It's also filled with lots of love and homages to the horror genre.

I simply adore this movie and consider it to without question the best in the franchise. And, Schrage is a big contributor to why Prom Night II fucking rules. She is sexy as fuck and absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous. I crushed hard on her as a kid. To be honest, even when she pops with just part of her face scared up from her burns, she is still hot! Schrage seems to be having fun playing Mary Lou, who I think ranks along with Ingrid Pitt in The Vampire Lovers and, another Horror Crush inductee, Fairuza Balk in The Craft as one of yummiest horror villianesses ever! Mary Lou would return in Prom Night III: The Last Kiss, but would be played by a different, but regardless still equally stunning beauty in Courtney Taylor. But, that is for another post...
Schrage's next work within the genre were two episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Twilight Zone, both from 1988. I more than likely saw both of these episodes, but I don't remember them. If you do, please tell me about them in the comments section, below.
Her last role in a horror flick was in the silly but thoroughly fun sequel Gnaw: Food of the Gods II. I never saw the first flick, but this one featuring giant, killer rats is a blast. Schrage plays Alex Reed one of the people protesting a lab that experiments on animals and is the film's female lead. Now, I don't remember a whole lot of the flick, but I did like to see her play the good girl. Mostly, cause at least this way I am ensured she won't die. She looks breathtaking of course, and it really confirms my desire for her to have done more horror.
She didn't and by 1999 was retired. Regardless, just for first playing Mary Lou, one of the horror genre's few female slasher bad girls in a franchise, she is forever a part of 80s splatter history. With her gorgeous eyes that will take your breath away, beautiful and flawless face, jet, black hair, and hot body, she is a Horror Crush personified. And, thus a perfect to be declared as one, officially, by this site!