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Horror Crush: Lisa Schrage

Today, I officially declare Lisa Schrage as one of this site's official Horror Crushes. She has been one of my personal biggest crushes since I was a kid, so it is with great honor that I do so! 
Schrage was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on December 27, 1956 (60 years old). She began acting in 1981. Her first foray into horror is also her most famous role, that of the sexy and evil Mary Lou Maloney in the superior sequel Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987).
The first Prom Night, I find to be an overrated and largely generic heap of crap. Thankfully, this sequel has nothing do with that shit. Instead, we get the tale of prom queen and all around 50s bad girl Mary Lou Maloney (Schrage), who dies in a horrible fire. This stems from a revenge prank gone horribly wrong committed by her fiance who catches her cheating on him. Thirty years later her spirit gets unleashed. She is pissed off, of course, and possess all around good girl and stunning beauty Vicki Carpenter (Wendy Lyon).
The sequel is fun, ultra-gory, and wild. There is a wonderful tongue cheek feel to it and nice little bit of sleaze, including full frontal nudity from its' lead good girl Lyon. The later is, of course, a usually slasher no-no, but this movie could give two fucks about that! It's also filled with lots of love and homages to the horror genre.

I simply adore this movie and consider it to without question the best in the franchise. And, Schrage is a big contributor to why Prom Night II fucking rules. She is sexy as fuck and absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous. I crushed hard on her as a kid. To be honest, even when she pops with just part of her face scared up from her burns, she is still hot! Schrage seems to be having fun playing Mary Lou, who I think ranks along with Ingrid Pitt in The Vampire Lovers and, another Horror Crush inductee, Fairuza Balk in The Craft as one of yummiest horror villianesses ever! Mary Lou would return in Prom Night III: The Last Kiss, but would be played by a different, but regardless still equally stunning beauty in Courtney Taylor. But, that is for another post...
Schrage's next work within the genre were two episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Twilight Zone, both from 1988. I more than likely saw both of these episodes, but I don't remember them. If you do, please tell me about them in the comments section, below.
Her last role in a horror flick was in the silly but thoroughly fun sequel Gnaw: Food of the Gods II. I never saw the first flick, but this one featuring giant, killer rats is a blast. Schrage plays Alex Reed one of the people protesting a lab that experiments on animals and is the film's female lead. Now, I don't remember a whole lot of the flick, but I did like to see her play the good girl. Mostly, cause at least this way I am ensured she won't die. She looks breathtaking of course, and it really confirms my desire for her to have done more horror.
She didn't and by 1999 was retired. Regardless, just for first playing Mary Lou, one of the horror genre's few female slasher bad girls in a franchise, she is forever a part of 80s splatter history. With her gorgeous eyes that will take your breath away, beautiful and flawless face, jet, black hair, and hot body, she is a Horror Crush personified. And, thus a perfect to be declared as one, officially, by this site!