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The 20 Hottest Women of GLOW Wrestling, Part 1, 20-11

I, like many of you, am loving the Netflix GLOW series. Loosely based/ inspired by the classic 80s all female wrestling show, of the same name, the series is excellent. But, what of the its' inspiration? The actual GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) ran from on TV from 1986-1990. I watched it religiously as a kid. It played a big part of my life, not just as a wrestling, but even more as a boy reaching puberty. Here was a wrestling show that was filled with beautiful women. What 12 year old boy wouldn't be flipping out over that? Sure it was silly, campy, possibly sexist, and full of stereotypes, but it was so much fun! I missed it once it was gone.

Anyway, with everyone talking about the show, I figured I would give the lovely, make that the gorgeous, ladies of the show some much deserved love. Here is the first part of my two part of the 20 hottest ladies of GLOW!

20. Debbie Debutante- Beginning the countdown is one of half of the Cheerleaders. Debbie was blonde, hot, and, well, a cheerleader! Also, apparently, she had a tasty foot cause as will see in the match below, Spike of the Heavy Metal Sisters kept Debbie's toe in her mouth!

19. Amy the Farmer's Daughter- This farmer dude had lots of daughters. Amy is the first of them to make our list. 

18. Tara the Southern Belle- This beautiful blonde was southern and classy. Sadly, she passed away from cancer. Fuck cancer!

17. California Doll- Tall, blonde, and beautiful, she truly embodied the all California girl!

16. Daisy- Daisy's gimmick is that was tall and had a flower drawn on her cheek. She also happened to be honest to god beautiful, with one of the prettiest faces in the company. She is one of the few girls in the company to make a turn, in this case from heel to face.

15. Tiffany Mellon- Tiffany Mellon was a rich, blonde, beauty from NYC. After GLOW, she would go on to become sexy porn star Tiffany Million! She is the only GLOW girl to become a hardcore, and renowned one at that, porn performer!

14. Americana- More than likely the inspiration for the wrestling gimmick of Liberty Bell in the aforementioned GLOW Netflix series, this all-American raven haired beauty defended the American way in GLOW. She also probably made Captain America, and everyone else, pay close attention to her!

13. Susie Spirit- I love cheerleaders. I love brunettes. So, it would be impossible for me, or most I would imagine, to not love this dark haired and perky cheeerleading good girl.

12. Major Tanya- She came into GLOW in season 3, as Colonel Ninotchka's tag team partner. And, remained so, until Ninotchka turned face. Then they feuded. Either way, she was blonde, beautiful, and had the mean, tough Russian babe gimmick down to the bone. She definitely contributed to my thing for Russian girls as a kid!

11. Jungle Woman- It sucks that Jungle Woman only lasted the first season cause she was one of the most beautiful women to ever be in the company. Had she stayed longer and had more of an impact on the company she may have ranked higher. Anyways, one of the most memorable things about her gimmick was that she came out with a male valet/ slave the Nature Boy! And, no I don't mean Ric Flair, or Buddy Rogers. I can honestly say that as a kid, I kinda wished I was her Nature Boy!

To be concluded!