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Horror Crush: Tara Spencer-Nairn

This must be your lucky week, dear readers, fans, and followers! Why, you might ask? Cause, you're getting a third Horror Crushes inductee in the course of three days! That is a record for this site! And, the inductee, today, you ask? Well, it is Tara Spencer-Nairn, who is truly one of the most beautiful women to have ever graced our beloved genre.
Spencer-Nairn was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on January 6, 1978 (age 39) but was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has appeared in lots of TV and movies and began her acting career in 1996.
One of her first forays into horror was in Poltergeist: The Legacy (1998). I probably watched this episode, but I barely remember anything about that show, much less her appearance. Her next horror work were two episodes of The Outer Limits reboot. One episode was from 1997, the other was from 1998. In both, she played a character named Heather. I never watched this show, so I can't say anything about these episodes. But, if you guys saw them tell me about them in the comments section, below.
In 2002, she appeared in the role, that I know her best for, that of the female lead, Lisa Burnley, in Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled. Lisa accidentally awakens the Djinn (played by John Novak, who took over the role with the third film). He possess as her invalid boyfriend's lawyer, who also happens to be in love with her, Steven Verdel (Michael Trucco). She actually makes a third wish, but it is one where she wishes to love him (him being unbeknownst to her, the Djinn) for who he is. If our resident wish granting demon can win her heart it will come true and will free his demon brothers spelling the end for humanity!
This final, at the time of this writing, entry in the series is so fucking good that is honestly hard to believe. This is even more shocking when you take into account just how godawful the preceding movie, Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell was and that they are both directed by the same dude, Chris Angel (no not THAT Chris Angel, thank God!).
The sequel tells a good story, builds characters nicely, and has solid acting from everyone. For a good part of the film it plays somewhat like a drama, with liberal amounts of gore and horror thrown in. The fact that the cast all work well off of each other really makes it the movie way better than it has any right to be. Spencer-Nairn is a big contributor to the movie's appeal. Her character is believable and instantly likable. She has such natural acting ability, all of which adds up to one of the best, and honestly underrated, final girls, ever.
And, of course, there is her breathtaking beauty. Every time, I watch this movie, which has been a lot of times, admit ably, I am completely taken by how gorgeous she is. She is truly a vision of perfection, having one of the most naturally beautiful bodies, the genre has ever seen. And, remember how I said, she is a final girl? Well, one of the most surprising aspects (other than how good it actually is, I mean) about this film is that she appears nude! I think we can all count on one hand how many female protagonists appear naked in a horror movie.
Said nudity is nice, but it also really works within the context of the two scenes (yes, TWO scenes!) that she bares her skin actually are important to plot and characterization and not just mindless exploitation! Imagine that, nudity that titillates and serves a story purpose, shocking, I know!

Spencer-Nairn is amazing no matter what stage of dressing or undressing, shes in!

She wouldn't do another horror flick till 2007's The Third Eye. She plays the female lead, Nika Printz, but I never saw or heard of this one. What about you guys?
Her last, to date, horror role was when she played a character named Dr. Evanston on the TV series The Strain. Now, I have never watched a single episode of this show, but I am sure I have some fans and readers, who have.
I would love to see Tara Spencer-Nairn in more horror movies and just in more work (that I actually watch), in general. She is a severely underrated actress, one whose own beauty matches her immense acting prowess. She has a truly beautiful face with blue eyes that just break hearts with one merely a glancing at them. And, we already discussed, and by now, you have seen for yourself, what a killer body she has. With all this being said, I happily, and officially, induct Tara Spencer-Nairn into the official Horror Crushes section!