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Goatwhore- Vengeful Ascension (Album Review)

Musicians: Goatwhore
Album Title: Vengeful Ascension
Genre/ Subgenre: Blackened Death/ Thrash Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release date: June 23, 2017
The latest release, Vengeful Ascension, from New Orleans demonic extreme metal masters Goatwhore is here, and it is crushing, modern masterpiece. One that is filled with unbridled ferocity, as they blast out Satanic music in what is a true crowning achievement.

The album masterfully takes what the band does best, IE full blown speed and blistering heaviness with just enough bits of hooks and catchy riffs to make for a wholly satisfying listening experience. And, this is one that actually gets better and better with each time you listen to it again.

The first track, ''Forsaken'', is a perfect example of the level of quality and style of sound that this release holds. It's a fast and heavy song accompanied by extreme and evil lyrics that seethe with anger and menace. ''Under the Flesh, Into the Soul'' mixes a driving and razor fast thrash metal sound with a little bit of an almost punk swagger. The title track opens with battering drums and goes into a slow crunch and pound which, in turn, leads into a headbangingly good and galloping attack, yet still catchy sound. It successfully alternates between speed, doom, and crunching riffs, and makes for the album's finest song, which here is saying a fuck load! The dark and haunting ''Where the Sun Is Silent'' slows things down and sounds even more evil for it. The awesome ''Mankind Will Have no Mercy'' reminds one of Slayer or early Metallica but with the heaviness pushed even further and by way of the Devil, himself. Truth be told, every song is a winner here, so I honestly could go on and on praising each track. But, instead I will say that the album ends on an extra high note with ''Those Who Denied God's Will''. With it's cold, evil sound, and unrelenting blast beats, it has the most outright and clear black metal influence of all the tracks.

With Vengeful Ascension, Goatwhore have made their undeniable masterpiece. While, they have been putting out solid work their whole career, especially from A Haunting Curse and beyond, this is their finest moment thus far. It does everything perfectly being a thoroughly listenable and driving musical force and one that welcomes and repays you in multiple listens. Without a shadow of a doubt this will rank high among the year's finest releases. It is out now, so do not waste time in getting it!

5 out of 5