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Adopting "Orphan Black"

First off, I wanna wish you guys and girls a Happy Easter! OK, on to the review:

Last night was the series premiere for the brand new BBC America sci-fi/ drama series Orphan Black. After the TV spots and subway posters had caught my interest I decided to give this show a shot. Glad that I did, cause I think I have a possible new favorite here!

The first episode started off with our lovely lead character, Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) seeing that a girl that looks just like her commits suicide right in front of her, by jumping in front of a train (reminded me of Suicide Club)! She soon discovers her name, Beth, and decides to live her life and pretend that she is the one that died. But, she soon discovers that this might not have been the best idea. Problems and complications arise and there is more to this meets the eye.

While, Sarah has not found out, yet, the aforementioned TV spots reveal to us that she is one of many clones. Beyond that I won't tell you anything else, as I don't wanna spoil the show for you. It's definitely worth catching and has a lot of potential.

The acting is solid, especially from the beautiful Maslany, who has one hell of a nice ass! She looks particular good as the punkish Sarah, more so in a tee of The Clash and her panties. Plus, she takes off said panties and shows off her ass and some great side boob! Combine the skin, with the adult language, and violence (aside from the aforementioned suicide, we get a splashy shot to the head), and this TV show righteously earns itself it's TV-MA rating.

The series, which is shot in Canada, has a mostly British cast, though Maslany is, herself, Canadian, from Regina, Saskatchewan to be precise. The first season has a total of ten episodes, and since I'm already sold, you can bet your ass, I will be watching them!


Random Cool Toys at Toy Fair 2013

The following is as the title would suggest just random, cool stuff I saw at Toy Fair last month. Most, if not all of them, where at the Diamond Select booth.

 Penguin from Batman: Arkham City
 Rick Grimes: The Walking Dead
 The Huntress! One of my fav DC heroines

 Thanks to the current The Thunderbolts comic, I'm a fan of the Red Hulk, now.
 Perhaps THE coolest looking of all old school monsters: The Creature from the Black Lagoon.
 Black Manta kicks ass!
 This Universal Monsters Invisible Man figure is the fucking shit!!
 Double the DC evil!!!
 Statue from the upcoming Superman flick.
 Solomon Grundy was seen, by me, on this Sunday!



A Preview of Lesbian Adventures Strap-On Specialists Vol. 5

All pictures come courtesy of Mile High Media and Sweetheart Video.

It's porn preview time!! From Sweetheart Video comes another surely great all-girl release: Lesbian Adventures Strap-On Specialists Vol. 5 As the title suggests this comes with an emphasis on hot strap-on girl-on-girl action. Directed by the gorgeous and talented Dana Vespoli, who is also featured in the movie, this one has one hell of a hot cast, that's a who's who of some of the hottest and most beautiful women in the biz. They are as follows:

Dana Vespoli, Maddy O'Reilly, Sovereign Syre, Kristina Rose, Sinn Sage, Samantha Ryan, Jada Stevens, Nina Hartley®
 Jada Stevens
 Maddy O'Reilly
Samantha Ryan
 Sinn Sage
 Sovereign Syre
 Nina Hartley®
 Kristina Rose
Dana Vespoli

From the Mile High Media site description:

When lesbian sex needs to take it to the next level, these gorgeous performers know how to strap one on. Sweetheart’s real passion and real orgasms reach new heights as these amazing girls go deeper than ever before. With some of the industry’s top talent like Sinn Sage, Jada Stevens and Maddy O’Reilly, and directed by Dana Vespoli, this new installment of Lesbian Adventures is guaranteed to redefine the genre of lesbian strap-on erotica.
It came out today, so be sure to get your copy right now! I know I will! 


Monday Night Is Horror TV Night


With the premiere of Bates Motel last night on TV, Monday nights have now been cemented, in my head, as THE night for horror fans to enjoy television. Before this I had leaned towards Sundays and their double-feature blast of Dexter and The Walking Dead. But, Mondays give us three shows instead of two!! Those being: Being Human, Lost Girl, and the aforementioned, Bates Motel.

Starting at 9PM, we have the US version of Being Human. Now, I have never watched the British series that inspired this show, but I do love the American version. Last season remains a high mark for the series. This season has been quite good, as well, though. It started out a little slow, but the last few episodes have really racked up the intensity.

Basically, the story of a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost living together trying to be, well, human, has befitted from the addition of the lovely Nora (Kristin Hager) as a member of the household and as a part of the main cast. Also, the story of a sickness killing vamps, Sally (Megan Rath) being bought back to life, and Josh (Sam Hunington) losing his wolf (only to regain it!), has been very captivating. I am loving a lot of the drama and fucked up situations occurring in the series, right now.

Also welcomed are the easy on the eyes females. Aside from the aforementioned Hager, being more alive now, has given Rath the chance to look HOT! Man, she is one sexy zombie! Also, yummy is the addition of Deanna Russo as a love interest for our vampire hero Aidan (Sam Witwer). Those eyes can make anyone fall for her!

And, I have to say the last 15 minutes or so last night had me on the edge of my seat! Zombie kids are hungry and must die!! Nice old werewolf gets attacked by vampires!! Holy shit!! Where is this all leading to?

Them at 10PM comes one of the shows, I am most obsessed with: Lost Girl!!!! The story of a sexy bisexual succubus who saves the world from evil supernatural villains and terrors, this show has rapidly become a true favorite of mine. Last season, basically two combined into one, was great and this one is keeping right on course.

Bo's search for self-discovery has been the main theme of this season. And, last night we bared witness to a possible love triangle between Bo, Dyson (Kris Hold-Reid)- a cop werewolf, and Lauren (Zoie Palmer)- the human doctor, returning to the possible forefront (thought to be fair it never really left us). While, I like Dyson, I remain a member of Team Doccubus, the fan name given to the lesbian relationship between Lauren and Bo. I've always been a fan of girl-girl love. You need only to look through the archives here for proof. Seriously, why would I want another boring hetero relationship, when hot lesbians are so much, well hotter?!

But, the series is not only great for it's sexiness. No, a recent episode where Bo visited her adopted mother was very moving. It made me cry. It showed that beyond the babes, sex, lesbians, humor, gore, and monsters, it has a real heart. There is so much to this genre-bending show, that I could go on forever talking about my love for it.

Also, points must be given to it for adding a new character in the form of "dark" fae (the name given by the series to supernatural characters) Tamsin, a hot blonde cop who is also a Valkyrie. It's hard to add a character to a series where one already knows and loves the other characters, and get one to like him or her. But, this series is so good, that it accomplished that excellently! I would like to see her with Dyson, but last week got me think if she will make it a love square (instead of a triangle, get it?) with Bo.

Finally, at 11pm (OK 10:55 last night, to be exact), I had the first visit to Bates Motel. Now, I know it aired at the 10, but I caught the replay. You didn't think I was gonna miss Lost Girl did you? Anyway, taking place in modern times this is a sort of prequel to Psycho. The time frame and what happens makes this out of continuity of the series, though.

When, I first heard of this, I was like, "Uh why do we need a Psycho prequel series?! Didn't we get a prequel in the form of pt. IV? And, that was really, really middle of the road shit." But, having the beautiful Vera (Orphan) Farmiga as Norman Bates' (Freddie Highmore) mom made me say, "Well, I may watch it for her. Maybe." The eventual previews got me more curious, as did word of moth.

Last night's first episode was dark and well acted. This show has a lot of promise. Psycho pursists, think of this as an alternate universe. Understand, that I'm a huge fan of the first three movies, and that the first and third film are personal favorites of mine. Yet, I enjoyed the first episode, quite a bit.

Farmiga is so beautiful, that I was captivated by her every time she was onscreen. What a MILF! I am in love! I'm, also happy for Mondays,as they no longer are to be dreaded! Let the horror continue on the first day of the week, for here on in! 


Horror Toys of Neca- Toy Fair 2013

NECA always has one of the most awesome booths to visit. Especially if you, like me, are a huge horror fan. Here is some kick ass toys that will please all of the gore loving toy collectors out there:
These Predators are based on the old Kenner toys that had a bunch of colored Predators totally out of continuity. Cool idea if you think about it.
When you buy the Predators, they will/ are coming with skulls. All of which can be hung in this upcoming trophey room. It's a special treat for the long time collectors and based on the scene in Predator 2.
The Space Marines vs. Aliens 2 packs are coming soon, & they look badass!
 The Aliens all come with gory bullet-hits! Winning!

From the upcoming Carrie remake we are getting two toys of Carrie White. This one is the nice prom version.
 And, this one is her covered in pig's blood. Both look freaking great!
 Bobblehead based on the Alien from the first film.
 This bobblehead is based on a cool scene from Predator 2.
While, not horror, Robocop is a splatter film. And, Ed-209 rule s! As, does its toy!