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Horror Toys of Neca- Toy Fair 2013

NECA always has one of the most awesome booths to visit. Especially if you, like me, are a huge horror fan. Here is some kick ass toys that will please all of the gore loving toy collectors out there:
These Predators are based on the old Kenner toys that had a bunch of colored Predators totally out of continuity. Cool idea if you think about it.
When you buy the Predators, they will/ are coming with skulls. All of which can be hung in this upcoming trophey room. It's a special treat for the long time collectors and based on the scene in Predator 2.
The Space Marines vs. Aliens 2 packs are coming soon, & they look badass!
 The Aliens all come with gory bullet-hits! Winning!

From the upcoming Carrie remake we are getting two toys of Carrie White. This one is the nice prom version.
 And, this one is her covered in pig's blood. Both look freaking great!
 Bobblehead based on the Alien from the first film.
 This bobblehead is based on a cool scene from Predator 2.
While, not horror, Robocop is a splatter film. And, Ed-209 rule s! As, does its toy!