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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Minae Noji

March is the last month of winter and the beginning of spring, though it is not really known for its nice weather. In fact, as I type this we may well be getting a storm tomorrow. So, I think we needed someone really hot to make this month better. And, what a better pick for the Hot Asian Girl of the Month than the gorgeous, Minae Noji!!

A Gemini, like me, this Japanese-American beauty was born on May 30, 1973. She's an only child.
She graduated from UC Irvine with a BA in sociology.
Though she has done work on various TV shows, movies, and video games, most know her best from her stint on General Hospital and the short-loved spin-off General Hospital Night Shift, where she played Dr. Kelly Lee. I never seen that shit, nor do I plan to ever watching it, but damn, I wish she was my doctor!
I, though, know her best from the guilty pleasure known as Bitch Slap. Said film is pretty stupid, but it is bloody fun. Well, only if you turn of your brain. She plays an evil, crazy chick with a penchant for dressing like a school girl, lollipops, killing, and feeling up hot girls. She looks DELICIOUS in said outfit, and seeing her touch other girls is the stuff of boner-city. I wish there was hotter girl-girl action with her and her heroic enemies, but the teasing is still nice. 

See what I mean total hotness! And, here's a video to further back up my claim. It's dubbed in Italain, but the dialogue don't matter. Trust me!

Ahh, that video made my day! With her beautiful face, long black hair, gorgeous eyes, and killer body, there is no argument that Ms. Noji is a one hell of a babe! I just hope she does more stuff I like and soon! As, I find her to be terribly underrated and underused.