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The Final Day at AEE 2013: Pt. 1

As Saturday, came along, I was very tired, but also pimped for the final day. That energy would completely over took my feeling of exhaustion. By the end, I was sad to see it over. But, before we get to that let's start at the very beginning of that day at the show.

The first beauty I saw was the lovely Latina honey, Missy Martinez. She looks gorgeous in person and had nice, warm smile to welcome the start of my day.

Allie Haze's beauty and sweetness was exactly what I needed to complete my waking up!! Allie looked great; as she most definitely always does! She also posed for a bunch of pics. Being that it was really early in the morning (I got in at media hours, which is earlier than the expo officially opens to the public), props most be given to her for doing such a sexy job!

Up next was the lovely Scarlet Banks, whom I also got to shoot lots of pics of! Clearly, this was my photog day!

If there was one girl that defined cute on this morning, it had to be Maddy O'Reilly. I was much smitten by her, as was my camera!

Samantha Saint was one of the Wicked Girls signing up on the left of the main stage. She noticed me snapping pics and was nice enough to turn towards me for this shot.

I had no clue the beautiful Eva Angelina, one of my long time, personal favorites, was going be signing at the Expo. But, I was happy she was. As always she is quite the sweetie, and, of course, quite the beauty.
As you may have noticed, I was wearing my Two in the Shirt Lisa Ann MILF tee. Well, Lisa definitely did. She was very pleased that I was, and we soon got a pic together (just a few minutes after I had snapped a few of her by herself). Lisa is always very sweet to all her fans.

Meanwhile, up on the main stage, James Deen was being interviewed about being both in porn and mainstream movies. It was quite a fun, funny, and entertaining talk. James is quite bright and a pretty cool guy. He deserves the success that he is having!

To be concluded...