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Adopting "Orphan Black"

First off, I wanna wish you guys and girls a Happy Easter! OK, on to the review:

Last night was the series premiere for the brand new BBC America sci-fi/ drama series Orphan Black. After the TV spots and subway posters had caught my interest I decided to give this show a shot. Glad that I did, cause I think I have a possible new favorite here!

The first episode started off with our lovely lead character, Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) seeing that a girl that looks just like her commits suicide right in front of her, by jumping in front of a train (reminded me of Suicide Club)! She soon discovers her name, Beth, and decides to live her life and pretend that she is the one that died. But, she soon discovers that this might not have been the best idea. Problems and complications arise and there is more to this meets the eye.

While, Sarah has not found out, yet, the aforementioned TV spots reveal to us that she is one of many clones. Beyond that I won't tell you anything else, as I don't wanna spoil the show for you. It's definitely worth catching and has a lot of potential.

The acting is solid, especially from the beautiful Maslany, who has one hell of a nice ass! She looks particular good as the punkish Sarah, more so in a tee of The Clash and her panties. Plus, she takes off said panties and shows off her ass and some great side boob! Combine the skin, with the adult language, and violence (aside from the aforementioned suicide, we get a splashy shot to the head), and this TV show righteously earns itself it's TV-MA rating.

The series, which is shot in Canada, has a mostly British cast, though Maslany is, herself, Canadian, from Regina, Saskatchewan to be precise. The first season has a total of ten episodes, and since I'm already sold, you can bet your ass, I will be watching them!