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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Malana Lea

April brings us showers. And, to be honest with after the fail of March to bring us better weather, I'm hoping this month delivers just that. But, let's heat things up with my pick for April 2013's Hot Asian Girl of the Month, the gorgeous Malana Lea, right now!

This Chinese beauty has a had a few roles, but I was first introduced to her last Saturday when I went to see the awesome, ass-kicking, and ultra-violent Olympus Has Fallen.

In it she plays a terrorist/ computer hacker. She was quite good in her villainous role. As soon as I saw her on the screen I was like, "Damn! She is beautiful!" She was definitely a bad girl in the movie and needed a spanking! I would like to volunteer to deliver it!

Here is a short little interview where she talks about her role:
I am absolutely taken by her stunning beauty! Her gorgeous eyes, beautiful, long, black hair, her flawless face, I mean I could go on and on about this stunner! Here's hoping we get to see more of her and soon!