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A Talk with the Awesome Gianna Michaels at the April 2015 Chiller Theatre

All photography by Negative Pop.
Video shot and edited by Negative Pop.

This past Saturday at the Chiller Theatre convention in New Jersey, I got to talk to one of the most popular adult film stars of the last couple of years, the beautiful Gianna Michaels. She was awesome as fucking hell as we talked about her career, her role in Piranha 3D, being at for the first time ever at Chiller, itself, and lots more. Gianna even did a first, when it comes to my career and this site, and turned the questions on me! I had such a fun time interviewing her, and I know you'll also have a blast seeing below, for yourself. 




Title: Gestapo's Last Orgy (AKA The Gestapo's Last Orgy, L'ultima orgia del III Reich)
Writers/ Director: Cesare Canevari
Cast: Adriano Micantoni, Daniela Poggi (as Daniela Levy), Maristella Greco, Fulvio Ricciardi, Antinska Nemour, Caterina Babero
Running Time: 92 min

Lise Cohen (Daniela Poggi, here under the name Daniela Levy) gives testimony in a Nazi war crimes trial that helps to set Commandant Starker (Adriano Micantoni) free. She takes him to the now abandoned concentration camp, where we flashback years ago to the time she was a prisoner there.

Back then he ran a camp where Jewish women were separated based on their beauty and tortured, raped, and killed by Nazi officers. During a repulsive dinner, where Jewish baby meat is consumed and a Jewish woman in immolated, Lise shows him, that she wishes to die. To teach her a nightmarish lesson, he instead keeps her alive and tortures her physically and emotionally. Eventually, perhaps due to her own strong will and immense beauty, he falls in love with her. Has she bought him here to this very hellhole, to rekindle their "relationship" or for vengeance?
This entry in the short lived, but nasty Italian cycle of Naziploitation films, is one of the very best of the lot. It's also one of the sickest. It draws it's inspiration from the two movies, that most of these films, do: Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS and The Night Porter. The later seems to be a much bigger influence, in the similar plot of former prisoner and Nazi officer having relationship. Though this one is exceedingly more extreme. I'll talk about that in a bit, but first let's talk about it's Ilsa influence.
We have a sexy, perverse, and evil female Nazi officer named Alma (the gorgeous Maristella Greco) with a fondness for grabbing men's balls while torturing women, feeding menstruating women to her Doberman, panties made of Jewish women skin, and other sick acts. She's a twisted individual for sure, but plays less of a role than other women in some other movies like this.

The aforementioned relationship, between the Nazi who runs the camp and the beautiful blonde captive is definitely uncomfortable to watch. But, it is just one of many points that make's it a movie that is anything but fun. It itself apart from the others like it, because it is devoid of the campieness or stupidity that frequently overruns these movies. Now, I have seen quite a few of these movies, and I find them hard to take seriously or even really enjoy on even the basest of levels.
The best of this cycle (not counting Ilsa or arthouse stuff like the Night Porter) that I had seen up until now were, decent, at best, with most just being plain shit. This one is a damn good movie, though, albeit a thoroughly repellent one. Perhaps it is not as gory as others are, but it's far more extreme in it's content of lesbian incest, cannibalism, coprophagia, immolation, torture, and other atrocities.

At the same time it's all very well acted, in particular, by it's two leads Levy and Micantoni, both of whom give memorable and strong performances. Greco also gives a great performance as Alma that is evil, cruel, and, yet, sexy. Meanwhile, writer/ director Canevari crafts a movie filled with dichotomies here. One that is vile, repellant, sick, disgusting, and thoroughly exploitative. Yet, it's also poignant, moving, and artistically shot. The beautiful, soaring score by Alberto Baldan Bembo is something not typically associate with movies like this.
The movie is one of Britain's banned Video Nasties, and it more than lives up to it's sick reputation. It maintains a disturbing feeling throughout it's running time. But, it's because it take its subject matter in a more serious manner, that it stands heads and shoulders above the more laughable or snooze inducing crap in this questionable sub-genre. Yet, it still remains firmly an exploitation movie.

Abhorrent but yet shockingly good, Gestapo's Last Orgy isn't a easy movie to recommend. The subject matter, alone, should be enough to repel many an audience member. But, if you are curious about the movie based on it's reputation or interested in higher quality extreme cinema or looking for a quality entry in this cycle of Italian sleaze, then this one is for you. But, be warned even one, even as jaded as I was left feeling uncomfortable, even with the mere concept of liking it. And, perhaps that, in of itself, is the best complement that I can give it.

3.5 out of 4


Chiller Theatre April 25, 2015

This past Sat, April 25, 2015, I made my return to what remains one of the very best conventions in the world: Chiller Theatre!! This time around I was accompanied by one of my best friends, Alan. Our friend Matt would join us, but not till much later, for dinner and the party.  

The first person that I met was the beautiful Angelina Pivarnick of Jersey Shore, Couple's Therapy, and TNA wrestling. She's such a babe! She was always a favorite of mine, and I flipped out when I saw that she would be at Chiller! I told her that I was really happy when I saw her on the Chiller guest list. And, she high-fived me! This set the bar high for the rest of the show, which thank God, the con more than lived up to!

The next person, I met was Fred Olen Ray. The cult director was selling blu-ray copies of Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers! I had wanted to see that movie in what amounts to forever! I couldn't find it on blu-ray on Amazon, and with the gorgeous Michelle Bauer signing next to him, I knew that picking it up here and now was a no-brainer of a decision!

Michelle is always such a sweetheart, in person! She is very personable and friendly and loves to talk to her fans, a lot! We talked about Nightmare Sisters, a movie I had only just seen recently amd absolutely loved. She told me that the infamous (and hot) bathtub scene was shot until the soap was tiny! She's awesome in person and still looks great! 

Next up for me was Robbi Morgan better known as Annie, the camp counselor who hitchhikes and gets her throat slashed in the classic Friday the 13th. We talked about what a huge fan of the movie I am as it's one of my favorite movies of all time. We also talked about her getting made up by Tom Savini and how much fun that was.

The last person I met was the absolutely gorgeous Christy Carlson Romano. She is best known for being the voice of the title character in Kim Possible. I've thought she was gorgeous for the longest of time, and had seen her in a couple of horror movies on the SyFy network, and, as such, she was another celeb that I was excited about meeting. She asked me if I was a Kim Possible fan or an everything fan. Told her that I was an everything fan. The, she asked me name for the autograph, I told her it was Gio. She liked it, and then I explained that it was a nickname for my actual name, Giovanni. She said that it was a great nickname, and the guy next to her (her rep? Assistant? I don't know), asked me if I was Italian. I told him that I was. Christy was so sweet in person and all smiles, I even told her that she was a sweetheart. She thanked me.

After this I got to buy some swag, including a Famous Monsters Hammer horror t-shirt, a DVD of the infamous Nazipolation film Gestapo's Last Orgy, Destroy All Monsters on blu-ray, and a Michael Myers Funko Pop figure. Below you will also see my autographs. The DVD of Friday the 13th is my old copy which I no longer watch (since I have the unrated DVD), but I keep to get signed (and thus don't get rid off), cause it's already autographed by Sean Cunningham and Tom Savini.
From there I conducted an epic interview with the beautiful Gianna Michaels. My cameraman and video editor Negative Pop is currently working on that, but it should be up very soon! Soon afterwards, we met Matt and went to dinner. Then we hit the party!! There was some really cool and scary cosplay present, throughout.
Pumpkin dude was back!
 Pogo the Clown, AKA serial killer John Wayne Gayce was at the party! Be sure to hide the kids! Lol!

As always there was lots of cool music and bands kicking ass onstage. Including, but not limited to, The Dead Elvi (of course), and my favorite Chiller band, Ingrid and the Defectors!

Overall we had a fucking blast! Chiller is always a great experience, and we already can't wait for the next one!


The Agonist- Live at Webster Hall NYC 4/19/15

On Sun night, 4/19/15, I got the chance to finally see The Agonist live. I been a big fan of this kick ass Canadian metalcore/ melodic death metal act since their very first album, Only Once Imagined. But, I never got the chance to see them live. When I heard that they were gonna be playing at Webster Hall in NYC, I was very excited. Especially since their newest album, Eye of Providence, their first with new signer Vicky Psarakis, is already one of my favorite albums of this year! 

In fact, I will go step further. As much as I love their former singer Ailssa White-Gluz, and the three albums with her, this new album is their best work to date! The songs kick ass and Vicky is an AWESOME signer! She is a great screamer and has an amazing clean voice with a great range.
Anyway, I got there about 15 minutes before they came onstage. As soon, as they did come on, they fucking tore shit up!! They opened up with my absolute favorite track on the aforementioned album, "Danse Macarbe". From there they gave us a fucking adrenaline filled and blood pumping set. Most of the songs came from the spectacular new album, with some classics from their earlier albums like "Panophibia" and "The Tempest (The Siren's Song; The Banshee's Cry)", as well. 
Vicky is fucking amazing live. She can sign the fuck out of the new and the old songs and sounds every bit as good live as she does on the album. The band has amazing technical abilities and totally fucking shredded onstage. There was enough headbanging and whirlwinds to make everyone even more pumped in the audience, which was soon large and rabid. Sadly, moshing was not allowed, even though the band wished it was. Still, the fans were into it headbanging and signing along themselves.

Perhaps my favorite pics I took this night of Vicky.

There was no encore, due to time restraints, so right after the classic "Business Suits and Combat Boots" they went into the killer new track "Follow the Crossed Line" (one of the album's very best) the end the excellent set. Soon, after Vicky was at the merch table signing autographs, taking pics with fans, and meeting them. She shorter than I thought she would be person. She is also beautiful, and very fan friendly, being all smiles as met us fans. Meeting her and getting a picture with her closed off the night perfectly. This was a great show, and The Agonist fucking rules! See them when they come to your town. And, get the new album if you haven't done so yet!



All pics courtesy of Mile High Media

The people have spoken and I approve of who they have chosen! Read on to see what I mean:

From the Mile High Media press release:

Final Match of Mile High Media’s Hit Social Media Tournament Attracts Record Number of Fan Votes

MONTREAL, Quebec (April 20, 2015) – Popular social media tournament Mile High Madness is now a wrap, and porn stars Lily Cade and Justine Joli are the champions.  Coming out of the Sweetheart Video Region, Cade and Joli received over 67% of the fan vote to defeat finalists Lola Foxx and Prince Yahshua in a record-breaking round of social media engagement.

“My fans are Simply. The. Greatest. The best!” exclaimed Joli.  “I cannot thank them enough for making this possible.”

The 2015 championship marks the second time in a row Lily Cade has been a part of the winning pairing, and third time she has been in the final round. In 2013, Cade and Nina Hartley lost in the final round, while in 2014, she won the entire tournament alongside Charlotte Stokely.

I love my ‘Cadets’ – my awesome fans – and I’m so happy to have won #MileHighMadness again thanks to them,” said Cade.  “My previous scene with Justine Joli was one of my best, and I’m so excited to get a chance to have a second time with her!”

The path to the championship included a first round victory over Abigail Mac and Eva Lovia, an extremely close second round victory over Magdalene St. Michaels and Raven Rockette, the defeat of Alex Chance and Ash Hollywood in Round 3, another close match against April O’Neil and Ela Darling in Round 4, and beating out Kota Sky and Lexington Steele from the OpenLife Region in the first portion of the Final Foreplay Round.

For a listing of all the Mile High Madness results, visit https://milehighmediamadness.wordpress.com.

Since the beginning of January, fans have been casting their votes in the Mile High Media produced tournament.  The field originally consisted 64 porn star pairings selected from fan submissions and divided into four regions.  The regions include Mile High Media studios Sweet Sinner, Reality Junkies, and Sweetheart Video, as well as partnering company, O.L. Entertainment (the home of award-winning studios Hard X and Erotica X).

 “The championship matches in Mile High Madness have never failed to entertain,” states Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt.  “Congrats to Lily and Justine – you both have great fans.  Everyone at Mile High Media looks forward to filming your scene, as well as the three other Final Foreplay scenes.”

The submitters responsible for the final four pairings (the Final Foreplay Round), as decided by voting, will each have their scene filmed in a future movie and receive a 6-month membership to the Mile High Media pay site for their winning region.

Mile High Media fan Jonathan submitted Joli and Cade as a pair, and thus will receive 6-month memberships to all four studio pay sites.