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The 30 Greatest Fangoria Covers of all Time Pt. 1, 30 - 21

The recently released Fangoria Cover to Cover book (the signing of which I attended on Thurs) has made me think about the best covers Fango has had. This three part series has me picking out the very best covers this world renown horror mag has had. The movies or TV shows featured on the cover may range in quality, but the eye catch ability of all of them is why they are here. These are some of the coolest, bloodiest, most beautiful, and, in some cases, even sexy covers the mag has had in its' 35 year run. Let know what you think about my picks! Anyway, let's get this countdown started already!

30. Fangoria #84- Tales from the Crypt- HBO's groundbreaking horror anthology series pops on the cover as the killer Santa takes center stage. This is one of the earliest issues that I ever bought. I think I recall the cover causing some controversy, too. The Ghostbusters II insignia being on the corner is an added bonus, even if the movie itself isn't all that...

29. Fangoria #83- Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Pt. VII: The New Blood- The best looking Jason Voorhees (the first time the real Jason appeared on the cover, by the way) gets the cover here. This issue which interviewed the first half of the final girls of the slasher franchise is when I started to collect the mag and read it religiously. The combo of their sexy presence and Jason being on the cover made me decide that I NEED to own it!

28. Fangoria #88- Halloween 5:The Revenge of Michael Myers- Yeah, this era of Fango covers was really special to me, cause I was so into reading and collecting it,at this point. This is the best cover featuring Michael Myers by and far, I think. Even if the sequel itself is just OK and the Myers mask is actually one of the worst ones in the series. That fellow slasher icons Freddy and Leatherface are in the side filmstrip are icing on the bloody cake.

27. Fangoria #19- Poltergeist- Tobe Hooper's Steven Spielberg produced classic is featured. That the corpses are said to be real only adds a certain morbid coolness to it.

26. Fangoria #299- Black Swan- A beautiful and eye-catching cover has the psychological horror flick take the main place. I remember that I would stare at this cover every time I saw it for sale at a comic shop or bookstore. 

25. Fangoria #153- The Craft- I remember getting this cover in the mail (I was subcribed back then) and drooling over the girls on it. Especially Fairuza Balk, who I was totally in love with when I was in college. You can say this cover put a spell on me! To paraphrase ZZ Top, they got legs and know how to use them!

24. Fangoria #25- Videodrome- The first gore cover to make this list is from one of the David Cronenberg's finest movies, as a TV barfs some intestines. A cover with guts! Literally!

23. Fangoria #89- Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III- A touching and heartwarming picture of Leatherface and his family adorns this one. You know this proves it. Leatherface is a wonderful uncle!

21. Fangoria #127- The Beyond- Instead of featuring a current a movie, a trend the magazine had kinda slumped in at this point, it goes retro and features Fulci's finest movie. It was being re-released by Tarantino, at the time. The image is of the little zombie girl who gets her brains blown out thanks to a gunshot blast. It's a gore highlight in an ubber-gory classick and as such really stands out amongst Fango covers.