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Chiller Theatre April 25, 2015

This past Sat, April 25, 2015, I made my return to what remains one of the very best conventions in the world: Chiller Theatre!! This time around I was accompanied by one of my best friends, Alan. Our friend Matt would join us, but not till much later, for dinner and the party.  

The first person that I met was the beautiful Angelina Pivarnick of Jersey Shore, Couple's Therapy, and TNA wrestling. She's such a babe! She was always a favorite of mine, and I flipped out when I saw that she would be at Chiller! I told her that I was really happy when I saw her on the Chiller guest list. And, she high-fived me! This set the bar high for the rest of the show, which thank God, the con more than lived up to!

The next person, I met was Fred Olen Ray. The cult director was selling blu-ray copies of Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers! I had wanted to see that movie in what amounts to forever! I couldn't find it on blu-ray on Amazon, and with the gorgeous Michelle Bauer signing next to him, I knew that picking it up here and now was a no-brainer of a decision!

Michelle is always such a sweetheart, in person! She is very personable and friendly and loves to talk to her fans, a lot! We talked about Nightmare Sisters, a movie I had only just seen recently amd absolutely loved. She told me that the infamous (and hot) bathtub scene was shot until the soap was tiny! She's awesome in person and still looks great! 

Next up for me was Robbi Morgan better known as Annie, the camp counselor who hitchhikes and gets her throat slashed in the classic Friday the 13th. We talked about what a huge fan of the movie I am as it's one of my favorite movies of all time. We also talked about her getting made up by Tom Savini and how much fun that was.

The last person I met was the absolutely gorgeous Christy Carlson Romano. She is best known for being the voice of the title character in Kim Possible. I've thought she was gorgeous for the longest of time, and had seen her in a couple of horror movies on the SyFy network, and, as such, she was another celeb that I was excited about meeting. She asked me if I was a Kim Possible fan or an everything fan. Told her that I was an everything fan. The, she asked me name for the autograph, I told her it was Gio. She liked it, and then I explained that it was a nickname for my actual name, Giovanni. She said that it was a great nickname, and the guy next to her (her rep? Assistant? I don't know), asked me if I was Italian. I told him that I was. Christy was so sweet in person and all smiles, I even told her that she was a sweetheart. She thanked me.

After this I got to buy some swag, including a Famous Monsters Hammer horror t-shirt, a DVD of the infamous Nazipolation film Gestapo's Last Orgy, Destroy All Monsters on blu-ray, and a Michael Myers Funko Pop figure. Below you will also see my autographs. The DVD of Friday the 13th is my old copy which I no longer watch (since I have the unrated DVD), but I keep to get signed (and thus don't get rid off), cause it's already autographed by Sean Cunningham and Tom Savini.
From there I conducted an epic interview with the beautiful Gianna Michaels. My cameraman and video editor Negative Pop is currently working on that, but it should be up very soon! Soon afterwards, we met Matt and went to dinner. Then we hit the party!! There was some really cool and scary cosplay present, throughout.
Pumpkin dude was back!
 Pogo the Clown, AKA serial killer John Wayne Gayce was at the party! Be sure to hide the kids! Lol!

As always there was lots of cool music and bands kicking ass onstage. Including, but not limited to, The Dead Elvi (of course), and my favorite Chiller band, Ingrid and the Defectors!

Overall we had a fucking blast! Chiller is always a great experience, and we already can't wait for the next one!