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The Return of New York Comic 2021: The Final Chapter- Sunday!

Sunday, October 10, 2021, was the final day of the returning New York Comic Con (NYCC), and it was actually the most packed day! Yes, that means even more so than Saturday was! I don't know if they suddenly opened up more spots or not, but my friend was abele to get a ticket just the day (despite it being declared as "sold out"). And, like I said there was definitely more people than I saw on the previous day. Now, this was still less than in the pre-pandemic days but still.

Anyway, my friends and I had a great time. As the con was in full swing, and we took full advantage of all the fun there was to be had.

There was lots of cool cosplay to enjoy. Here are some of my favorites that I caught:

My friends are big fans of Sunny in Philadelphia, so they were, understandably, flipping out over this fun and humorous cosplay that brings to life one of the net's most famous memes.

I actually just saw Black Widow, earlier this week. And, I quite enjoyed it, save for the overdone, overblown climax. Anyways, these lovely ladies did an incredible job with their cosplays. They looked and felt very much like cinematic counter parts. Every time they would pass me by, I would be blown with how fucking accurate they looked!

Speaking of be blown away, this incredible Zatana cosplay is one of the absolute best cosplays that I saw all of the days, at this con. The gorgeous cosplayer really did an amazing job bringing a favorite character of mine to life. Her poses further added to her look and representation of the character. She looked just like Zatana would on the cover of a comic-book. I don't know the name of her, but if you do, please let her how fucking cool and awesome her work is!

Despite being a life long horror fan and writer on the subject, I have yet to see Midsommar. Admit ably, I am not a fan of most, if any, of the so-called "elevated horror films" (Jesus fucking Christ, how I HATE that term!). In fact, I thought the same director's, Ari Aster, Hereditary was only alright and mostly overrated. Whatever, the case maybe, this cosplayer's Midsommar inspired cosplay is fucking incredible! The amount of time and work that must have gone into making this is, alone, worthy of admiration. It's beautifully done, too. I don't know if she had to ride the train with it on, and if so how she did that. But, either way all of my compliments go to this amazing and jaw-droppingly great job!

As a life long Godzilla fan (who was coincidently wearing my recently purchased Godzilla: King of the Monsters baseball tee from Cavity-Colors on this day) I had to get a pic with this Godzilla. Based on his Legendary Pictures look, he was fucking awesome!

Finally, I did get to do a little bit of shopping on this day, as well. I picked up the NYCC exclusive Funko Pop of Paulie Pigeon, which I got to do thanks to lucking out and gaining a scheduled time on this day. Even better, they still the exclusive Pizza Rat, which wasn't available when I had signed up for being able to shop on Sunday. I also finally got the NECA Halloween II Michael Myers, at a different booth, of course, which I had been meaning to get for the longest of time.

And, that dear friends and readers, is it for this Comic Con. I am so glad that cons are back (and hope that this recent Omnicom variant doesn't fuck things up). I look forward to next year's NYCC, when I expect to be back to three days of cosplaying. Until, then thanks for reading and let me know if any of you went to this con, and you're experiences in the comments section below.