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A Super Sexy Interview with Smoldering Latin Beauty Luna Star- Exxxoitca NJ 2014

All photography by BAS Photography & Design
Video shot by Pat Keenan
Video edited by BAS Photography & Design 

On Sat, Nov 8, 2014, I conducted one of the sexiest interviews that I ever have, when I got to talk to the one of the most beautiful women in porn right now, Latin goddess, Luna Star. She was such a pleasure to talk to as we discussed lots of naughty and fun subjects like porn, sex, her love of adventure, and more. She even got to shake her awesome booty for me on camera!
She clearly had made it rain before we got to her booth to interview her!
Sitting next to her was the beautiful Alby Rydes. They made for a very bootilicious tag-team of hotness!


"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Trailer Awakens Feelings of Joy!

As I lifelong Star Wars fan, I was super excited to hear about the series of movies that Disney are doing, now that they own the rights to franchise. While, I was a little concerned with Disney making shit too cute, I was reminded that Marvel has remained as is, with Disney not really fucking shit up there.

Slowly we have been getting more and more tidbits from the movie. A pic here and there and then the subtitle, The Force Awakens, which I think is pretty fucking sweet. But, now comes the biggest and most awesome piece yet, the first fuckin trailer!!!

Now mind you, it's just a teaser. We won't get more for a while, but it wets the appetite, it tempts you, it makes you salivate. I know after seeing this, I wet myself. And, every time I would rewatch it, I would wet myself again!

There are no plot points revealed, but we do get glimpses of some cool shit (I posted a few screenshots for you here, as you can see):
1. A black stromtropper, which is cool, cause this means people wanted to become stromtroopers, and they are not just a bunch of clones.
2. An R2 unit, or something like an R2 unit, with a ball for body, which is just cute enough without being wretch inducing.
3. Some hot chick on a new speeder bike, cause you know the Star Wars universe could always use more females.
4. X-Wings, TIE fighters, and the Millennium Falcon. Fuck yes!! And, the ships look fucking great!!!
5. But, the most awesome reveal of all is the new Sith Lord. We only see him from behind, but he's armed with a fucking kick ass looking blade. That shit looks like it could do some serious damage!! Bonus points, one of my new favorite geeks AlphaOmega Sin on the net, mentioned that it looks like something out of a black metal video. Which it totally does, and that motherfuckers, is totally awesome!

If you ain't seen it or want to cream your undies again, here ya go:

Actually, I do have one complaint. We gotta wait till Dec. of next year! Which is odd cause Star Wars movies always came out in May (may the 5th be with you, anyone?!), and sucks, cause we have to wait a fuckin year, a WHOLE fuckin year!! ARRRGGHHH!!!

On the bright side, we are sure to get tons of new Star Wars merch between now and then. Which means more stuff to blow my cash on and fill my room with! Maybe we will see some of it at Toy Fair next year. I'll be there, so I will be sure to let ya know! All we can do for, now, is hope that that is the case. Maybe the Force be with you all!


An Interview with Cute and Naughty Odette Delacroix at Exxxotica NJ 2014

All photography by BAS Photography & Design
Video shot by Pat Keenan
Video edited by BAS Photography & Design 
On Sat, Nov 8, 2014, at Exxxotica NJ, I had the pleasure of interviewing very cute, well spoken, and naughty fetish performer Odette Delacroix. She talked to me about shooting what made her want to get into the adult industry, her custom videos in particular her work with BBW (big beautiful women), and more.

Thunderbolts: No Mercy

Title: Thunderbolts: No Mercy
Writer: Charles Soule
Art: Carlo Barberi, Kim Jancinto, and Paco Diaz
Editor: Jordan D. White
Publisher: Marvel
Genre: Superhero Action
Cover Price: 19.99 (US)/ 21.99 (Can)

This, the most recent version of superhero team Thunderbolts, was formed and is led by General Ross, the Red Hulk and former Hulk nemesis, consists of Earth's superheroes who are willing to cross the line for the greater good. They consist of Deadpool, Elektra, Punisher, the Red Leader, and Agent Venom. Together they do the jobs others heroes can't or won't.

This trade collects issues #20-26. In the first group of stories they go to hell to try and get rid of their newest and most bloodthirsty member, the deadly female known as Mercy. To accomplish this they hire Johnny Blaze, the first Marvel Ghost Rider (who officially joins the team at this point) and make a deal with the Marvel equivalent of the devil himself, Mesphito! In the next story, a one shot, Agent Venom wants to leave the team and unleashes an uncontrolled version of the symbiont on the team! Finally, the team travels to South America to investigate an ancient cosmic power.

Soule has a fun writing style that is both wonderfully humorous and totally over the top in violence. Which is the perfect mix and what you want for this book. He keeps things always moving at a fast paced, but it is never completely mindless and lets all of the character's shine. With such an over the top, quirky, and violent group of heroes in lesser hands this could have been just mindless gore. But, it ain't. It's really funny, but also remains respectful to all the characters and never hits the level of self parody.

The writing is complemented by wonderful and lively art by all involved. Barden, Jancinto, and Diaz all deliver really solid and great looking art. The pages come alive as the blood and bullets fly. I like everyone involved here, with each person adding their own cool take on these immensely popular characters.

While, this title recently ended, it's great to read these stories and see these loners work together, albeit begrudgingly. Which quite frankly is what makes this title such a hoot to read. For fans who like dark humor and superheroes who don't pull any punches, this book gets my highest possible recommendation.

**** out of ****


An Awesome Talk with Asa Akira at Exxxotica NJ 2014

All photography and video shot and edited by BAS Photography & Design 

It's been a while, 2011 to be exact, since I last interviewed the always awesome and absolutely beautiful Asa Akira. But on Nov. 8, at this past Exxxotica NJ, I got to do just that. Asa was at the Club magazine booth meeting her legions of fans. As always, she was fucking awesome as hell to talk to, as we discussed the AVN Awards, being a Wicked girl, her excellent biographical book Insatiable, directing, and oh so much more.


An Interview with the Lovely Holly Berry at Exxxotica NJ 2014

All photography and video shot and edited by BAS Photography & Design 

At Exxxotica NJ 2014, on Sat, Nov. 8, I had the pleasure of not only meeting lovely porn performer Holly Berry but interviewing her as well. We talked lots of sexy and naughty subjects, like her site, the secret to giving a good blow job, and more! A fan of hers even got in and asked a question, providing me with my first ever fan question!