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"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Trailer Awakens Feelings of Joy!

As I lifelong Star Wars fan, I was super excited to hear about the series of movies that Disney are doing, now that they own the rights to franchise. While, I was a little concerned with Disney making shit too cute, I was reminded that Marvel has remained as is, with Disney not really fucking shit up there.

Slowly we have been getting more and more tidbits from the movie. A pic here and there and then the subtitle, The Force Awakens, which I think is pretty fucking sweet. But, now comes the biggest and most awesome piece yet, the first fuckin trailer!!!

Now mind you, it's just a teaser. We won't get more for a while, but it wets the appetite, it tempts you, it makes you salivate. I know after seeing this, I wet myself. And, every time I would rewatch it, I would wet myself again!

There are no plot points revealed, but we do get glimpses of some cool shit (I posted a few screenshots for you here, as you can see):
1. A black stromtropper, which is cool, cause this means people wanted to become stromtroopers, and they are not just a bunch of clones.
2. An R2 unit, or something like an R2 unit, with a ball for body, which is just cute enough without being wretch inducing.
3. Some hot chick on a new speeder bike, cause you know the Star Wars universe could always use more females.
4. X-Wings, TIE fighters, and the Millennium Falcon. Fuck yes!! And, the ships look fucking great!!!
5. But, the most awesome reveal of all is the new Sith Lord. We only see him from behind, but he's armed with a fucking kick ass looking blade. That shit looks like it could do some serious damage!! Bonus points, one of my new favorite geeks AlphaOmega Sin on the net, mentioned that it looks like something out of a black metal video. Which it totally does, and that motherfuckers, is totally awesome!

If you ain't seen it or want to cream your undies again, here ya go:

Actually, I do have one complaint. We gotta wait till Dec. of next year! Which is odd cause Star Wars movies always came out in May (may the 5th be with you, anyone?!), and sucks, cause we have to wait a fuckin year, a WHOLE fuckin year!! ARRRGGHHH!!!

On the bright side, we are sure to get tons of new Star Wars merch between now and then. Which means more stuff to blow my cash on and fill my room with! Maybe we will see some of it at Toy Fair next year. I'll be there, so I will be sure to let ya know! All we can do for, now, is hope that that is the case. Maybe the Force be with you all!