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New Years Day- Epidemic

Musician: New Years Day
Album Title: Epidemic
Genre/ Subgenre: Alternative Rock/ Post-hardcore
Label: Grey Area Records

First and foremost, I don't think I have reviewed an album on this site, since this blog's earliest days. But, with me covering more and more of the metal/ hard rock scene, I figured going back to music reviews might be fun and helpful to some of my readers.

For those not in the know, New Years Day is an alternative rock band with a look and style that definitely leads towards to the gothic, dark, and horror-centric. In fact, they describe their sound as "haunted housecore".

Anyways, I love the sound the band has precured since moving away from the their more poppy sounding debut, My Dear. This awesome EP, Epidemic, continues that harder sound. It's their first album released by Grey Area Records, since they have parted ways with Century Media.

This one continues the sound and style of their second full length album Victims and Villains. Epidemic is only five songs long, but every song is good, with a couple, being downright excellent! The album opens with the fun "Joker", though that is honestly my least favorite track on it. But, from there it goes to even better "Other Side", and then enters the last three songs, which are the album's true highlights. They mix a good rocking sound with some dark imagery and lyrics, all of which are delivered excellently by the band's beautiful frontwoman Ash Costello.She has a good voice that is perfectly apt at carrying a melody ad bring out the right emotion for each track.

The first video off of the album is "Defame Me" which is a catchy and darkly seductive track. The song has a cool and haunting electronic intro, and dives right into a rock beat with some great hooks. Ash is at her best here, and the video mixing elements of horror and sexuality, which is where they are at their best. This song, perhaps the best on the album, really captures that perfectly. You can see the video at end of this review.

At a low price, Epidemic is a great way to introduce new fans to what this band is about. It's also an excellent way to please their already established fans until a new full length album comes out.

**** out of *****