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Toy Fair 2013- Spotlight on Funko Pop!

If there was one booth with one line of toys that had me hitting my biggest geekgasms, it's without a shadow of doubt the Pop! toys at Funko. I gave that line my award for toy line of the year in my first annual awards and with good reason. They very, very well repeat next time!!!!!

Perhaps the series I'm most excited for is the Master of the Universe line. Hordak (the character on the left), my all time fav MOTU character, is alone, a must own!!!

I actually already own Finn from the Adventure Time line. Interesting fact: I bought him at Hot Topic, and he came with a sword in hand. Unlike the weaponless version shown above. 
Anyway, all the Adventure Time is out right now! And, they are fucking awesome!

The two above are from the upcoming Iron Man 3 series.

 Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? This series is forthcoming.
For you Power Rangers fans out there, I present to you the above toys!
Also coming soon, are everyone's favorite moronic, metalhead duo, Beavis and Butt-head!

The Hello Kitty/ Sanrio line is already out available!
While, I am not a Disney fan, I do LOVE Wall-E! So, I do want the two robots that are coming soon from that movie.

The Walking Dead line continues, with more upcoming figures, including the above Glenn and Michonne (below). As to whether their will be bloody variants like there was with Daryl Dixon (which I already own) and Rick is up in the air.

The Game of Thrones line continues with more characters being made look cute. These guys should be out by April, in time for the new season which starts at the end of this month.

 Horror, gore, and comic book fans should rejoice with the above upcoming toys of Hannibal Lector, the Alien, Robocop, and Rorschach.