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Fangoria Returns to Forbidden Planet NY!

On January 17, 2019, the second issue of the reborn Fangoria  was being signed at New York City's Forbidden Planet by a variety of people who worked on the issue, much like had been done for the premiere issue back in October of last year. And, like last time, I was on-hand to pick up the issue and get it autographed. I should mention that the cover is super fucking cool and features one of my heroes, Joe Bob Briggs on it!

On hand this time around to sign the issue were:
Phil Nobile Jr.- Editor in Chief
Michael Gingold- Former EIC
Tony Timpone- Former EIC
Ben Kissel- Last Podcast on the Left
Marcus Parks- Last Podcast on the Left
Rich Russell- Cover Effects Artist, Gotham FX
Meredith Graves- MTV, Lead Signer of Punk Band Perfect Pussy
Roman Chimienti- Director of Scream, Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street
Tyler Jensen- Director of Scream, Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street
Daniel Robbins- Director of Pledge
Zack Weiner- Screenwriter/ Actor, Pledge
Zachery Byrd- Actor Pledge

I was really happy to see just how long the line was, as many horror fans showed up to support Fango. It was also great to catch up with people I already knew and introduce myself to others. I hope Forbidden Planet keep doing this for every issue of Fango, cause I will keep coming out for all of them! I should also mention that this issue maybe even better than the first one, which is saying a lot!

Below you can see my autographed issue: