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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Jessica Gomes

November is the month where we give thanks. And, I that is exactly what I want to do for the beautiful Jessica Gomes! With a body like hers, I'm sure you'll be giving thanks for her as well. And, you'll be thanking me for picking her as November 2011's Hot Asian Girl of the Month.

Jessica was born in Perth, Australia on September 25, 1985. Her father is Portuguese and her mother is Singaporean-Chinese. In this month's Maxim, she told them that she got her "curves" from her dad's side and her "work ethic" from her mom.

She began her career on the Australian TV Show Bush Patrol. Dude, keep your mind out of the gutter! The show is a children's show about their magical adventures in the bush and Aboriginal dreams. OK, it still sounds funny, I admit it!

She has made appearances in many magazines and catalog's, including Teen Vogue, Glamour, and Victoria's Secrets. She has posed for Estee Lauder, DKNY, Levi's, and lots more. For Lauder she became the face of Diddy's Unforgivable fragrance.

In 2009, she got her own reality show on Korean TV called My Name Is Jessica Gomes. I usually complain about reality TV, but this time I won't!

Jessica has also been a model for Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Now, I honestly I ain't cared about that mag since I was a kid. I mean with porn who needs that? That and I honestly don't like most of their models. I always complain about the lack of Asian girls, but Ms. Gomes makes up for this. Here she is proving that she is THE hottest model that mag has on it.

OK, honestly that accent makes that much hotter!!! Asian girl with an Australian accent? Good God, you can sign me up right now!!!!!

Now, I must be honest, I didn't know about this goddess, until this month's aformentioned Maxim came in my mail. I looked at the cover and said to myself, "Wow! A beautiful Asian girl with a Latin last name on the cover of Maxim! Nice!" Needless to say, that made me a happy camper. As much as I enjoy Maxim, they need to put more Asian girls on the cover. Anyway, it's a great cover and a great shoot and fun interview inside.

Jessica Gomes has a beautiful, flawless face. Her naturally curvy body is made to model swimsuits, in my book. With her sexy accent and her exotic looks she stands head and shoulders above most models on this side of the Earth. And, for that I am VERY thankful!
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