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Iron Man

This Friday Iron Man opens up. Now, I have never been a fan of Iron Man, but I am really excited about this movie. I mean who better to play an alcoholic superhero, than Robert Downy Jr.?

I never read the comics (although I have read stuff he has been in like The Avengers), but the character does look cool. I like the fact that he has different suits for different dangers that he may face.

His 90s cartoon was pretty crappy, though. And, man, he was a total tool in the Civil War cross-over.

Anyways, back to the movie, it does look awesome. Nick Fury (the Ultimate Marvel version) makes an appearance, and there is some little cross-over with the new Hulk film (which I am NOT excited about). And, yesterday on Attack of the Show G4's resident hottie, Olivia Munn , said that the film is "mother-fucking awesome" on both TV and her myspace. I am going to Chiller this Saturday, but next weekend, I am so totally there to see this fucker!

Yeah! Iron Man!