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"Suck It, Wonder Woman!" by Olivia Munn

Title: Suck It, Wonder Woman!
Author: Olivia Munn with Mac Montandon
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
$23.99/ $28.99 Can.

G4's geek goddess recently released her long awaited book. And, it's a fun little read.

The book focuses on he career, various random memories, thoughts, and her life. There is no chronological order to it. So, these tales and thoughts just come in randomly chapter to chapter or even within the same chapter. Most of the stories are rather funny, and some cases they are totally uproarious. The random story about a boyfriend and his revelation involving his dick sucking fantasy is priceless to say the least! Most of the book is very lighthearted, save for the chapter involving her grandma, which made me tear up.

When, she talks about other people who she encountered in her life, she mentions no names. So, while we see she encounters Hollywood scum; we never know who they are. Clearly, she is not interested in the controversy that other bio books, have. But, I wanna know goddamn it!

It's a quick and simple read. It took me two weeks to be done with it. And, one of those weeks was my vacation in Vegas, so I actually got to read little of it, during that week. There is some fan art and some candid pics included, too.

In all, this is a thoroughly enjoyable read for my fellow Olivia Munn fans. One, that will bring a smile to your face and brighten your day!

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