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Five Points Festival 2017, Part 2

I got to see and meet John Holmstrom, a legendary artist who has worked with The Ramones. His work within the punk world is classic and iconic! I absolutely loved the pieces that were on display/ sale. He, himself, was very friendly and amicable.

Miaw Comic had some very cool and cute figurines and plushies. Their company is French Canadian and if you're a cat person, you will absolutely LOVE what they do! They even have poop kitties! 

 How can you not love poop, with cat ears and pentagram eyes?!

I absolutely LOVED the art of Mike Capprotti! He had some really cool pieces for sale, like the Deadpool Corps one that he is holding up in the pic, below. As a dog lover and Deadpool fan, for me it is everything!

Some of the most fun and funny art, at the con, came courtesy of Alex Solis. His parodies of various pop culture stuff is fucking awesome! And, is just so damn talented! I bought his Baby Terrors book which has kawaii versions of popular horror characters like Freddy, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Jason, the Alien xenomorph, Dracula, etc. He signed it for me, of course.
 Trump is actually Mr. Burns! That explains everything! This fucking rules, by the way!
 Pokeball stickers! And, yes that is Jigglyuff''s testicles! 
You can see the coloring book I bought above. It is the brown colored book with big eyes that is to the right of the pic.

And, now for some random coolness:
 Quicksliver from ''The X-Men''' movies! One of the few cosplays that I saw at the con.

Last, but most certainly not, below is the lovely Emily Ree and her Anarchy Dreamers comic. I really liked her cute and cool style of comic-book art! For more on her comic, be sure to go here: http://anarchydreamers.com/

To be concluded...